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Friday, February 27, 2004

fengzi: uploaded mr ho's photo already.. it's under the "last day of term 1" folder.. didn't delete the full size version this time so u shd be able to view it.. [sorry for the delay, haven't been online for a wk *sheepish grin*]

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oh man... no one's posting... so i'll blog for the sake of reinstating my status as an active blogger. wells, nothing to talk about really... mrs lim's quite alright i guess, but i can still picture mr ho walking around in class, checking if we've done our work n stuff... but ahs... life goes on.

bena, both peiyi n shimin made it back! so we have to gif em the soft soft thingie... damn! want it fer myself... but nvm. :)

hk n weili: chendol softee is nice ok! weili u shud try it since you haven't... hk, don't say anything.

baby eve: darn, dun think i'll get to play my amazing race. he sounds tired. watever... can't be bothered about how tired he is cause i'm bloody hell tired too.

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Monday, February 23, 2004

bena, can you upload the mr ho photo with the class on yahoogroups again? thanks.

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Thursday, February 19, 2004

oh yar! eh how cool.. let's take a nice nice pic at the fountain again :) wow, time really flies. yup, looking forward to the senior junior class outing. :) at least i'd get a life, at least for a few hrs. ok, tt sounds real pathetic. noticed everyone looking v tired lately. hmm, i'm like q free (relatively) but i ard feel kinda stressed and hard pressed for time.. hmm, so much less everyone else.. everyone jiayou! (ok tt sounds so cheesy lol)

posted by evelyn @ 3:36 AM


Tuesday, February 17, 2004

erm sorry to poop the party then, bao, but since phys n math lect tests are on 2nd mar maybe we shd postpone to some other sunday? [christine have u found out when the j1 lect tests are?]

note: 1st sun of the mar hols is the anniversary of our very successful east coast-ms lee's house-christelle's house outing:)

but i'm fine with 29th if everyone else is lah..

posted by =bena= @ 11:53 PM


Monday, February 16, 2004

hey hey.
yes. let's start planning s-j class outing! am q excited abt it. since we havent had many things to look forward to in a long while.
everyone's 'so disillusioned' now.. been a while since we have come home fm sch feeling good abt our day eh? ok.. tt's for me lar. hope u guys feel better abt sch.

so anw here's to a great turnout at east coast!:)


posted by hon @ 4:43 AM


hi guys its me again... the blog's really barely surviving lor... quick come do some maintenance repairs!!! ok ok...wonder why everyone's so busy nowadays...sigh...sch's really a drag nowadays...totally bummed out... and my crankiness is really serious this time... my sis just complained to my mum abt it haha... anyway... how's the east coast bbq thingy going on hah? the junior class seem pretty on abt it so lets not be the party -poopers... ( note: im not overly-enthu abt this juz bcos this is at east coast. im just being NICE )

sf: i just helped you nag ur angel on the train so u shld be receiving sth soon...yay!!!

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Thursday, February 12, 2004

how come i can only see half of the blog.. is there a problem wif my comp or the blog..
anw, happy total defense day tom... =)

yar.. agree with you all.. it is really awkward to be in no cliques either too.. me a typical case lar... and i m sure a few others are too.
let's not make these suggestions be confined within these blogsite, let's make it come true okay.....

can everyone not stick in their own cliques from the next monday onwards??
that is 16 Feb....
let it be a class interaction thingy cancan?

posted by Eric @ 7:37 AM


Monday, February 09, 2004

well actually... i want to get to know everyone too. i think actually by now i havent really not spoken to anyone... yup i've had a decent conversation with each person haha. and i guess i had/have some sort of long-term relationships with half the class. but its pretty difficult to maintain tt all e time i guess.
is it natural for ppl to get into cliques? perhaps so. it doesnt seem very natural for there to be 26 floating bodies yar. so personally i think it's fine for cliques to be present but i guess we culd actually try to work towards knowing more ppl?

does anyone support the view tt our class is pretty divided? if we are, at least it isnt like a two-big-groups type of thing...

posted by hk @ 6:31 AM


heyhey! :) guess everyone's too caught up with their j2 lives. arghh, kinda hectic rite? anyway, about the cliques thing. i totally agree, should try to "categorize" less yeaps.. i guess it's v difficult to move out of our comfort zones.. remember how we were all less fragmented during the 1st 3 mths? let's try to re-live that k? if u've got a chance to know 25 unique individuals who may not cross your paths in future, why deprive urself of that opportunity, esp since we have almost reached that fork in the road? heh.. ok me spouting rubbish here, easier said than done. everyone have a nice nice week yeaps :)

posted by evelyn @ 5:10 AM


Sunday, February 08, 2004

shall blog while my ankle is resting comfortably in ice. nothing beats the feeling. comp today, saw andy. qianli too. haha really admired the courage of qianli (qianli: i think u know why :p ).

abt the cliche thing. i guess everyone as more or less settled into the own group of friends, which inevitably cause some kind of divide. i try to speak to most ppl in the class, yet it doesnt help when the as club all sits on some other table during recess does it?
( or the ghim moh food club going by themselves to ghim moh for that matter/ or the vas club going to the library ) just that we are doing what we feel most comfortable doing. dunno abt the rest, but i feel rather uncomfortable whenever someone calls some ppl as "as club" or me being in the "ghim moh food" club. sounds rather ridiculous. fun at first, but being carried too far? naming something and using it as a label really doesnt help. not that im not guilty of it but i try.

give someone the impression of that he or she is something and that impression will gradually grow onto that person. true? i think so. oh well, my 2 cents worth. and my ankle is now frozen. better go bathe.

posted by wei li @ 3:16 AM


Saturday, February 07, 2004

wah, blog's really quiet. I shall break the silence..

think everyone noticed that our class is getting more clichy(is that how you spell the word?). with AS club, GM food club, now even got VAS club. In fact all the girls in class can be classified into one of those 3 clubs.. don't know if this is good or not.. and within each club there're further subgroupings (mostly in groups of 2).. shows that (1) we have really good friends in the class or (2) our class is just really divided. (3)?

just some observations.. comments?

posted by feng @ 7:41 AM


Monday, February 02, 2004

heyhey guys.. whoa what's this, civics session on the blog? shall add to it. haha.

hk was asking sang n i on fri aft gp why we go to sch, n my first response was "out of obligation". but aft thinking abt it i realised tt i come to sch more for the ppl than for anyth else. if it wasn't for u guys i prob would be a lot grouchier abt waking up in the morns:). thanks for making sch so much more bearable! i wouldn't want our class any other way:)

wait. i take that back. the whiny ppl could be less whiny and the AS ppl [tt includes non-AS club members] could turn up for more class outings:). and gp essays could be less procrastinated.

erm. will be in sch burnt n deaf tmr from the firecrackers at chingay [weili: yeah i was there too. except i was sitting at the vip section. haha. directly in front of the fireworks. so smart rite..]

anw, was looking at all our class photos today [trying to dig out creative ones] n reminisced abt the times when more than half the class turned up for class outings [ok.. cny party wasn't tt bad]. so.. nice big class outing soon? :))

ps. bao: [i've been meaning to blog this for ages, but better late than nv rite:p] ferrero rocks more!!

posted by =bena= @ 5:19 AM


woah. good to see so many posts again aft tt long lull.
yes.. read the posts and i agree tt 3f has been a wonderful environment for me to spend two yrs. i have learnt q a bit fm the different kters in our class, and truly appreciate the lil lessons ive got fm each of u.

everyone's complaining tt time is short.. i hate having to rush rush rush everyday, but i know i will be complaining even louder when i find too much time on my hands.. for now, i am grateful for the snatches of time i find myself slacking ard in class/ the canteen/ lect hall, having small conversations w u guys. even time for ghim moh has drastically been reduced, for me. i bum ard on my own a lot more now.. i guess tt may also be attributed to the fact tt everyone's busy with their own things, its so hard to get more than a two or three pple out together. hmm smtimes it almost seems as if large outings are one thing we must have, simply so we can proudly go ard telling our other friends tt woah we are so on as a class, etc.. of course while this may true, this isnt the only reason for class/large grp outings lar.
erm im getting out of pt. blah.

cheers. onto a brand new block of sch. it had better get better.

posted by hon @ 3:15 AM


halo ppl! i noe i haf been MIA from this blog for so long.. so paisei.. and i m so surprised that ibappeared in the pic.. cos i guess i have been ponning quite a bit of class outings. *bleahz* paisei.. boo.. yh n i were just talking yesterday.. n i rly started reflecting abt the class..and thank god for giving me the special ppl ard me.. our class is really a good mix of ppl of different personalities.. ppl hu r loud.. ppl hu r trying to fit in.. ppl hu r not as outgoing as others.. ppl of many many dif personalities.. and yet we fit in together so so so well.. cos all of us are so accomodating.. take for example me.. when i dun go for class outings.. i still get invited for future ones.. tt is so sweet.. in other cases, i think ppl wld just forget abt asking me ever.. haha.. wad i m trying to say is that nobody is left out, ocstracised because of wad he or she does.. our class accepts all the differences everyone has and love everyone all the same! wad a rare virtue that is.. :) ok.. i m gettin all sentimental.. but i was reading all my friends blog and i started reflecting about somethings.. and i realize that many many times.. i m far from perfect.. far from being normal even.. yep.. so disclaimer now.. hehx.. i apologize furst for any behaviour tt is inappropriate of me.. or offensive to you.. i nv eva mean it yeah?? haha.. ok i think i m gettin mad liao.. at weixian's house.. got post o jadye party.. but i m so anti social.. hid in his room using the laptopfor 3 plus hours and nv interact with anyone.. ttx me la.. haha.. well.. his house is super nice.. its like a bali resort la! all the wood.. the swimming pool.. the way the house is organized. the toilets are like hotel toilets la.. super nice la.. carn stand it.. it cos 5-6 million.. believe it?? oh man.. i think i sell all my family's property also cannot raise 1 million la! bleahz.. ok enuf of me now.. i love you guys!! 3F roX!!

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Sunday, February 01, 2004

hk: my maths s tutorial is more amorphous than your gp essay.

havent posted for ages... as least ppl are still posting. pretty much spent the whole day holed up trying to do some work. was at orchard yesterday, kinda saw the beginning of the beginning of chingay. really didnt know it has turned to such a big event, maybe cos i havent been to see one b4. somehow i really start to "cherish" (if thats the word) the time i get to go out and just plain slack ard. if only there were more long wkends.

was kinda stuck on this bk by this psychologist. thought provoking. on how we avoid facing who we really are, when it is what we need to do most. one of the most difficult things to do sometimes, but self deception creates only more problems. very true?

ok enough, training tmr and i hope i dont screw up my ankle any further.

posted by wei li @ 6:44 AM


hm what's interesting abt my blog...
anyway. i'm really disappointed in myself. look at the state my gp essay is in (well it's in an amorphous state as far as i can see)

posted by hk @ 5:11 AM



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