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Monday, March 31, 2003

hon: and y is ur name joseph? stalin?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?! anyway u shud stop eating. u're eating my share. my supplies of kit kat white has dropped to once a week... :(

ubin has malaria i guess.

posted by hk @ 11:29 PM


hk: my name is not joseph and i dun have a lovely multi coloured dreamcoat. though i am looking for a multi coloured pair of shoes to spice up my life. i will do anyth for cip if it means tt i ve got smth to do these couple of days. jsut back fm a huge lunch with bro and mom. can barely walk and guess what. ate smmore kitkat white. i need a counsellor- even scary facts on the choc wrapper dun seem to daunt me.

got a wonderful idea. lets go ubin this fri! sunny: u know how to get to tt place right. and hey those confined pple, ubin is so isolated. sars cldnt have gotten there yet! at most i'll log ur temp every 2 hrs. hows tt, exciting enough for eric?

must try to contain myself, stop myself fm posting mindless msgs every hr im home:P

posted by hon @ 10:35 PM


hey.. guess wat.. i woke up at 12.47pm today.. wat's wrong with me??oops.. sorry bena.. i don't noe how to differentiate smth to the power of x..can't remember anything
abt differentiation and integration! oh.. and i managed to d/l my first movie frm kazaa yesterday.. took a marathon 7 hrs i think.. yay.. then i re-watched the hours yesterday on the comp.. and i take back everything i've said abt the movie.. argh.. maybe happiness realli is elusive... it's qte depressing.. u wake up one morning and feel that life is full of possibilities and wonder to urself tt prehaps this is the beginning of happiness..but u only realize, on hindsight, that that was already happiness there at that exact moment.. oh and check out this quote "To look life in the face, always, to look life in the face, and to know it for what it is. At last to know it; to love it for what it is, and then, to put it away. Always the years between us, always the years, always the love, always...the hours"the whole movie is like littered with this kind of hauntingly beautiful quotes.. veryvery nice.. oh and i was hoping i d/l-ed the uncensored version.. but i didn't.. shudn't have cut the lesbian scenes.. pieces of the puzzle missing there..

posted by evelyn @ 10:14 PM


glad to announce tt i wasn't inspired to do tutorials at all yesterday:) *yay*.. mostly cos i forgot how to differentiate something-to-the-power-of-x.. if someone reminds me i just might get inspired again though.. haha..

spent most of yesterday bumming ard: watched hero (finally) on vcd. then dug out the hero book tt i bought from shanghai (again) in an attempt to keep in touch with chinese. failed to get past the first pg despite having just watched the movie.. haha:) shall try again some time..

then my mum made me help her wif her office work.. some loyalty card programme for theatreworks.. spent my afternoon pasting labels onto brochures then writing addresses on envelopes.. unfortunately i was writing in the typical rgs-handwriting so it looked terribly unprofessional :S.. wonder why they don't just print the addresses instead..

oh then as i was helping my mum it suddenly struck me tt volunteering at theatreworks might count for cip.. you know.. service to the arts community :).. so i asked my mum and apparently they need ppl to clear up their costumes room (abt time.. it's been in the same dusty state since i was in primary sch..) so some ppl come wif me.. they need like 4 or 5 ppl.. not sure abt the details yet though..

oh yeah i finally got my very belated christmas present from my sister yesterday.. it's a pillow with a picture of shaowei *swoon* from 5566.. haha.. so i ended up having to buy a pillow for her bday (which is in 2 wks) too.. no prizes for guessing who was on it.. :)

anyway yh: my sister only knows tt there's someone in our class who's exceptionally lame but she didn't know who.. at first she thought it was eric.. dunno how she got tt idea, but i dun blame her.. haha.. yah, so i told her u were the lame one..

and hon: apparently my mum got the thermometer idea from the newspapers cos they were saying tt the staff at tantockseng take their temperatures 3 times a day or sth? then dunno how 3 times a day became one every 3 hrs.. haha..

posted by =bena= @ 7:56 PM


haha no lar not too early. but actually even if i din haf my piano lesson i doubt my mother wuld allow. YAY. westerners are on. yay. next time we go trek starting from bkt timah or dairy farm or chestnut ave or old upp thomson. or to be safe follow macritchie. sth interesting lar hor.

hon: yar called to check whether u wanted me to call the girls as well, but found out they've been called liao. anyway order foto!
haha n i'm intending to visit my sapporo homestay parents this june... oh let me bring some of the chocolate they gave me. not a lot though. i want to TEACH leh...

anyway yesterday i had the strangest of dreams. very. i was in this classroom learning french? or was it maths? then there was this elderly couple sitting in the left of the class. they stopped the teacher halfway arguing tt the teacher was wrong. and cos they can only speak cantonese and the teacher only spoke english, i tried to translate. then they still gave up and they tried to go to the office to withdraw from lessons??!? i accompanied them as a translator. went up 1 lift. got out, transferred to another, went up again, transfer again, this time to a totally "wall-less" lift, so it was quite scary. and the thing is i culd see the maxwell rd ura exhibition (u noe the models of the city buildings...) beneath the lift... haha wat does dis dream mean?

posted by hk @ 7:43 PM


heh.. gotta apologise to the world tt i called and woke up early yesterday. really wanted to bike and thot lots of pple wld be dying too as well. haha it was v nice to know at least 6 others were on but yeah, response was a little too low. and then it wld be terrible for pple like bena to go out with us:P gosh i wldnt want to risk being interrogated by her mom if bena didnt report her tri-hrly temperature readings:P the interesting thing is the easties didnt respond as much as the west, north, central pple. then again it must be boring if u see the sea everyday, fm ur living room window.

well i went ahead and biked anyway yesterday afterall. for three hours. felt more like 45 min tho.. weili: tt ulu jetty isnt tt far after all, went a bit beyond tt and found ourselves on the highway:P but i realised tt it was quite monotonus zipping up and down the paths in ecp. have a sudden urge now to fall on my knees and beg dad to let me get a bike so i can bike somewhat like my brother [this real bike enthusiast, down the the padded tights and tight clingy shirts:P] but yeah right- i can only dream. i shldnt even bother wasting my efforts and risk getting yelled at for not knowing what's gd for me.

hmm those who have nothing better to do and lotsa internet time or cable, get 'i'll do anything' by simple plan! and 'buddy holly' by weezer. not-tt-new songs but makes me feel chirpy early in the morn.

yh: just feed the kid lots and play with him when ur parents and his arent watching:P p2 only, dun stress him out so early! not every kid's so motivated as bena.

hk: u called one more time yesterday? heh phone ran out of batt. hmm wrote a letter to local jap immersion host but realised i dun have her japan address:s


posted by hon @ 4:34 PM


haha gd point: if barbie is so popular, why do you need to buy her friends?

posted by hk @ 7:33 AM


exactly like wat happened to me the other day... and it's so irritating cos u noe u cant recall everything...

yes tt's y bena is so i guess encouraging. motivational. wateva. i shall start doing my tutorials after i finish my 2/3-day project. u all shud take a look when it's finished, and be impressed.

by the way, update on friday:: some ppl might not go due to quarantines. and. my hse might not be open to public after all, cos my mother's a bit paranoid abt any of us being sick and trapping the sars virus in my hse... ppl like eric suggest a nicer place, cos he finds bishan a boring place. it is lar hor. but anyway yup if everything's settled i shall call elina.
AND ORDER UR FOTOS! this is an order :P

the following ppl: 1-5, 7-13, 15-19, 24-25 are to place their orders. and apparently by writing this here, at the very most sunni. ee sang. hon lyn. wuld respond. oh wei li checks this blog too.

i want to TEACH!!!!!!!!!

posted by hk @ 1:58 AM


Sunday, March 30, 2003


im a bit pissed here....typed an entry jus now...but when i clicked post nuttin happened...so i haf to re-type....hmmmm....trying to recall what i typed jus now....

okay...so tsk tsk is sunny isst??? sunny feeling better already? must drink more water yah? dun fall sick again!

my gosh...bena is...*dot dot dot*...hahahaha...i haf barely touched my tutorials...and she's moved on to do j2 tutorials...how wonderful=) hahahaha....hey...the "framed" thing's pretty good=) hahahahaha...i bet your sis was laffing like mad yah? isn't it good that everyone's being lame??? it makes class so much more enjoyable!!! hahahaha...that's my personal opinion of cos=P btw how does your sis know im lame? yes yes yes=) watch good will hunting! it's really great=) maybe u can bring it for class gathering! then we can watch as a class!=) im sure hon hon and i wun mind watching it again yah?

hon: u know wat??? im doing tuition too! my mom found me this p2 kid wo is willing to take the risk and learn from this un-tried and un-tested j1 kor kor=) most prob teaching chinese...though i haf no idea how to do so...considering i've been out of touch with chinese for so long....=P nvm...we'll see how things go=)

a pity that our ECP trip got cancelled=P i might haf been able convince my mom....but nvm...there's always friday=) hahaha...and i'll prob go biking by myself later=) supposed to go biking with another bunch of frens this morn...but their parents din allow...so...hafta go alone....

kk...i haf been on the comp for quite a while already=P not good for the eyes....so i shall go off now=) tata~

posted by Yingheng @ 11:22 PM


okok.. shall make hk n sunny happy by posting :)

hey i'm bored too k.. just tt i've been trying to do other things to convince myself that i'm not wasting my time away.. like j2 maths tutorials.. finished inequalities n ap/gp.. haha.. and my mum just rented lots of vcds yesterday hoping tt tt wld keep my sister n me home.. as if.. oh maybe i shd go rent goodwill hunting since yh n hon loved it so much.. :)

oh no sch closure might be extended due to the 2 new index cases.. bleah.. miss everyone badly :(

hmm.. my sister just complained on sunday tt i'm catching yh's lame-ness.. cos she got new frameless glasses so i told her it was gd cos she'll nv ever be framed.. haha.. oh well, she didn't haf to tell me.. i already realised. haha:)

oh yah shd we meet some time b4 elina day to compile sth for elina? maybe we could use hk's idea n make her a movie.. with all 52 photos we've taken so far, and tt video of eric n xh playing hei bai pei.. haha.. then we could be less bored.. :) otherwise we could just meet some time b4 10 on fri and stick everything into an album..

oh speaking of photos everyone quick go tell hk which photos u want so i can print them soon. for those who haf no idea what i'm talking abt: see yahoogroups..

posted by =bena= @ 7:16 PM


hello. i'm bored.i'm bored.i'm bored.i'm bored.i'm bored.i'm bored.i'm bored.i'm bored.i'm bored.i'm bored.i'm bored.i'm bored.i'm bored.i'm bored.

i'm so compelled to write some sense here. but i've nothing of that to say-_- going out with xizhen later=) for business-_-
haven't heard from bena/evelyn/eesang/yh/weili huh.

i was so sick yesterday my mom said i'd better not go out today, for fear i'll get stoned to death or worse, forced to go to tantockseng.

oh and there's been a pretty big mess up with ms lee=S...i told her i needed a "testimonial" from rj for the study trip and...she's back in school trying to photocopy the rg testimonial. apparently it's called a "recommendation"=S she left it in school so i'd better go get it now.

posted by sunny @ 6:00 PM


hey u noe i feel so excited just to see someone post late at night... i've been feeling ignored and alone in this world for quite some while. the whole night in fact.
hey i shall really find someone to give tuition to for cip. anyway haha i had a similar experience of going to a damn high-class restaurant. was abt 2 yrs ago. and den it was my father who brought me along to meet his colleagues (who were his colleagues anyway b4 we came to singapore and now they more or less have been promoted to rather high positions) and it was so scary. the ceiling was like 4 floors away. the chairs were all covered with this tailor-made cover which was totally white. u sit down and u see damn high class cutlery and everything. then when they serve they also made sure each dish was well well well presented. haha and the worse thing is when u eat u haf to eat wif table manners (which i nver had) and try to prevent spoons from even touching the bowl when scooping soup cos nobody eats so silently. and dey start asking me question abt singapore education system and so on. wow. and on the way home oso dun fang4 guo4 me. they fetched us home in their car, and still wen chang wen duan. i tell u was i relieved when i got out of the car...
hey actually i want to go. but i bet my mother wunt allow. plus it's 12:34 now... doubt i can make it

posted by hk @ 8:33 AM


boo. bursting damn bad. just back fm a really extravagant meal at Hu Cui. this uppity restaurent in taka. was ushered into this vip room unknowingly and gosh it was... eye opening. haha yes im a mt tortoise after all. i mean, it was a private room, the food came labouriously decorated [and yes, it was very yummy], the manager came in a few times just to check if we were happy. my very generous aunt [who has a fridge specially just for tubs and tubs of haagen daaz] treated us. hmm. think the three mths ive been giving tuition would just cover the cost. $ pple burn to get the 'atmosphere'.

i give tuition to my neighbour. this p6 kid who happens to be called 'lyn' too. so its kinda confusing when the mums ard here shout for 'lyn'. tutoring is pretty easy $, considering u just sit there for 1.5 hrs [usu stretches till 2 hrs] and do p6 math and attempt to teach the kid how to bring X to one side and numbers to the other. but it is not true tt the kid will do wonderfully well. mine crushed me so bad when she got ard 60% for her common test :S really made me feel so lousy. i felt even worse when she said tt her mom wanted to see me:P but the $ is still rolling in.

well i want to do smth exciting! anybody game for the 'three hours of biking for the price of two' offer? lets go tmr!! comeon whoever reads this blog respond by 12 tmr and we can go east coast and ride away our kitkat whites. and have more komalas? easties: weili, evelyn, andy, rosalyn, eric, shifeng, gosh there are so many of u, lets go! ulu northwest, central pple, join me in the long train ride there!

cheer me up, say we will go biking and kayaking tmr!

posted by hon @ 6:34 AM


ok finally finally i feel like it's a quarantine. i'm really feeling bored now.
help. HELP. help. HELP. help. yes help
nobody else in our class seems bored?!?! apart from hon lyn issit???
everyone seems like they are very occupied. no posts to the blog. no emails. no nothing!!!!
argh!? all went to hk?!?

posted by hk @ 5:38 AM


Saturday, March 29, 2003

looks like i'm the only one who is oways as in oways online and first to respond to any email / blog post / wateva. anyway i love kitkat white too. and rest assured they are fattening. i haf a strong believe tt they contributed to my 5kg gain in weight...
hey i feel like joggin too, or perhaps climbing stairs. and it's so cool who do u give tuition to. i want to give leh, and make some money. and tt's besides the pt cos i'm quite sure the kid will appreciate my teaching and show it by scoring an a1 or sth...

posted by hk @ 9:59 PM


boo i have breakfast aft i jog. been trying to jog almost everyday to 'up my fitness' since there really isnt any activity going on. hope tt the thot of a jog will make me feel better as i eat like a king/queen. haha have a fetish for kitkat white now. a bar a day makes me fat. [and i eat more than one] note how aptly 'kitkat' rhymes with 'fat'.

well got bad sugar rush after my lunch and the usu breads and stuff aft tt. gonna bum ard a bit till my tuition kid comes round knocking at two. i think i shld cancel lessons too, just like schs and tuition agencies are doing(to play safe and 'give [her] parents assurance') [and still collect fees of course:P]

i think bishan park is gd. ecp and pasir ris are too... common. and hey so many of us are used to going bishan: ri guys, ri boarding pple, 3rdlang pple, and of course pple like xiaohui and qianli have no problems getting there either.
those planning to catch shows, forget abt the core. its a low-budget show. got dragged into it by og guys who have a thing for mindless, action films:P


posted by hon @ 9:24 PM


brkfast at 9+ aint exactly late... i haf mine at 11 usually :P

posted by hk @ 5:43 PM



oooh...so u mean tsk tsk is sunny???

hahahaha...my gosh...i tink bena's mad...doing j2 tutorial??? hello??? i haf not finished my tutorials yet and there she is with her j2 tutorial! *sticks tongue out* hahahaha....yes...to appease hk...i haf decided to add another entry!=) hahahaha...and yah...hk...i jus sent the order form=) so guai rite?

hey! nuttin bad with catching my lame-ness okay??? okay...fine...i shall hereby publicly apologize for degrading the class' level of humour=P but...i mean...dun u ppl like it??? hahaha...it's so much more fun in class with all the lame jokes flying around yah???=P ooh....btw...good one there bena..the framed thingy=) it's really funny=P (btw how does your sis know that im lame?)

yes yes!!! watch good will hunting=) really nice=) hahaha...maybe bring it along for class gathering...then everyone can catch a great movie=) im sure hon hon and i wun mind watching again yah?

hon: u know what? im gonna do tuition too! my mom got me this p2 kid i tink...live next block or something....shud be teaching chinese...hahaha...i dunno how i am going to...it's been so long since i've written anything in chinese=P

sunny: u feeling better now? take care=) drink water!!! lots of it!

kk...i've been online for real long...not good to sit in front of comp for too long...a pity that the ECP trip got cancelled=P i might haf been able to convince my mom=P nvm...i shall go biking at pasir ris park ltr=) hahaha...see u peeps arnd=)

posted by Yingheng @ 5:40 PM


Friday, March 28, 2003

hK uniform deLiveRy seRviCe has been cancellled. delivery man has gone to the shop

ay i am pissed! my previous entry was not posted. it disappeared into thin air just like ppl say i wuld if i exercise too much.

evelyn: must click on "post & publish" otherwise outsiders cant view ur post. and dun worry if u dun do ur work cos u can drag on. it's another 9 days to stone away. much better than when i do things last minute and any delaying culd be fatal...

hon: i'm a gd teacher dun worry. :P u leave lines bet paragraphs by pressing enter. simple. and to view the website? u either click on "view web page" on the black bar in the middle of this "posting page" or u go to http://1so3f.blogspot.com

and oso i'm impressed tt u oways take the chance to go eat and appreciate indian food and culture. seldom see ppl doing tt nowadays. all end up like me making fun of them... must learn from u...

and finally if u all intend to go to bishan park (which i believe contains nothing more than grass and water), i can offer my hse. absolutely empty. u all can play cards or wateva there. just DUNT dirty the floor or my mum wuld scream.

and look, my internet time is running low. 3 hr 33 minutes left. from 60++. haiyoh these 10 days can cause my comp to spoil looking at the length of time i use it for.

hk says, "even hk is bored."

posted by hk @ 6:19 AM


oops.. didn't noe u all were posting stuff here until like this afternoon??! hai.. despite all the free time, i haven't got down to doing hw yet.. i realli hope i will.. went for some informal stamp soc meeting with shifeng, rosalynn, yingheng, dexter and junwei from senior class this mornin.. then was sup to go esplanade lib and do the physics supplementary qns.. but ended up watching just married with some friend..so much for self-discipline yah? worst thing was.. we were both paranoid and imagined the deadly SARS virus on the cinema seats.. *sigh*..as for elina.. hmm..yah.. i guess it's safer outdoors lah.. pasir ris park? or we can go marina south and fly kite this time..:) perhaps we could go to the esplanade waterfront at nite for the err.. "atmosphere"

posted by evelyn @ 5:20 AM


wait. how do we have lines btwn our paragraphs?
and how to view the website?

comp illiterate hon
hk: haha see how u can coach me

posted by hon @ 5:01 AM


hahaha. i got a cold. sniff:P and my braces have turned GREEN after i ate lots of curry in lil india. (looks like lotsa lotsa veg :S and i almost ate up my rubber bands. [weili: do i take them off b4 i eat? my dangerous dentist [bet she had a cold] says to keep them on 24/7.) we must go one day! very traditional. eating on banana leaf, the guy comes round with buckets of curry like u see on discovery channel.

well do u think town coupled with a movie at lido tmr will prove dangerous? got og outing. yay maybe i can hope for a turn out of ten and expect five. oh there's a big debate at home abt whether my bro shld go to spain this sunday. think the likelihood of catching sars on the plane there is more threatening than antiwar protests?

so... class outing: lets go somewhere outdoorsy. tons safer i think. east coast again! or bishan park? then we can go fishing and prawning or smone's house mwahaha. and bbq! and do healthy things since we all cant train. and we can celebrate shu-lin's bday and elina's [7th]

and give me suggestions how to cheer up when im still bored stiff.

posted by hon @ 4:54 AM


i dreamed last night that we were reshuffled after posting=S. i saw all the familiar faces all over the lecture theatre. was quite sad

posted by sunny @ 4:48 AM


announcing the (drumroll...)

hK uniform deLiveRy seRviCe (notice how uniform uniform is)

service targets:
1. haf nothing but 1 minute on their hands left to do such useless things
2. dunno where beauty world or the other branch is
3. cant be bothered to make a trip to this ulu shopping centre where there is nothing more interesting than this shop
4. simply too lazy to go. too lazy to even read the above.

1. check out your size.
2. depending on whether u think i would be at home
(a) call me at 63141373
(b) email me at hongking@singnet.com.sg
3. give me your name. give me your required sizes. give me the quantity.
4. give me your assurance that you are able to pay me.

1. occurs on elina day whenever it might be.
2. occurs only upon handing over of money.
3. occurs with a smile on my face... :)

offer valid until i goes to ze shops. might be sat/sun/mon

haha. hey i'm being serious...

posted by hk @ 12:48 AM


Thursday, March 27, 2003

bena thanx a lot. i'm motivated to finish ALL ALL ALL my tutorials :@
haha my room has oways been clean. i'm so proud to say i dun haf to clear it up.
yar infernal affairs having diff endings, so interesting right... i watched at malacca... tony leung shudnt haf died lar hor wat a sad death... but andy lau wasnt arrested for mine i think... cant remember. yar shud be. u bought from shanghai, and china wants to tell everyone u cant get away while hk is trying to say u can escape...
erm i think she actually finds it awkward. but it'll oso be funny if we invite her here and den she sees all these "awkwards" tt i've been writing. so if i do invite her den i'd haf to edit all posts to remove anything abt tt. censorship...

posted by hk @ 8:46 PM


hmm surprisingly yesterday was actually quite fruitful..

1. finished all our do-able tutorials.. but stopped at q8 for chemical bonding cos he hasn't finished teaching.. and skipped a lot of qns for dynamics tutorial.. mostly the explanation ones.. someone smart should try n help me..
2.cleared up my room a bit *applause*
3. finally watched the infernal affairs vcd tt i bought from shanghai last yr n forgot all about.. it's tt damn intelligent (for once..) hk movie with andy lau n tony leung.. read somewhere that the china ending was different from the original one so i was hoping tony leung wouldn't die.. he still did. but andy lau got arrested this time. sighz.. the one they showed in s'pore was better.. more sob-inducing.. haha..
4. learnt to french braid my hair on my own.. yay.. quite amazing really, was just staring at my mirror when i was suddenly inspired to try french braiding.. and i actually did it the first try=)

ok.. shall go send the photos we took at east coast n on the last day of sch to the photoshop today.. so we can collate sth for elina b4 elina day.. (oh we can haf class outing to someone's house and do tt there.. someone volunteer ur house pls..) then after tt i'll go cut hair.. then i'll watch monk on ch i n the last ep of mvp qing ren tonight since my ballet sch seems to haf been closed due to sars.. yay, hopefully today will be another fruitful day:)

oh yah, since there wun be ballet next fri i'll prob be able to go to guitar concert if tickets are still available:).. except i can't remem whether i promised to buy from shu-lin, xu xu or eric.. oh wait.. wif sars will the concert still be on?

anyway hk since we haf no new ppl in our class why dun we add elina to our blog? so we haf some means of communictaion wif her since she still seems to be bouncing in yahoogroups.. oh yah, should also reinvite all the ppl who aren't in the blog yet.. in case they were like br and deleted the last invite thinking it was junk mail.. haha:)

posted by =bena= @ 7:44 PM


wow... didnt know so many ppl have posted on this blog already ( let me see... hk, eesang, bena, hon, sunny... anybody else?). guess im abit late here. anyway u can see tt the very fact im posting something here at such a time means that im quite damn bored :p but i am not alone... judging from the complex mathematical calculations hongking is deriving from the blog. :) n what happened in the second day of o2? heard there were no new ppl n our class (so sad). dunno what to do now, still go a few tutorials to finish (induction, chemistry), but the worst thing is tt there nothing much u can do cause of sars. no movies, no orchard... need to find some ulu places to slack in.

maybe we can organise a class outing like hon said ( just make sure everyone is healthy and outing-safe :p ). any suggestions? and for elina, where are we all going to meet?

posted by wei li @ 7:29 PM


haha it's amazing... but my day's going to be packed. 1000 things for me to do...

aim now is to finish most tutorials by dis week... so tt @ least i can use the remaining time in any way i like. haha let's c if i can do dis... and oh my god i dreamt last night tt all third lang classes will be suspended. as in they will totally disappear from now on. can remember myself telling ppl including honlyn, sunni the great? (as in big) news (haha was rereading and then it looked like sunni the great... :P) . actually it's really quite nice to haf real ppl in ur dreams...

and it's so funny... yesterday elina called me. den she asked me wat i was doing but kept insisting that "you are mugging, dun bluff"... wonder y she has tt impression of me. but as usual the conversation was awkward.

ee sang: such an interesting idea... skipping a day. if only we can do tt. and haha my piano teacher's name is oso jocelyn tan... ur mother's bday? (my mum's was yesterday)

hon: nope elina is not a member of the blog but she can view it.

sunni: do u find urself repeating urself in ur own blog and in here. cos i am. dunno wat to do... and oh no i cant find the previous posts...

last thing: for elina day, depending on wat happens we might have to shift it one day earlier... cos i just realised tt 4/4 is the day which guitar is going to haf their concert, and it all depends if it's going to go on... there are quite a few of us in guitar and they wuld haf to go and prepare. but if the concert's going to be cancelled, then ha. no problem.

ok i cant believe myself... i was calculating how many posts each person has... den:
hk 10; 37.0%
bena 6; 22.2%
hon 5; 18.5%
tsk 4; 14.8%
eesang 2; 7.4%

it's so interesting. all above percentages were recurring numbers cos the denominator was 27=3*3*3 and fractions w denominator 3 are all recurring, so recurring * recurring * recurring = recurring... and den i experimented and apparently if u haf some denominator with 3 in it, say 12=3*4, then apart from those numerators with 3 in them (unless u count 3/3=1.0000000 as recurring), a recurring decimal is oso achieved (may start recurring only at 10^-3) (part recurring)

then i started investigating using excel but actually got nowhere (bet wang ning's going to laff at me now) basically a conclusion i drew (with many exceptions) was tt if u haf a prime number as a denominator, u wuld haf a certain grp of numbers which wuld be present in all fractions with tt denominator (except 2, 5, which produce nice numbers and 11, 37, 41, etc which produce self-recurring)
anyway so yes tt took one hour of my time more or less and i stumbled upon these pages which i find highly interesting: visit it in ur free time!

http://www.ex.ac.uk/cimt/resource/resource.htm (dis one's on maths application)
http://www.funducode.com/maths.asp (dis one's on recurring decimals)
http://www.jaconline.com.au/maths/qld/junior/number/decimals/investigations/MI-terminating.pdf (investigation wksht)
and den oso:
Any repeating decimal can be converted to a fraction. To do this you need to see how the decimal can be written as an infinite geometric series. (or by putting 9's as denominator) - haha revision for ap gp.
wow i feel so gd hafing actually investigated sth... feel like i can be a researcher?

finally (again? haha u noe y cos i just keep adding on to my posts to reduce my total no. of posts, now's actually 10.34am liao) i just read the newspapers: and it's so exciting. as in. cos us actually suggests tt singapore send the cpf team over to send up a rebuilding fund for the iraqis. reason being? world bank / IMF perceived as (or are) instruments of US policy, and singaporeans "have 35 years experience in running this type of scheme and are, AS FAR AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE, INCORRUPTIBLE..." interesting yar.

posted by hk @ 4:13 PM


yo ppl! im darn bored at home... well, actualli, erm, not realli tho'. i slept d whole day! yay! i feel so energised now... O2 practically drained much of my energy... it was great fun fer mi 2 b part of it! i hope u guys did haf fun tho'! :)
aniwaez, realli wonder what im gonna do 4 d nex 9 days... hmm... ok, 8 days... coz i noe what 2 do on sat! eat bdae cake n be realli happie~ haha... so lookin 4ward 2 sat... wish i cud juz skip friday... hmm. i watched sweet home alabama on dvd. it was kinda sweet. guez i juz had nuthin 2 do... (i do actualli, haven't done ani of my tutorials 4 d mar holz... but tt can wait)
ah wellz, sars seem dangerously contagious... so everybody do take care yah?
peace n love... iraq war pls end soon...

ee sang.

posted by rhymejonez @ 8:06 AM


oh no u mean all my msgs arent posted? haha outsiders must have missed my great words of wisdom.

hk: no i havent called elina. [is she in the blog?] u told me she called u what. i think it wld be gd if she came to meet us. like mohd and the mt. too many of us to take a train down to vj. though tt wld be yet another great excuse to go for class outing at east coast :P ask her to come by when? after the 6th? kinda late yeah. lets meet up smtime nxt week. think ur parents will allow tt?

well went to hosp today. im now an official health hazard? saw lotsa nurses with masks even though it was the dental dept. i am fervently praying my dentist and other dentist wannabes dun have sars. three of them were peering into my mouth just now. how piggish. guinea piggish. finally got decent colour on my braces: blue:) got rubberbands attached now, i can still eat. darn. oh and my bro is now doc tan. haha he passed his finals.

still bored stiff

posted by hon @ 2:33 AM


Wednesday, March 26, 2003

bena: not a waste of time. at least u've done it. now for me it'll drag until the 6th...
as for white paper we dunt haf to do lar, cos we are not supposed to meet each other right... how to do? wonders of technology? for once we'll ignore tt.
erm cant post pictures on the our blog unless we pay. so nope... unfortunately. unless we go and get our own website.
and yes i will miss the class too... really really. erm evelyn has agreed liao, just tt she hasnt "signed up".
ur dad is going to hk/guangzhou right... my father says: yi3 du2 gong1 du2 cos he went to hanoi and hk and he is safe... :P
hon: haf u called elina.
hey i must go.... no no i'll recover all right... by the time the class outing takes place. where shall we go?
haha train on ur own... poor thing. just like us. practise outside sch and it's fine. how dumb
anyway next time do remember to publish it cos otherwise it just wunt appear on the web page.

posted by hk @ 7:26 PM


gosh its gonna be so boring the nxt couple of days. and i bet moe will cut our june hols like crazy. there goes the com service and overseas trips. in a pissified mood again:P today was kind of boring too, considering we have no newcomers to rock our class. but gald i went. i mean, ill have the nxt 11 days to rot at home! theres so much to do yet feels like nothing worthwhile to do. lets have class gathering. minus potential health hazards like bena and hk;P
oh dear. ive gotta go hospital tmr for dental. maybe ill become a health hazrd too. oh well. with the war and all, we can all gonne die early.
at least we dun have math test. and weili: no faction whatever.
oh and my track capt called, saying tt we are banned fm sch and if we train on our own, we've gotta tell our parents tt we are doing it out of own freewill. [hint hint: die die also must go train on ur own!]

ill try cheer up

posted by hon @ 7:20 AM


just read my last post n realised it's in a mess.. oh well.. =)

posted by =bena= @ 3:25 AM


just spent the last 4 hours studying for stupid maths test thanks to wang ning's persistent reminders.. what a waste of time.. *grr..*

oh well, at least we wun haf to rush white paper by tmr.. wait.. not like we were going to anyway rite.. =p..

oh yeah hon n ee sang n weili (who isn't in the blog yet.. *hmmpf*): br actually printed out the section we were supposed to do n highlighted the main points.. i'm impressed.. =)

anyway, someone shd teach me how to post pictures on our blog so i'll haf sth to occupy myself with for the next 11 days..

sighz.. gonna miss our class.. oh yeah.. 21 ppl going for big walk so far.. evelyn! qi qiong! yan jie! must sign up too.. shu-lin can't cos of church.. nvm then.. oh someone call elina and ask if she wants to come..

hon (again): in case u hafn't got my sms big walk is on 18th may so dun start fretting abt sars yet..

oh no my dad's going to either hk or guangzhou for some meeting soon.. can't remember which.. maybe it's both.. haha.. hope he doesn't bring back anything or i'll be in further quarantine..

posted by =bena= @ 3:25 AM


well done. i missed sch for two days. and now they say i can continue to stay at home for another 11. (i feel spastic, i'm repeating wat i wrote in my own blog) just go to mine to read the implications

posted by hk @ 2:57 AM


Tuesday, March 25, 2003

how very fun. the rest of u are having ur physics. and i'm here stoning at home. very very very fun indeed. taking my temperature every 15 minutes to convince myself tt my fever remains reasonable and therefore i do not haf sars. wateva. my right subscapularis is aching. yes. symptoms of sars.
by the way hon lyn do remember to call elina abt the meeting.

posted by hk @ 1:01 AM


Monday, March 24, 2003

sunni: my face must haf been hard to describe.
yes i am here. unfortunately at home. NO... first time i woke up it was already 7.10. culdnt make it to school. so just lay down on bed and continued sleeping, and then it was 11! haha and no i dun think i'm well. i haf 2 ultra-blocked noses. wuldnt want to get soaked. but oh no i bet i'm going to miss some fun. perhaps u all culd tell me more when u get back. feel so guilty tt i am staying at home actually, but no choice lar.
and i just called the zoo. unfortunately again they haf stopped their volunteer programme; they are reviewing it and might restart it in the next half of the year.
wat happened to our class pencil box idea? for those who dun noe, tt day when the few of us went to buy the cushion cover for elina, the remaining cloth looked promising as pencil boxes. and it's cheap. and ee sang and i need to get a pencil box anyway (bsides the pt).
and we better decide on our learning journey quickly. otherwise we'll nver get to go.

posted by hk @ 7:00 PM


zoo: 63608530
i said the show was good?! i said yh and br said it was good, but i intentionally left out the description of hk's face when i asked him about it.

posted by sunny @ 6:04 PM


boo back fm movie. hk gd to hear ure good=) and gd for u too tt u didnt come watch LOUSY movie with us. it was so sad! lousy 'marry the mafia' dun believe tt u guys who went to watch it wast time: sunny, yh, br, etc all waid it was worthwhile. xiaohui and i were just figeting and weili had some stressed laughter and now he has a stressed back:P
well off to shower and catch shut eye before dinner though i just ate again:S pale hk and weili ought to rest some b4 tmr...
hope we have fun at o2, esp the coordinator ee sang:P


posted by hon @ 2:00 AM


anyway it's declared tt i dun haf sars. i am safe.
perhaps i shud call the zoo. but tt's only if i haf the contacts

posted by hk @ 1:33 AM


haha dun worry ee sang n hk.. my vegetarian is not very vegetarian at all.. just no red meat or chicken for one wk =)

oh yah.. must remind me to give out photos on thurs.. they've been in my bag since b4 the hols.. haha

and sunny!! call the zoo!!!

posted by =bena= @ 12:49 AM


Sunday, March 23, 2003

hey ee sang! what are we gonna do for O2?

hk: for yahoo groups i put myself on "special notices only" but actually i check the site every time i come online.

posted by sunny @ 5:57 AM


hello guyz... ee sang here to join d blog!!! oh man, i'm so super tired la... was doing O2 stuff d whole of yday... u guyz betta dun pon! or else i will kick ur asses... arrgh! i realised i haven't done any hw yet! die... my holz has been checking mail, checking mail, checking mail... considering i get about 30 emails per day frm d O2 team, i haf 2 do tt so that my inbox doesnt get flooded... hmm... it's great tt our claz is still very much intact... im so exhausted i don't even wanna noe new frens for d time being... it's very taxing on d mind ya noe.

my skin is peeling... n it's super gross. why am i so screwed up? i can't even get tanned coz i jus get sunburnt n my dark skin peels away, leaving me w only fairer skin... damn... i hav 2 wear longer sleeve shirts now... n i can't even roll up my sleeve or else i think u guys wud juz throw up... arrgh. n i went 2 d orthodontist. he said tt i could consider jaw surgery... what d hell?!?! i'm still thinking bt whether 2 do it or not... i still haf 2 months 2 ponder... somebody tell me why i should or should not go for jaw, otherwise known as maxillofacial surgery... hmm, very sleepy, better get a shower n see if i can finally start 2 get some work done.

bena: don't go vegetarian... doesn't make sense... n ur in sailing! u need proper nutrition... not dat going vege wudn giv u tt but i mean... u've been a human for 16 yrs so of coz u noe how 2 eat like a human more than like an antelope rite? aiyah, sorry i sound so crude... u noe what i mean rite?

posted by rhymejonez @ 12:44 AM


Saturday, March 22, 2003

hon: actually it wunt look gd if u just depend on tt 100+ hrs from o team to actually fill up ur cip hrs. shud try to haf as large a variety as possible... den it looks gd. hopefully anyway. cos i found out tt actually 80 hrs is really not tt hard lar, considering each time u can really do abt 5 hrs, it's only abt 16 times. budden of course for things like tuition which takes only one hour then it's not as little as it seems cos there'd be lots of travelling time. unless u're like bena who seems to haf a remote-controlled car at her service all the time.

bena: dun go vegetarian. remember tt the vegetarian stall is very oily...

very tired. hafent done hw. tell u i can die next term
and hor it's actually getting quite boring seeing only my posts ard. ok lar not only mine. got sunni, hon lyn, bena. hm where are those whose rights are not protected...

posted by hk @ 4:11 AM


thank u sunny and everyone else who called to find out abt my posting :).. decided tt i'll still be eating seafood n dairy products or i'll like starve to death.. oh, and yingheng won't have to chop off his head after all.. haha..

yeah anyway, so relieved tt i passed my level 1 sailing test. *yay*.. din mug much after all but the questions were mostly quite silly.. got 38/40 :).. unfortunately i forgot how to tie some knot.. sheet bend or sth.. and the one time i actually got it right the person wasn't loooking so he told me it was wrong.. *grr*

posted by =bena= @ 1:48 AM


Friday, March 21, 2003

hk: i changed the font
hon: i think we did. i'm sure he's man enough to handle it=) and yeah let's go buy uniform!! but not free tomorrow=(
bean: yeah let's go to the library!
and congrats=) anyway going vegetarian is better than dieting=)

posted by sunny @ 5:58 PM


hon: yah my sailing seniors were saying tt O team gets like 100 hours cip straight away.. too bad i'll get kicked out of sailing if i join anything major like tt.. *bleah*

sunny: yay let's go orchard library together one day.. was quite slack the last time i went wif lijia.. only arranging books.. =)

bleah.. can't wait for posting results to be out.. at least tt wld take sth off my already overloaded mind.. for those who dun already know, i'm going vegetarian for a wk if i get back into rj w/o appealing.. haha.. and yingheng's chopping off his head if i dun get back in so everyone do remember tt just in case=)

anyway.. just checked and realised tt only 5 of us are in the blog so far.. no wonder it's full of hk's entries.. where's the rest of the world?..

ok.. shall stop bumming ard and go mug for sailing theory paper now.. got 5 knots to learn to tie by tmr..

posted by =bena= @ 8:35 AM


hey wat's wrong with this font... same as tt on mine... indian music?? i like... *moves head front and back with neck getting longer by the second

posted by hk @ 6:58 AM


boo! im dyign of boredom and eating till i burst at home. actually missing sch lots:P esp pe lessons. we must all lodge a complaint against pe teachers tt waste our time and make us do really stupid things. we shld have capts ball every lesson:)

yesyes. i need lotsa hours for cip. is it true tt u get hrs for being part of O team? then again, tts nxt yr. so lets go to the zoo to visit relatives of eric soon. [btw sunny: i think we offended eric during the taboo incident. i apologised but still think he's a little off. are u eric? really hope not man. was just a joke. {no, u are NOT a joke alright}]

anyway, let me just tell u guys a little abt hockey camp i had. it was kind of fun i guess, although all we did was train eat sleep train eat sleep: two trngs a day, and snooze time in btwn. but during snooze time, the uncountable indian/malay hockey guys had damn loud 'bangla' parties. they really blared loud music [they had the song we heard in komalas too hk, ee sang, xuxu and eric] and danced. kinda gross but it was entertainment i guess.

some other anecdotes but im bad at story telling.
so till monday comes [lets go buy uniform, i got the address: either beauty world or telok blangah]

posted by hon @ 2:55 AM


sad. very sad. SOME pple ONLY have 8 hours on their record. i shall run down to the library one fine day as well. actually, i think pple SHOULD do com service in pairs at the library. safety in numbers.
no i haven't called the zoo.
i shall call soon=) i think.
white paper!! i shall glare (and that's all) at my groupmates too: eh. the 3 other suns.
2.5 more days. so sehr traurig=(
somehow i can't get my blog to be linked to this blog. sigh. !"�%!$^!�"$�!^�$!%$! and i don't like this font. =)

posted by sunny @ 12:42 AM


Thursday, March 20, 2003

haha try not to go to the library in pairs or more. u'd end up doing nothing... anyway the library had rather high expectations of me, they wanted high quality work. so if u actually want to do sth relaxing i suppose u shudnt go to the library. seriously. culdnt believe it... when i thot i was already highly efficient the librarian was like, wat? 1 hour to tidy 12 shelves??? so slow... :S
oh and yes i think my grp is supposed to do the implications on singapore or sth? haha. eric. andy. me. xiaohui. xuxu. shifeng. fullstop.
oh and u noe wat. i can imagine this blog to be full of entries written by me... definitely wuld be proved as time passes

posted by hk @ 11:50 PM


speaking of cip, sunny haf u called the zoo yet? feeling terribly unaccomplished now cos i only haf a miserable 8 hours so far and SOME ppl are like gonna finish 80 hours by may.. *glares at qianli, baoluo, wangning n anyone else who i've missed*.. hmm.. maybe i shd go to do library cip too.. someone come wif me to orchard library or sth sign up..
oh yah.. just read shifeng's mail abt the white paper thing.. ee sang! hon! baorong! weili!.. HOW?!?!

posted by =bena= @ 7:03 PM


haha gd luck to those in cip camp (i assume qian li's there cos he hasnt been contactable by phone)
anyway today i did cip! (yay clap clap) at my library (as in bp). 5 hours... yay sth in my green bk at last...
by the way wat happened to our class pencil box...
b4 the 3 for $3 runs out u noe... (i bet there aren't many left, but still...)
aiyah so many triple dots :::
and oso we must keep this active, not like other classes whose blogs have died by now.

posted by hk @ 5:13 AM


yay haha. finally checking mail and doing smth it savvy like a blog.
tell me how it works. mine looks very ugly.
have fun this hols
those pple doing cip camp: be nice to the kids!:P

posted by hon @ 12:27 AM


Wednesday, March 19, 2003

it's working! about time. but there's no template.

posted by sunny @ 10:24 PM


let's try it one last time today...

posted by 1SO3F @ 6:08 AM


cannot. same prob.

posted by sunny @ 5:19 AM


Of course there's a lot of knowledge in universities: the freshmen bring a little in; the seniors don't take much away, so knowledge sort of accumulates...

posted by hk @ 5:06 AM


ok ppl can access this but it cant be published cos oops it's not ready???

posted by hk @ 4:23 AM


hellohello i'm here

posted by sunny @ 4:12 AM


Tuesday, March 18, 2003

hope somebody who is blog-literate comes here soon b4 i get so frustrated and fill the whole blog wif rubbish...

posted by hk @ 8:44 PM


bish u better work this time... :S

posted by 1SO3F @ 8:14 PM


testing testing 1 2 3 3 2 1 aiyah dunno...

posted by 1SO3F @ 8:01 PM


Monday, March 17, 2003

wait i dun understand how to use... just testing

posted by 1SO3F @ 8:44 PM



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