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Wednesday, April 30, 2003

haha. happy! just had tuition. i guess this is why teachers choose to remain teachers [if they actually do]. the sense of satisfaction: my tuition kid got 45/50 for her test! up by 40%:) then again, getting too happy will only make me feel more crushed when she doesnt do well for her mid-yrs right [choi!] so i wont be too complacent yet:P i think whoever comes my house for tuition has a pretty gd deal. besides the q slack tutor who helps her do her work, my mom stuffs her with food. esp today cos my mom 'felt bad' tt i had camp this wkend so she cldnt have the orginal timeslot, but had to come early in the morn, just 5 min aft she woke up:P

well off to some hockey gathering. suspense is killing.

bean: remember the pe attire pls! thx lots:)

hk: the poncho, thx lots!:)

weili: yes ur grd sht is much -appreciated- [oh no i hope i dun catch the __syndrome and come up with lotsa oop {out of point} analogies] thx too:)

sunny: think we have to get the yellow shirt aft all... and soon cos the orders are made already, so we better chope the right sizes. look at it on the bright side: we can wear it for pe, trng, to sleep, to play dirty games, and eat curry w/o getting obvious stains. and its -yellow-.

so pple who havent paid the $15, pls do so.. however unwillingly yeah

[eric: no signing off with 'roughage' what!]

posted by hon @ 7:56 PM


words of wisdom from the bday boy. happy bday!!! yeah actually just quickly get the whole sars thing out of our vision. budden again, we cant bluff ourselves to think tt life can return to normal. it wunt. just like post 911 in america. oh well. yeah but actually seriously i think it's quite privileged of us to experience quite a bit of big things tt happen, as in like the collapse of the twin towers, iraq war, sars, etc. imagine all these being the topics of discussion in history classes or sth. or social studies (oops isnt it being scrapped?) den we'll noe most of the details, and can teach our children. haha.

posted by hk @ 2:52 AM


yar hong king.... sorta agree wif u. not tryin to be real serious here but its really quite sad for those ppl who are like experiencing the pain of the sars psychologically and physically. and imagine us sometimes like playing ard wif this sars thingy, making jokes out of it. its like real sad, esp for ppl who are like living in unpredictable areas. spore i guess is relatively safe. compare wif china and hongkong.. and we really have classmates that like come from that area. now that we are ourselves facing real problems u noe economically. hopefully this sars thingy is quickly conquered over and we cud like quickly regain some confidence. and will life be like back to normal asap den.
see ya guys aft labour day!

posted by Eric @ 1:27 AM


Tuesday, April 29, 2003

i wonder y nobody posts when i am the one who gets home at 9.30, does his business, eats his dinner at 10. oh well.

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Monday, April 28, 2003

just finished my lesson, feel so guilty for not practising for the whole week (and this coming wk as well). anyway she's (piano teacher) feeling quite sad now cos the doctor who died was once her student (in the 1970s) "he was highly musical n culd score full marks for aural" this has caused sars to come just slightly closer to me, let me understand wat it feels like when someone related to u somehow contracts sars. n imagine. next time i bcum a doctor or sth and sth happens to me. tt i can imagine, and therefore i oso can sort of imagine wat she's feeling. well. quite sad yar. let's really hope tt this whole thing really ends quickly. esp when my father's job's at stake.

posted by hk @ 3:05 AM


actually hon lyn i dun think u seemed all tt happy when we saw u. perhaps bcos of ur shoes... ($2 to the courage fund altogether)
anyway yes i feel rather stupid, u all probably saw my bus right when u all were crossing the bridge or sth. anyway, i was so tired i nearly missed my stop. and. the class owes me: $30.50 and. i shall go now.

posted by hk @ 12:40 AM


Sunday, April 27, 2003

hi guys.... eric and bingrui here. guess where are we?
in the LIBRARY. guess what time is it?
10:16 guess what lesson is it supposed to be now?
GP ( shortform for general paper, in case u all dun knoe...)
yes bingrui and i are here.... supposed to do gp essay u noe..
(looking at bingrui.. who was stoning)
kjdhvksfjvhksf --> signs of struggle
i am not stoning...
ok ok.. he is THINKING of wat to write for gp essay...
STONE (again) i m like THINKING of wat to type further....
we are both THINKING...........................
aiyah eric u tok too much crap...lets go do gp. yay!
i m really like so enthu abt this (by bingrui)
ok... goin to comp lab to do gp... bcoz library comps hv no MY COMPUTER!
sighz (by bingrui) and byez guyz cyaz laterz

posted by Eric @ 7:18 PM


woah. feeling high now! haha. i wish sch starts now instead of in 8 hrs time!
and guess what: its pe first blk! though its badminton tt xhui likes and we prob do uncountable dizzying rounds on the courts:s

am really touched by my bro. went to buy present for my mom [its her bday tmr!] and on the sly he got me this damn ex bottle of perfume i said i liked. he blew 5% of his pay even b4 he got it:p

well there're lotsa lotsa reasons why im feeling so gd now. bursting. with overflowing cheeriness and bursting literally fm lotsa warm bread and icecream:p

so where're we going tmr aftnoon?

sorry if I sound a little �off�
but sure hope tt happiness is contagious!
see u guys real soon

posted by hon @ 8:19 AM


i wuld haf to learn from bena to be absolutely sure of meeting targets. goals. time. deadlines.

posted by hk @ 8:12 AM


Saturday, April 26, 2003

i did sleep until 9+ this morning though. well. dunno wat i did. ate breakfast. played piano. 11. started on gp. still doing it. very tiring actually, i dun feel like thinking...

posted by hk @ 10:11 PM


yoyo man! wow... feelin damn great after sleeping till 10+ this morn. oh juz in case u get d wrong idea, i din sleep from last nite till 10. i slept frm 630am till 10. but i think i feel better than i wud haf if i slept d whole nite. haha. wad was i doin frm last nite till 630am? talking on d phone. i can b such a crap talker man. i talk a lot on d phone. so if ur not int in a conversation, try not to call me! haha, coz i'll prob bug u n force u to keep talkin 2 me or sth! haha. kiddin, im not so scary. :)

was talkin to someone who gave me good advice to my youth flying club crisis. i think i got things sorted out. but now got a new prob arising... haha oops. why do things haf to turn out so complicated??? hmm. nvm, at least the new prob ain't as 'brain-racking' as d yfc prob. jakarta had an explosion. why har? i juz saw d headline but dunno wat it's abt... should go find out later. :)

if 3 ppl r damn close, 1 being a guy and 2 being girls, and girl A likes d guy while girl B doesn't noe if she likes d guy, and the guy doesn't noe whether he likes girl A or girl B... wad shud b d outcome??? horrible huh? bet u guys can't solve it too man~ well, see ya on mon! or mb some of ya will come online later huh?

Bye bye!!! :)

posted by rhymejonez @ 8:47 PM


blogspot sux. i've a feeling many ppl using dialup have problems accessing the website itself. either tt or the server's frequently down. anyway when are the tests har? i need someone to tell me. like chem or bio. (yay no "...")

posted by hk @ 7:45 PM


so eesang, how was ur bbq? i feel like eating prata now!
haha. how out of pt.

anyway, had long long trng today. v happy with 2.4 timing! and trng felt better than other days. im still praying like crazy tt i'll get into team. best bday present man.

well [since i type slow.] will come back to the blog tmr and fill u guys in on my relatively unexciting day.

posted by hon @ 8:13 AM


major headache here.. have been online for 2 hrs searching for the scientific names of fruits on google.. realli need to be resolute abt finishing the stamp exhibit.. but i guess a lil digression to the blog can't kill, or can it??
yh: yesyesyes.. must start liao.. i just started today and there's seriously tonnes of things to do.. and can u believe i don't have stamps of apples??!!! oh n whos ur piano teacher? issit the nanyang academy of fine arts one?
hk: shucks.. i'm so hopelessly dense! of course rite.. you and your dad must be doing yh and br a great disservice by playing gooseberry..
eesang: can't believe there's like only 2 girls in the flying club.. that's so obviously gender discrimination.. u poor thing..

posted by evelyn @ 4:25 AM


haha well flying club must be really fun. dun give up. yes i was indeed the one who was tokking abt the "..." crisis. i shall stop using it as well. once i catch myself using one i shall fine myself 1 dollar. all proceeds go to the courage fund... (oops) tt's one dollar liao.
ahhhhhh my voice. my throat. 9 - 5 u noe! very tired.
yh: hope ur recital was gd. and no it was no trouble.

posted by hk @ 4:01 AM


feeling very high now after sailing.. guess what, i didn't capsize at all today *applause*:).. hmm, everyone else is sailing their first race now but i couldn't take part cos my mum wanted me to come home to rest.. plus the race is both today n tmr so if i took part i wouldn't haf time to do gp essay and the tonnes of hw tt has piled up since sch reopened.. sighz.. nvm at least it's not a serious race..

oh just checked and 3 new ppl haf joined the blog: wang ning, christelle n bingrui.. yay~. must start posting soon k.. and the other 11 ppl who still aren't in the blog (lester, qq, qianli, ros, christine, baoluo, tianjiao, xuxu, xh, shu-lin, elina): MUST JOIN SOON!!~

okok gtg now.. must go holland v to buy my sp a present.. sailing party tonight and i hafn't done anything for her yet.. :S

yh: gd luck with ur recital.. sounds like u need all the luck u can get.. haha.. but seriously rite, dun worry lah i'm sure it'll be fine:p

br: haf u helped me fill up the locker form yet?

posted by =bena= @ 1:54 AM



what is this man? jus because i din post for quite a while, doesn't mean u all can gossip behind my back rite?!?!?!=P

hahaha...anyways...thanks hk for giving us a ride=) saved us a lot of leg energy and time=) sorry to cause u and ur dad trouble though, u ppl had to go u-turn or something...

anyways...i haf piano recital tomolo!!! so going to die...humiliate and whatever...jus hope that the ppl there dun laff at me after i finish playing...i can jus imagine how malu it is going to be...*sigh*

well...shud be going to take a nap, then practise more piano=P oh...evelyn...i think we better start on our stamp exhibits...if not we're in deep trouble...

kk=) till then!

posted by Yingheng @ 1:08 AM


hey guys... hk, isn't it a lil late to realise only now??? haha, but then i guess to them it doesn matter anyway, lift or no lift, they only think abt each other. mb u can call tt mu4 zhong1 wu2 ren2 except themselves! haha. hk was it u who made a remark bt using '...'? do u realise im using it sparingly now? haha. tt's a challenge man. everytime i type '...' i'll backspace twice n use a full stop instead.
had flying club orientation. ask qian li n i'm sure he'll agree w me tt our ground school lecturer has a serious attitude problem. and we're divided into diff courses (which are juz groups of ard 15 ppl). there're 4 RJ ppl in yfc. we're all in d same course n we're all in med fac. how interesting. oh yah, one point to note: i'm d only girl in my course. in fact, 2day there were 2 courses havin orientation n there was anotha gal ard. so tt makes it 2 girls amongst abt 30 guys. wow. :)
hmm. but im actualli havin a headache. i've got 2nd thots bt this flying club thingy. but i guess i'll think abt it later. lemme juz go enjoy myself at east coast first!
see ya guys on monday~ byebye!

posted by rhymejonez @ 12:33 AM


Friday, April 25, 2003

haha it's 2-10... anyway think again abt y i shudnt give them a lift. i steal their precious time away... lol.

posted by hk @ 8:18 AM


yay.. it's FINALLY friday.. this week seems to have been incredibly long.. or mebbe i'm just not used to the new timetable yet.. don't you guys agree tt 4-10's a really nice classroom.. there's aircon.. it's not as squeezy as the TS and there's even a good view of the track to boot! feeling super tired after pe.. i didn't even do the proper inclined pull-ups and my arms feel so tired.. i-pull sux!! and can you guys believe there's harmoc for 5 days next week?!!! but it was qte fun today.. baoluo, lester and I couldn't stop laughing.. laughter's really contagious i tell ya.. and it doesn't help tt u can't play while laughing till your sides split.. hk--> wat's wrong with giving yh and br a lift?

posted by evelyn @ 6:36 AM


well hi everyone. if u're like me and haf not done ur tutorials since the sars break. well. let's start! haha. yup. i'm really determined today. after all i haf chorale from 9 to 5.30 tml... sounds like working hrs of an office worker right... hai what to do. lunch break will be even shorter than tt of an office worker... :S anyway. i shall therefore have to finish a lot of work today. y not? yeah...
oh yes. just now when i was going home from jap. i shudnt haf let my dad take yingheng and baorong to the mrt. highly unwise of me not to stop him from offering... lol :P
(actually i wrote this like ages ago, just tt blogger screwed up just now. n having a gut feeling tt it'll screw up i did remember to Ctrl-C so yar i'm quite lucky....)

posted by hk @ 6:08 AM


hey guys! yay! i got broadband finally~ oh man... now all d more im addicted to d net! can dl stuff non-stop! whee~ haha, can't wait fer bbq with sea sport's club tmr man... it's gonna b damn fun! :) oh yea, hon hon, haf a happy birthday tmr~ it's coincidentally one of my ssc j2's bday too... so we're oso celebrating his bday at d bbq. :D

surviving d whole of today was a struggle man... thank gdness chem prac was juz designing VAs n not actualli doin em... im soooo tired! but i guess i'll b damn hyper tmr! haha... im so enthu bt kayaking now... even i myself juz can't believe it man! it's as tho when i get into d kayak, i'll 4get all worries n juz relax on d kayak... hey u guys int in canoe polo? or juz kayaking? coz sunni n i wanna go kayaking 2gether one of these days. so if u guys r int do come n join us man!

humz... ok, need to go prepare d stuff for bbq tmr! so i need to go off now~ see ya n enjoy ur weekend! ;)


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Thursday, April 24, 2003

how terrible. hate gp. my template's still q q blank. getting home early just makes me feel so sluggish. ask wangning and qianli how i conked out cold in the train just now though i did nothing rigorous at all today.

well listening to simple plan again. one song is really apt for when lousy times strike. it goes:

god must hate me
he cursed me for eternity
god must hate me
maybe u should pray for me
im breaking down and u cant save me
im stuck in hell and i wanna go home [wangning said this even b4 he stepped into the esplanade:P]

last night i had to study for this test
i forgot. man im dead
and now my brain is bursting out of my head
i cant think i cant breathe
once again...

yes. i will go have dinner and concentrate on gp aft tt. i will!
hope everyone got enough rest just now

cant wait for pe. i didnt go run aft all:P

posted by hon @ 3:59 AM


hope everyone's doing wat dey're supposed to right now. esp eric. hope u're not slacking away in the media centre. ok wait a minute it's closed by now... haha

posted by hk @ 2:07 AM


Wednesday, April 23, 2003

look at the time now. wow. i'm back. i'm going to school tml. wow. i bathes now.

posted by hk @ 8:53 AM



"Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age eighteen." -albert einstein

When you get into a tight place and everything goes against you,
till it seems as though you could not hold on a minute longer,
Never give up then,
for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn.
~Harriet Beecher Stowe~

posted by sunny @ 7:08 AM


Tuesday, April 22, 2003

eric HAS smth against hon __ right:P but gd to see another active [hopefully] member here. hear u more eric!
woah. cant believe i said this.

one and only.

posted by hon @ 8:11 AM


well. i'm back from a long day. pretty long indeed.

posted by hk @ 7:53 AM


haha obviously eric has lousy comprehension skills.. hk din say mr wong was damn blur lah he was talking abt the photo we took wif him in the ts on the last day of last term.. :p

well actually hk was supposed to be the one rebutting eric but he doesn't wanna sound like he's too defensive.. or in eric's words.. "he doesn't have the butt to rebutt".. haha:).. which brings to hk's mind the physics lecturer's (unintentional) comment abt her ass/S becoming larger.. haha..

oh anyway.. hk wants me to relay to everyone tt in-this-case said 349 "in-this-case"s today in 67 min.. he's going home to plot a graph of the frequency of "in-this-case"s against time.. to which eric comments: "it's deifinitely not linear rite?.." haha:p

okok we shall not clog up the blog (bena: "eh that rhymes!..") (eric: "yes it does..") wif anymore of our dialogue session.. gtg for sailing soon.. but i see my captain at the table next to us.. oh well.. must try to be earlier than him.. bye~

posted by =bena= @ 1:56 AM


yes i m also in the library.... (so wat m i goin to type?) shd i start like hon(ni) 'BOO!' i bet u will be v. the surprised by dat entry **
well tell u a v. big secret.... ( dat will definitely create animosity bw mr wong and his rep) hk said dat mr wong is darn sad, cos he is darn blur so are u all happy to read tis.... no.... hk is tryin to explain his way out of this.... (dun believe him....)

well hi again.... so how was the day todae? darn sian rite.... at least no mor 5.10 daes anymor. i guess the sports ppl dun agree ..... anyway haha
hk is mad.... i think he is tryin to vent his anger on the keyboard (aft wat i wrote abt him) try to type out the yellow proj work thingy (out of so many things) in microsoft word..... how boring can u be rite?

let me end of like hon(ni)
eric (NOT hon)

posted by Eric @ 1:48 AM



in lib too. oh dear everyone's talking too loudly. we're drawing stares. stop talking too loudly! pouring 'cats and weilis' [--hk] outside. wonder how weili and company who do not have trng are actually doing in the rain. oh well.

haha. anyone remember white paper?
what a high note to end with.


posted by hon @ 1:36 AM


eh i din mess up the table k.. it was the floor.. and poor yingheng's shoes were drowning in coke cos of his stupid theory tt since it's wet already he might as well just leave his feet there.. haha

eh hk don't cheat lah.. *pouts*

ok whatever i shall go invite ppl to the blog now..

posted by =bena= @ 1:20 AM


aha, here i am in the library trying to type an entry into the blog to prove tt i was here. presently bena is on my left and she has decided to post as well. i better post b4 her... anyway jun nan must haf felt damn touched, considering the number of cakes he gets... y doesnt it ever happen to other teachers har, actually? makes me wonder. bio practical, as usual, did not yield the expected results. wonder if i'm ever going to pass my a level bio prac at this rate... as for project work, let's hope tt every single grp gets started as soon as possible. dunt ever end up like me every year mugging for exams last minute, i tell u it's not gd for the heart. lots of sweat too...
haha bena i'm first!!! :P

posted by hk @ 1:18 AM


Monday, April 21, 2003

hey i really want to rot wif u all. unfortunately i cant... hai... anyway thanx bean for taking my place when i'm not there. hey u noe wat. i nver do take out watermelon seeds when i eat watermelon. i was told u're supposed do do tt. i nver did tt in my life

posted by hk @ 6:47 AM


well sure feels gd sitting down and rotting for 3 hrs with classmates like u guys. was kind of stoned but still it felt gd. hk: bean messed up the table with coke for us this time:)

getting worried now as my food sits in my stomach. just had dinner and choked on a fish bone. hurt like hell as it was moving down; i could talk and beg my bro to do smth, but cld do nothing to stop my food sliding now. sure hope my stomach or intestinal epitheliam doesnt get punctured.

bean: hey do math:P thx lots!
weili: how are the gd, clean songs?

while i down more fruits: maybe more roughage to cushion the bone

posted by hon @ 4:30 AM


how was the gossip session today? hope it was fun... :P who's the chairperson?! or rather who's running to be the chair...
b4 my piano lesson it was raining cats and weilis. so i waterproofed my books by putting them in a plastic bag, den put on my poncho (like ubin), den took the esso ultra big umbrella. well. kua1 zhang1 but still got wet in the end. not my bks fortunately.

posted by hk @ 3:26 AM


Sunday, April 20, 2003

hey! oh man im so tired... 2 full days' worth of kayaking... anyone wanna try???
ah wells, nothin much to say... hope u all enjoyed ur weekend! i did... tho it was realli tiring! haha... see ya guys tmr! Bye!

posted by rhymejonez @ 7:04 AM


Saturday, April 19, 2003

wow! can't believe there are so many posts.. just came back from church and i'm glad to say that i'm re-energized!!!! actually.. have been feeling like crap for the past week.. think jc life has lost all its appeal.. there's like so much to do..but so little time to complete anything.. it's so fast-paced yet it feels so empty..really miss sec school!! have been cooping myself up at home listening to an overdose of evanescence (how productive!) hmm... but feeling much better now.. jc may not xactly be my cup of tea.. but might as well make the most of it, right? for a start, shall go do my tutorials now.. haha

posted by evelyn @ 11:10 PM


hey haf u ever wondered why we label the intersection of x and y axes O. is it a zero or O which stands for Origin... hm.
and then right. u noe tt day class outing right. i was in yamaha (as honlyn expected) playing the silent piano. started playing my exam piece. while wearing the headphone of course. but i din realise tt the piano was not silenced at tt moment. so i played, and ppl passing by looked at me. i wondered y. well i felt rather stupid.
ok then u realise tt teaching in jc is actually more or less the same pace (per subject) as tt in sec school and therefore actually the workload is relatively less, considering we take only 5 or 6 subjects. any objections?
b4 i 4get, do tell ur parents to sign the sars declaration form. i'm sure u dun want to leave school tml
another thing. did we actually noe both sigma's, the capital one is used in summation, the small one is used in chem bonding.

evelyn... yar i think so too. tt's y i'm depressed i think. jc life was appealing. well not any more. and so i've to figure out a way to "re-energize" myself. i wonder how.

posted by hk @ 10:09 PM


erm. if u all see me online. kick me off the comp. i dun want to be addicted.

posted by hk @ 6:31 PM


well obviously i'm the one who's in the worst state. not single tutorial. not to mention tt tutorial 7 is still unfinished. well. really. wat has bcum of a once-hardworking hk. i wonder

posted by hk @ 7:50 AM


boo! im back. well feeling lots better blasting loud music and spoiling myself rotten [in more ways than one] with cookies and milk.

haha finally got msn working. talking to dangerous andy now: he's waving his 'blade' ard. well weili and Q: u watch ur head during trng too. hope u always have a need for gel. dun slash ur 'helmet' and hair/head off. and u guys HAVE got to go for band concert!!

bena! u sound like u had a such a happening day! yes tell me more abt ur sailing come bk monday;P

i'm bored to tears! but not bored enough to do tuts:s
btw, some trivia: houdini and david blaine are jews. heard a really funny song abt them today.


posted by hon @ 6:52 AM


well weili sorry to prove u wrong but i haven't touched a single tutorial since sch reopened.. haha.. bleah.. feeling damn guilty for being so slack but for some strange reason i can't bring myself to open my file:S.. oh well..

finally sailed today for the first time since term ended *yay*.. today's training was very fun cos we changed craft: from slow, boring (but very stable) topper to faster, more exciting (but very unstable) byte.. then cos it was our first time sailing the byte 2 ppl went on the boat together -- to give each other moral support:).. well apparently tt wasn't a very gd idea cos the boat was so unstable tt everyone kept capsizing.. amazingly michelle chan n i managed to capsize 5 times in abt as many minutes.. haha..

ok i shan't bore everyone with anymore details abt trng.. gtg sort out photos now, after which i shall attempt to do some hw.. like maths tutorial 8 which Miss 11 A1s finished during the hols.. (see weili u shd be suaning her not me.. :p)

posted by =bena= @ 6:37 AM


hmm its been dunno how long since i posted here. first things first, no the hair gel didnt glow, it just made my hair feel very oily. washed it off once i got home yesterday. but i feel rather cheated though i didnt pay anything for it, maybe its just the lack of glowiness of the gel.

long days are long, but i shall refrain from ranting too much for the health of the blog. just got news that all weds training will last from 2-5 + 7-10, havent mentally accepted that yet, but maybe its just cos it has been so slack thus far. dont think i can go to the band concert cos of this, first coach training on that day.

i should do something productive now. (membrane tutorial is sitting on the table, which im sure bena will soon comment "i done that X wks ago" :p )

posted by wei li @ 6:02 AM


well let's see whose day was longer... left my hse at 9 this morning. and here i am at 8.30... chorale until 6 then had dinner. but the music, as i've said b4, was simply wonderful

posted by hk @ 5:25 AM


and it ALL got published.

posted by hon @ 3:55 AM


haha just checked to confirm tt if i didnt press 'publish', nothing wld be posted on the main page for the whole world to see. then again, because hk added in the 'post' link, guess lotsa pple wld just be reading the webpage no? nvm. no matter.

feeling terribly down. fm hockey trng. hmm. guess things really arent getting anywhere for me. and to tell the truth, im not used to this. happy feelings, happy events are much easily to share i think, contrary to what lit teachers say [tt's why u see lotsa sad poetry ard but seldom happy ones] true, i cant find many words other than 'happy' 'fun' 'exciting' to describe gd days. but at least everyone knows how these feelings go right. its hard to kai1 kou3, tell smone how shit ur day is, when it isnt tt typical full-of-small-shits kind of day. i just get the feeling tt its unfair to drag smone else into this shit too, esp when its hard to understand. yes, call me hypocritical, cos i always tell pple to tell me when they feel bad. [and i mean it ok. dun be dumb and feel bad abt feeling bad] haha so i vented my frust on the canal route aft trng. how far is it? i took the main rd almost all the way, diff fm the route taken during pe; guess it helped:) too tired to mope abt too much:P

yes so onto dinner now. woo.
i WILL abstain fm choc and icecream tonight. i have so far been pretty healthy today:)

hmm dun need to comment on what i said eh. just needed to at least hammer the keyboard a little. however resignedly:P

posted by hon @ 3:52 AM


well back fm a long day.

posted by hon @ 3:39 AM


Friday, April 18, 2003

ok... so did i... juz got home... class outing was fun today. didn't exactly like d movie tho. i wudn haf watched it on my own will. watched it coz d class did. must say tt class outings r great stuff. im juz so proud of our class i dunno why... i must admit d first day i saw d class i din realli like it. but i guess tt's cos we're all realli sian on d first day. but as time got on, things got better exponentially n i started 2 feel like im a part of 3f. hmm... speaking my mind now. pls don't mind it too much. yea, ya'll can kill me for thinking negatively bt our claz at d beginning. im so sorry. im feeling guilty. realli.

hey, next time we must plan a class outing early so tt everyone can go! y is it tt d ppl who stay for d whole outing r d same usual bunch?! this can't go on lar! no can do!

[hon] so what's d new 'discoveries' u've made on d mrt after i dropped off today? must tell me yah? i wanna noe!!!
[bena] prepare for worse days coming... im all out 2 scandalize u n the 2 'li's! haha!
[weili] did d hair gel glow???
[hk] ur online rite now so no pt writing 2 u here when i can juz make use of msn...
[l'ester] do u even see this in d first place?
[eric] have u figured out how 2 work this thing?

haha... everyone have a great weekend... i got 2 star courses on both sat n sun! =( tiring... bye~ see ya all on monday!

posted by rhymejonez @ 7:38 AM


home too. lotsa feeling. not just fullness nor 'excitement'. maybe i'll find the words to describe them smday.
gdnight! rest lots esp those with ssc:P and fencing, and singing, and sailing, and debate comps, and what not.

posted by hon @ 7:30 AM


ok i just got home. the trip took me just half an hr...

posted by hk @ 7:02 AM


Thursday, April 17, 2003

tokking abt music lessons... i might haf to change mine again due to the time table. hai. lessons end at 2.30 and i'd haf to rush back and go for lesson by 4.00. doesnt sound too gd does it, esp when i'm taking 75 which might take me up to an hr to get home. so tt equals to immediately go home after lecture w/o stoning ard at the pillar. yup. doesnt sound great...
oh i hope the security guard is elangor... brings back wonderful memories? haha. i think i can be bingrui's coach. i used to eat the most slowly amongst my friends... so. lesson 1 on monday. dunt chew. swallow. tt'll be quite challenging for beginners i guess... (not tt i can master it, perhaps we can get a professor to teach u). anyway ok lar dun be so unfair to the movie, the story was slow but it does put across a point, and u slept so u find the story even more meaningless... and dun eat at night lar... u'll get fat. (i'm sure this will deter u...)
do try to keep healthy otherwise u might just fall sick after johny english, which i bet wuld disappoint us, but still. i'm expecting low standards so if it comes out well i'll be the only one feeling tt it was gd while the rest thought it was bad.

posted by hk @ 5:43 PM


well i din haf music lesson after all cos my tcher was sick.. NOT with sars though.. then she called all her students to cancel lessons but forgot abt me.. or maybe she's still pissed after last lesson.. haha..

anyway.. then i decided to go buy tix for tmr's movie since i was at ps.. turns out tt hon can't count and sadly, i din bother to double-check.. yeah hon, u listed 11 ppl not going but told me to buy 16 tix.. and sunny's grounded again so now we haf 2 extra tix.. nvm, hk has kindly volunteered to help sell them off tmr:)

then.. finally had gym after 1 month of slacking ard.. haha.. and i guess ri kinda forgot abt our booking cos the gym was locked when we got there.. so yh n bingrui went ard looking for some secret pathway into the gym (did u find it in the end?).. eventually the prob was solved when the security guard came to unlock the gym for us.. haiz so anti-climax..

after tt went for dinner at j8 food court n bingrui was eating at snail's pace as usual.. everyone else finished dessert and he was still struggling thru his rice.. haha..

oh yh n bingrui: i'm sorry if lijia n i made u feel gay by walking into tt shop.. haha.. only realised how pink n full of soft toys it was when we were leaving.. :P

ok.. shall go off now to ponder who i'm gonna vote to gym exco.. quite few choices actually but nvm..

posted by =bena= @ 8:19 AM


bleah. hope everyones feeling gd. no depression. well hk: bet the draggy film didnt help make things gd for u. but yeah u are only normal to feel pissed smtimes.

arrgh talk abt being unhealthy. just ate char kway [carrot cake] and zhui kway mom and dad bought home. all these and bread and choc just after dinner which i ate at 9 plus. bursting. im tired but cant seem to get to sleep. maybe its because im bursting. and maybe cos trng wasnt xiong today.

i cant wait to laugh off tiredness tmr. johnny english better not be a disappointment like children of heaven was!
sleep early even though tmrs hols. lots to say but too sleepy to type on. see u guys tmr!

posted by hon @ 8:11 AM


hey hk.. its ok.. its normal to feel depressed once in a while.. sometimes it gets all too tiring to be happy all the time.. being happy is active transport.. and being unhappy is like diffusion.. no need to expend enegy de.. haha! (actually happy is my punctuation mark too.. i scold ppl also can 'haha' de... ) well hk hk jia you jia you!! no one can hurt ur feelings without your permission.. all you can do is all you can do and all you can do is enough!!! yesh!! dun think too much.. just sleep and it will be alright!!! :) ganbatte NE!!!
and bena.. hope ur music lessons went on well!! :) and enjoy tml eesang!

posted by chen @ 7:27 AM


well. b4 my eyelids get too heavy for me to type any further, let me state my eyelid law b4 i 4get it:
weight of eyelids is proportional to square of time
where time refers to: time in seconds after the lecture/boring film began (note tt the boring is only for the film. meaning lectures are by default boring) or time in hours after you get home from a long day

posted by hk @ 7:27 AM


haha well gd to c u guys posting again. in fact ok i'm glad tt u all r consoling me... (anyway i brought my ruler today yet there was no use for it... :S) yar actually i'm still feeling a bit erm not too happy, but i guess not too bad lar. if u haf read my blog u'd understand wat i mean. trying to reverse everything lor... no point wasting energy being depressed, i agree. anyway. 345 so late... haha. ok i din haf a gd nite's sleep, only 5 hrs... but bena u din get much sleep either... haha. well i'm haha-ing away nowadays. not as though i'm really tt happy. it's just tt ... and haha have become my punctuation marks. hai. not gd at all. at this rate my gp essay's going to haf a few hahas here and there.(..) anyway y does it happen har? as in we used to be able to make complete sentences, i'm quite sure. but nowadays it just seems tt our sentences are nver completed. ideas are all disjoint. perhaps. or maybe just for me. oh and evelyn hope u catched the show... haha (again :S)

posted by hk @ 5:50 AM


heyhey! so tmr how? we meeting at 345 @ dhoby gaut mrt rite? yay so fun... dis is ee sang btw n she is confirmed going... yup! =) how many ppl r coming down tmr? sorrie i havent been realli actively contributing 2 diz blog but i promise i will try ok? but in any case i dun think anyone misses my posts so... zi4 zuo4 duo1 qing2... haha... jun4 nan2 was so full of rubbish 2day during chem lec! well at least i noe i won't snooze durg his lec... in fact, d only lecs tt i managed to stay awake for r chem lecs... yea... even during d sing-song scan~dium~ i was awake... ok i shan't b mean.
hongking r u outta depression? dun b depressed k? it's a total waste of time n energy... evelyn u watch american idol??? haha... cudn imagine u doin tt! can't wait for tmr! n im meeting my ex-classmate b4 claz outing too~ so fun... ok, see yall tmr~ bye!!!

posted by rhymejonez @ 4:32 AM


hk.. don't be too depressed over the interview lah.. just treat it as an experience.. i was in there for a very short time also.. 1 hr 15min 2 secs away from American Idol!!! ahhhh!!! i can't wait i can't wait.. the contestants (at least most of them) are really really talented.. always makes me very very happy on thursday.. everyone must watch yah.. need to rush to dental appointment now and then rush back.. hope i make it in time:)

posted by evelyn @ 3:50 AM


Wednesday, April 16, 2003

okok seeing how hk is so depressed i shall cheer him up by posting too:)

just spent 2 hours practising music.. got lesson tmr n haven't touched my electone since, well, the last lesson.. haha.. decided to be disciplined for once cos last wk i was like sight-reading throughout the whole lesson n i think my tcher got quite pissed wif me since it was just after the sars break.. meaning i shd haf had the time to practise twice a day or sth :S.. n it didn't help tt i was rushing thru everything cos i wanted to meet everyone for present-shopping asap..

then lester called to ask me abt the nus research mentoring thing.. so i got inspired to go check out the topics at the nus website.. haven't managed to find the pg yet.. sighz.. guess i wun be doing after all since the form is due tmr and mine's like totally blank.. :(

ok i shall go sleep now.. must sleep early cos in case i get woken up by my sister/dad watching soccer at 2.30am.. haha..

hk go haf a gd nite's sleep n dun be depressed anymore k?..

looking forward to class movie/dinner on fri.. :)

posted by =bena= @ 7:58 AM


hihi.. its been long since i wrote...! dun think anyone missed my crap though.. so i think i shall dun crap.. bye bye..

posted by chen @ 7:29 AM


ok i am depressed. yes i am. i was just so happy a day ago!! damn sth wrong wif me. huo4 bu4 dan1 xing2... :'(
well i officially declare this blog to be mine. i c my name everywhere.

posted by hk @ 4:05 AM


Tuesday, April 15, 2003

hong king says: he is tired and wishes to sleep right now.

posted by hk @ 7:59 AM


Monday, April 14, 2003

well. finished my piano lesson. i tell u it was fun... haha bena and wei li stare at the keyboard to see if it culd be whiter. well quite unlike me right, as in for me not to stare and say it's not white enuff. guess wat happened today. many things. such much tt i had to tell her wait, let me write down sth, b4 i continued wif the lesson.
first she said she didnt want me to tickle the keyboard for it will giggle and distract me. (well cos i was playing too softly)
then i kept playing a B when it was supposed to be an A, so she said A for Andy!!
those are the funny ones. then she suddenly reminded me tt music is such a wonderful language. it's really universal. instrumental pieces only of course. but yar she was telling me abt how there used to be this japanese girl living a few floors down and she'd just tell her to come play beethoven "spring" sonata (i love it...) with her. though each culdnt speak the other's tongue. well yar music is quite powerful right... and i was telling my teacher how happy i was abt 5 times. cos i finally know how to recognise modulations, but i'm probably going to lose it by next week, but still... :) wat happened was i cheated. i immediately found the subdominant and started humming it. so if it ends not in wat i was humming it was likely to be dominant. of cos if it begins major and ends minor or begins minor and ends major then there shudnt be too many problems. ok right ppl who dunno music realise they are reading a whole bunch of alien language. well if u want ask the diploma takers to teach u. oh and do teach me how to actually recognise modulations without having to count the interval, i.e. can just tell like tt. i find it hard.
anyway yes i thought the fidgeting at bk was really interesting... really shud haf taken a foto of us... haha. with erm me firing ice cubes / squeezing cup. bena widening the straw hole. wei li doing wat both of us did. and bing rui totally depressing the "cover"... so interesting yar, being unable to keep still... and sorry for wetting ur stuff hon lyn i hope they are dry by now... well in case u all stay away from me next time when i'm bored, dunt. cos i'm dangerous only at the beginning u c. after tt i'm not. so dun worry. :P
haha bean going to watch bean. laff. haha. laff. bean.. hahahahahahahahah. rotflol

posted by hk @ 3:00 AM


had fun today simply having lunch and figeting with paper cups in bk with bean, bingrui, weili, hk. well waiting for skies to clear up. so bored nothing to do. brother whom i thot i cld count on to entertain me with a show or smth is out. want to get out to get the remaining 'lactic acid [in my quads] flowing' instead of sucumbing to mom's temptations of naan and yum curry.

even the gloomy weather isnt -dampening- my spirits. feeling high today. woo
thanks so much for the great *chocolate!* cake:P


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Sunday, April 13, 2003

hey this stupid blog was unaccessible for the whole day... or at least to me... anyway. gd luck for u ppl's elections... and yes the internet doesnt seem to be cooperating with me either... keep getting disconnected. well. wonders of technology.
anyway went to og at great world city today and surprisingly managed to buy a wallet at $9.90. a pretty nice leather one...
oh and what's wrong with the uniform? u mean it's different at different branches??!? oh no...

posted by hk @ 7:46 AM



been a while since i've posted...hahaha...well...doing an online discussion with my campaign group now...but icq and msn is not cooperating...like halfway thru ppl will suddenly go missing and stuff....

*yawn* only slept like 3 hours last night...did the proposal for our campaign till 2 in the morn...and had to wake up at 5 to go pay respects to ancestors...and went beauty world to buy uniform...but parents not happy with the cut and quality...so din buy...and tomolo i'll haf to go down to the other one to see if i can finally get my uniforms...

hmmmm...yupyup council campaigning coming up...so that's more work to be done...tutorials were untouched this weekend...i am so dead=P

kk...i shall pay attention to my online "meeting"=)

cya in school tomolo!=)

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Saturday, April 12, 2003

yes m'am... actually i was abt to send it liao...haha
and hon lyn... i feel so stupid. some questions which i'm supposed to get correct i dint... haha. ok somehow we noe u like to go barefoot. we think u fail but still appear happy. (i think i got tt impression bcos u appear ultra confident during presentations even though u think u are not) and apparently i wasnt listening then when u were tokking abt ur braces
anyway thanx for changing it to friday.. yay i can watch...

posted by hk @ 9:54 PM


let's watch johnny english on good fri instead so more ppl can make it.. n since some ppl haf to go to church we could go for midnight movie or sth.. ok maybe not exactly midnight, some time in the evening would be gd.. tt also gives us more time to get more ppl to go so it wun end up with only 3 ppl watching again.. tt's happened to me twice in a wk already, with weili n hon then with yh n bingrui :S

oh 5566 concert was great.. prob the best one i've been to, which says a lot considering the no of concerts i go for.. yh/br/christine shd haf gone too.. def worth the $56 we were considering.. haha.. oh i was sitting among all the crazy fans so i ended up standing n screaming n waving my lightstick throughout the whole thing:).. now my legs ache even more, i'm losing my voice n my ears are blocked.. haha nvm it was all worth it :P

yh: they didn't sing tiao bo *hmmpf*.. maybe cos they sang wu suo wei twice..

br: wanted to call u when they were singing wo nan guo but it was 11 plus already so i din know if u were awake..nvm i took lots of photos to show u :).. n i'll tell u more abt the concert tmr.. shan't bore all the rest out now :p

hk: speaking of photos, send me the photo orders soon k, so i can send everything to the shop at the same time.. oh n abt ignoring the lactic acid.. i din haf a choice cos my ballet tcher would haf scolded me like hell if i looked like i was struggling or not trying my best.. :S

posted by =bena= @ 7:00 PM


hey u noe i've gone byond tt stage. nowadays if my entry is just deleted lydat i just cant be bothered to write it all over again. a few reasons: 1. too lazy 2. can't exactly remember everything 3. the things tt are newly written would be different. as in slightly diff from original thoughts definitely, and wat happens is it seems tt i'm not thinking as me again, i'm trying to recall. makes it strange.
yes everytime i noe u r online but i just cant seem to find u... and blogspot was actually down last night...

posted by hk @ 6:39 PM


typed q a bit. got deleted like other pple's. oh well. said smth along the lines of:
im back. am bored. look for me online [icq] realsised i dun have most of ur contacts.
listed sm lousy quotes fm a book im reading: 'graffiti for the soul'. sposed to be funny. some are. but dun find anyth very humourous now. grouchy. sleepy. and hotmail isnt working for me either. arrgh.

i want lime juice again. drinking milk but getting a bit worried:P


posted by hon @ 7:11 AM


ay shit my monday is occupied... i haf piano lesson!!!! damn.
anyway. the thing is these ppl noe me bcos sunni has somehow told them abt me. means sth too. tt the ppl i've been getting to know are probably rg geps?? anyway isnt it fun for the train to stop in the middle of nowhere. i mean it's a rare experience (guess it's not so rare for the bp lrt... lol) but still yar it's quite xciting. and u noe it's not like u're going to die from being stuck there... well yar of cos i listen to diff kind of music haha but yes music is indeed wonderful. has lots of gd things. makes u feel wat u want to feel. sort of, if u noe wat i mean. as usual i dun finish my sentences..
forget it then dun go for choc buffet i dun think i want to fork out so much... hehe

posted by hk @ 5:52 AM


br: wrong. i am usu asleep by 11. heh. if not, where to get the energy to eat so much. [-hmm sounds off. but tts what my dad says smtimes abt me sleeping and eating lots]

trng today was terrible. reached early to run to get the lactic acid going but didnt work i guess. in complete pain thruout all the drills and the game where i just slid ard the courts cos it was raining. i WANT to make it to team. but its just so hard! haha maybe i will even put off the choc buffet. overdose of caffeine will just make my extra runs be worthless. tell me it is all worth it.. meantime, let me finish my muffin:P think i'll just stock up on food in my room later. cant bear the thot of walking up and down the stairs any more than i can help it. feeling like a total weakling. oh well.

hk: haha whats so surprising abt pple knowing abt u? and ure idea of 'fun' is warped. i hate it when the train stops in the middle of nowhere. and yes music makes me feel good. maybe different kind of music tt u listen to, but woo. feeling lots better after blaring the likes of blink182 and simple plan

i AM cheerful
lets catch johnny english on mon. sneaks were out today at causeway pt. so tempted to watch and laugh off my aches but decided to wait:) cant wait!


posted by hon @ 4:59 AM


haha i'm better than anyone else... i post every single day... anyway, yesterday slept at 12 sth and woke up at 9.30! then was late for chorale for like 15 minutes for which i had to pay a $1 fine. HM. shall not be late any more. practice lasted till 5++, quite tiring actually but i tell u the sound of music is really so nice. damn nice. haha i can sing a F, so happy. oh and the lrt broke down when i was coming home... finally. as in like i'm finally in the one which breaks down. the doors didnt open - unfortunately it was not anything else more exciting than that. but still the guy came in and tried operating the lrt out of the station using the manual controls, b4 allowing the auto system to drive it again. quite fun! lol. i nearly wanted to get off at later stops in case it spoils again...

hon: i dun mind more chocolate-related stuff. just tt pimples will spring out.
sunni: so many ppl whom i meet for the first time nowadays have heard of me...
bean: i dun think only i haf chorale right... i mean ok the band ppl wuld haf band, other ccas have training oso wat... just tt mine is the whole day... but not too many ppl can make it oso lar... (CAN I PLS STOP USING "..." (NO)) and dun ever ignore the lactic acid build up otherwise u end up like me, bike halfway and get a thigh cramp... lactic acid's meant to deter u from exercising further. do listen to ur body when it's abt their own life and death - the muscle cells at least... have fun at the concert ok! and oh yar which question did u get wrong
br: wat anticlockwise?! haha if they ever read this " sleeping TOGETHER " hm...

posted by hk @ 3:52 AM


Friday, April 11, 2003

hey br at least u're better than me k, i haven't posted since mon.. but can't help it cos i've been coming home late everyday since tuesday's class outing.. then must sleep early to get rid of the horrible eyebags i got frm watching the man u vs real madrid game.. haha nvm at least i'm posting now.. better late than never..

oh since big walk is postponed we could haf another class outing/inning.. hopefully by then our dear co rep wun be grounded anymore n will turn up for once.. oh wait.. hk got chorale on tt day rite.. hmm nvm i shall leave the planning to eric:)

and to all those complaining abt aching muscles frm yesterday's pe: stop complaining cos u din haf ballet after tt!.. last nite was one of those crazy nites tt we had to do lots of stretching (the bring-ur-leg-up-to-ur-ears type and the bend-down-so-ur-back-leg-reaches-180degrees type) n even more jumping.. was trying my best to ignore the lactic acid building up in my thighs.. then this morning i had to climb onto my chair (the type with wheels) n roll myself to the toilet cos i couldn't straighten my legs, let alone walk.. haha:)

ok must go mug lyrics now.. 5566 concert tonite.. :p

posted by =bena= @ 8:44 PM


heehee realize i nv write in the blog for a few days.. aiyoyo.. chocs dem fat la.. how can.. i m already so fat.. haha.. got traing tml too.. so tired liaoz.. but still gotta train.. season season.. haha.. big walk postpone? really ah? how come SARS thing issit? wah.. tt is the weekend of the sept hols.. i bet qq and yj will be happily sleeping TOGETHER in the hostel la.. they 2 ah.. haiyoh.. dem anticlockwise la.. hahahaz.. bet hon hon's eyes are half closed at this time.. actually mine too.. ate so many honeydew..*yawnz* ok la.. da jia qu sui jiao liaoz k!! wan an wan an!!! :) haf fun in the weekend!

posted by chen @ 7:53 AM


haha. hyper again! weili: peanut butter cookies[without the taste of butter] after peanut butter waffles keep u awake. but aching so badly. learnt tt muscles hurt cos of manymany microscopic tears. ouch.

got cd fm cousin: simple plan! very cute. let me sing to u guys on mon. heh.

well am expecting the worst for trng tmr. better sleep early and load up on more cookies. haha. those who have trng learn smth fm eesang: have a square diet! [haha. read off the 'choc lovers' book {yes weili and hk}... a square diet means a box of choc]

yawn. warm, full, comfy, sleepy at 1021. a gd time for me to start getting ready for bed. will read myself to sleep. dun worry-a book more intellectual and less 'tantalizing' [aargh! this word keeps jumping ard in my head now] than 'choc lovers'

chocolate dreams to everyone

posted by hon @ 7:25 AM


for everyone's info, esp qi qiong and yanjie...
big walk's been postponed to september the 7th. yup
and it also seems tt i'm the only user of this blog once school starts. sadness..
shall we all eat more waffles

posted by hk @ 5:34 AM


Thursday, April 10, 2003

ayyyyyy i'm really struggling to keep my eyes open. they are simply too heavy liao; cant even see the keyboard properly... aiyah why nobody at the blog... and ee sang haha u got 4 for mine too, i got 4 for urs...

posted by hk @ 7:21 AM


well today's shopping was not tiring. no dun be tricked into believing i'm tired from it. no i am not. i was already very tired... haha anyway the gifts were rather interesting i thought... ok ok go do work.

posted by hk @ 5:11 AM


Wednesday, April 09, 2003

* tries to keep eyes open while typing" dunno why... maybe it was the ssports training or maybe its just me being lazy and not usd to waking up so early, but im like dying already when its just.... 10:25. the bad effects of holidays ( stoning, sleeping, stoning, sleeping...).

ee sang: the canal route was tiring, just that the tiredness had delayed effects on me. :P
hon: 12 rounds and still hyper? must be the after effects of one too many kit kats...
hk: yeah got the letter too, and my interview is just b4 yours i think, 3.45.

and yes i hope i remember to find my long ruler b4 i fall asleepzz...

Wei Li

posted by wei li @ 7:38 AM


hey guys! well, we're finally back to conquer J1 n d rest of med fac! haha... dunno wat im talking abt but somehow d subject of us being called 'one of the 2nd best class...(???)' juz sparked off this thought in me... yea, our claz rocks... i can't be happier being here n doing what im doin n rj n 3f... felt a lil weird today coz my brain's a bit rusty frm stoning too much n watching too much tv during d sars break. d first step to being a better student is not 2 sleep during lectures... which i did accomplish today! tho' i was drifting away fer a moment... hehe... i think i muz bring some sweets for xiaohui... stop sleeping! haha... she looks like she's gonna doze off every minute of d day! muz help her achieve her resolution... to 'turn over a new leaf' for d new term... yes. xiaohui, let's join forces to stop ourselves from stoning/dreaming/sleeping during lectures...

seasports training was tiring man... 4.8k canal route... obviously weili's gonna tell u it was nothing la, whateva... he was running so fast... damn exhausted. coz i haven't been jogging proper since d last ssc training... which was ages ago. i specially loaded myself with carbo rich foods frm yday till 2day so tt i won't faint when jogging... tt's my biggest fear man. i had dizzy spells for a week... till i started piggin' out 2 days ago. ok, my diet has to stop. it's almoz killing me.

think u guys had fun during d class outings huh? boohoo... didn't go... parents started to get paranoid bt d sars so even tho dey didn't exactly ground me, i decided not to make em worry too much... let's haf one soon yah???

wow, can't believe i wrote tt much... alrite, see ya guys tmr! take care ppl! oh, n if u guys r free or anything u may juz go sign my guestbook at restinpain.signmyguestbook.com yep, tt's all! bye~

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haha our sec 4 chem teacher was ard as well... looks like it's some chem meeting yar... anyway wat movie did u all watch? haha i bet jonny english wuld just be some make-sure-u-dun-fall-on-the-floor movie. as in stomachache, u noe wat i mean. my chorale today was so nice. i dunno, i really think jc music is amazing, u're really appreciating and interpreting unlike in sec sch, where we basically focused on staying in pitch? haha. anyway yar quite happy though (or maybe bcos) i din drop to bass.
i just ate a kit kat white.
hey has everybody received their pre-u scholarship letter... my interview is 4.15pm on 16/04.. next wednesday. hm MOE actually has an interview centre on their 3rd level of the podium blk...
anyway do bring ur long ruler tml so tt u wunt be made to buy one.

posted by hk @ 3:58 AM


real gd to see everyone today. so happy!:) happy to have seen and bear-hugged my crazy, loveable sec4 chem teacher. yes bena, u missed tan jen fu!!! well looks like she's got her 'baby' out of the way tho..;P and met sec4 classmate on way home-xiz! if u're reading this blog too. love ya! haha. miss rgs lots but am grateful for rj. for 1so3f:)

well hope u guys enjoyed the show. i insist tt the core is blearrgh. haha mainly cos its unintellectual. unlike shows like johonny english [i hope!]:P hope the pple who went/going for interview [heh] felt/feel confident during and after the interrogation.

off to dinner. cant disappoint my mom tho i downed lotsa bread when i got home. ran [ok jogged:P] 12 rounds just now. haha tired but feeling hyper. how was seasports eesang and weili? ur shirts all looked v dirty fm the back. but the grime's worth it for the six-packs and toned deltoids no?:P

cheer up, those who are feeling bored and sleepy again
look forward to tmr!

posted by hon @ 3:51 AM


Tuesday, April 08, 2003

ultimate proof tt we've been rotting at home for 3 wks...
hk who is known for calculating his travel time to the last minute. forgot the arrival time of his bus!!!
die liao tml haf to wake up damn early

posted by hk @ 8:28 AM


haha! no la! its just tt.. i m still quite traumatised that i actually did this lo! i nv thot tt i wld be able to do this kinda stuff in my this life la! given the fact tt i m overprotected by my parents and my parents arn't really veh adventurous.. couch potatoes they are.. haha. :) but its really veh fun! veh veh fun! veh adventurous! i feel so good now.. though the roti and ice cream made me feel dem dem guilty.. dunno how much oil la..*ughz* and i thot cld burn calories.. hahaha.. yep.. im lookin fwd to many many more of these kinda stuff! its real fun! yay!! make me feel good.. *grinz* xiaohui.. hope u r ok NE! nv hurt ur butt too much.. and i hope everyone's not veh scratched..(sorry laopo..*guilty look*) and yeah.. i heard abt the pool session where bena thrashed weili!! (muahaha! gurl power!) and the cold cold movie session at causeway point.. yep.. i think everyone enjoyed the last day of the hols! even those hu din come along! (bet they muz be doing a LOT of stuff at home.. hehz) yep yep.. catch yu all in sch tml!! oyasuminasai! 1so3f ichiban desNE!

posted by chen @ 7:26 AM


BOO. haha i feel rather funny, cos i had lots of fun? haha. no really very happy right now, though i haf tonnes of work to do, but tt doesnt matter does it, it can be done tml... :P yup. one thing unfortunate though is tt i am probably only in at most 2 fotos of the 20/30 + tt i took... haha. anyway, u culdnt haf gotten much spider webs on ur face... i thought i had a n95 on me for some time... hey actually i think i'm really rather experienced, i mean look at my shoes... lol and xh i hope u din hurt ur butt or anything when falling... (bruises can get quite irritating when u sit down...)
in fact i'm looking forward to a sth soon. did u all not-like today? it seemed tt u all felt a bit insecure... a bit too dirty and unsure? haha i'm too adventurous...

posted by hk @ 7:16 AM


boo so whats everyone doing now? last min hmwk? haha. just rotting my last night away in frnt of tv. had a great day today. peirce was beautiful. somehow i prefer basking in the sun on the rolling fields of grass to thrashing thru the spider webs and ferns in rainforest though:P but had lotsa lotsa fun! thx lots hk and xiaohui, the pro trekkers:) [xhui has lots of experience with crossing rivers no?:P]

weili and bean: thawed on the loooong [esp weili!:P] ride home? heh took a warm shower once i got home and got lotsa hot food in me. hmm we shld watch more intellectual like this. onto johnny english nxt! how intelligent:)

right see u guys tmr.
cant wait [waffle! ...]

posted by hon @ 6:22 AM


Monday, April 07, 2003

heh. said i wld wake early go run right. well while the easties are rotting in the train at this moment.. i decided against going for a healthy jog. oops. heck. bed seems v comfy in this weather. see u guys later!:)
woo. in fantastic mood


posted by hon @ 4:23 PM


hey hey~ just feelin bored again.. laalaa.. tml is tuesday.. u noe?? ok i guess u noe.. laalaalaadeedeedeedaadaadaa... this is a boliaoz entry..

posted by chen @ 8:25 AM


bleah.. can't go tmr.. my mum wun let me.. seems like i've got myself in the same scenario as evelyn.. except for me it's a choice b/w 5566 and peirce.. to tell the truth i'd rather go for class outing but i dun dare tell my mum in case she thinks i'm being insolent and grounds me for life:S.. besides, shouldn't waste the ticket even tho i'm sure yh/br/christine would gladly take my place.. haha..

yep, will meet u all for lunch i guess.. haf fun:) (even tho i'm sure it'll be more fun if i went.. haha..)

posted by =bena= @ 7:47 AM



im looking forward to our trip tomolo too!!! hahahaha...yum yum=) me love prata!!! hahahaha...i jus can't wait!!!

hmmmms...haf a couple of tutorials undone...but i guess it wun kill...cos...there's no chem tutorial this week!=) so im pretty safe...for now! yah...talk about lack of self-discipline man=P perfect example = me!

well...i dunno if im hoping for it to rain or not to rain tomolo...it's with mixed feelings that i hope that tomolo wun rain...cos it might get dangerous...yet...im hoping that it rains...so that...perhaps things might get a bit more interesting=)

hahaha...kk...me ate kit kat chunky today too!!! way to go hon!=) dun feel so guilty bout eating chocs...=P

okay okay! see you peeps tomolo! till then! take care!=)

posted by Yingheng @ 7:04 AM


hey and whats wrong with the website. the lack of paragraphs is highly dizzying. calling hkhkhkhk:P

posted by hon @ 6:22 AM


hey haha just a few minutes earlier than me... anyway i'm really looking forward to tml... though i still haf tonnes of tutorials left to do. but wat to do? hai... no self-discipline... looking forward to badminton too... :) i hope the war end quickly too...

hm to check if there's rain or any rain coming soon, or if u are ultra free that is... go to:
you could then contact us on handphone to warn us of coming thunderstorms. remember tt red means danger = call us...
it says afternoon showers with thunder.... we shud be out by then :)

haha i better not run... later on get lost no energy...
wat abt bena har... is she coming?

posted by hk @ 6:21 AM


boo! haha yes. got recipe for spaghetti. cant go very wrong with tt right. will try one day and u pple can come play badminton then eat. keep bugging me ok:P feeling full and xian like baorong. full of choc again. didnt break my 'promise' [to myself] abt eating kitkats. split a cadbury bar with my dad. the big ones. oh dear my dad has a cough- i shld have helped him a bit more just now:P

yay onto roti prata tmr. its really unhealthy though. anyone on, to run with me tmr? if anyone replies by the time i fall asleep, how abt meeting me earlier to run in peirce? sure to fire up [haha] sm muscles. hmm maybe ill just run b4 meeting u guys. its pretty near my home anyway![1/2 hr] :)

watched tears of the sun with bro just now. i wish spore allowed antiwar protests. its the only little way we can show what we feel abt war. tt i am SO AGAINST it! i guess our govts just afraid tt if we have anti-war/anti-bushs'-tactics protests, we can easily come up with anti-pap protests. spore is so far fm the action, it doesnt really concern us. other than the economy bit [everyth abt apore IS the abt $economy$ right] oh well. [btw i think too many sporeans say 'oh well' too much too.]

guess we'll just heck abt war and eat prata, drink teh tarik tmr morn eh?

evelyn: we'll keep u updated. check the weather time to time. send a search party if u hear of thunderstorms and dun see us wednesday.

posted by hon @ 6:12 AM


kaykay.. noe this is abit late.. but the class outing was like so (x 1827389494948383938) fun!!!! everyone must try not to fall sick now, yah? my goodness... never experienced this kind of torrential rain storm in the middle of some cycling track b4.. and the umbrella foto is really really nice.. sigh.. don't think i can make it for the pierce hike but u guys enjoy urselves!! if i go ah.. my father will be quite pissed.. and he may not allow me to watch oliver.. yah.. so must guai1guai1 stay at home.. oh.. and MUST not forget to bring umbrella/poncho/plasticbag/extra change etc etc.. just in case it rains again
hk: will be sending u the foto order soon.. already downloaded zip:)
elina: if u're reading this.. happy bdae.. hopefully ur hp is working now..

posted by evelyn @ 1:07 AM


Sunday, April 06, 2003

i'm really overusing the internet. time shooting out of control... anyway she culd haf meant 3 slices of those tt u make at home. as in those rectangular ones (app. 20cm by 13cm) haha roti prata. erm warning. it's quite ex there hor... last time i went i foot (wat's the past tense? feet? haha) the bill. my god. 5 of us only and it was $20+. anyway just dun get tricked into ordering the chicken... yar more or less same ppl, but there's qian li and rosalynn this time. thanx bena u culd go on reminding us abt ppl's birthday. by the way.
ORDER FOTOS!!! (haha die liao bian4 cheng2 nanny liao)
anyway br... u're like at the bottom of my similarity... haha

posted by hk @ 11:48 PM


br: 3 slices of pizza is not a lot k.. i could finish a whole pizza if i feel like it.. haha:)

hmm.. still dunno if i can go to peirce tmr.. mum's still deciding -- as usual.. hopefully can lah so i can eat my roti prata:).. who's going so far? same ppl as ubin is it?

oh yah can we haf indoor class outing soon? no wait.. tt would be a class in-ning instead.. haha.. wanna play bridge/mahjong/xbox/pool.. hint hint andy:)

elina's bday today.. if u're reading this: happy 17th birthday!!! if not, dun worry i'll sms u to wish u anyway:)

posted by =bena= @ 9:27 PM


yoyoz peeps.. its monday... monday bloos..ughz..just went out to fetch sis to tuition.. dun feel like doing anything..ate pizza.. 3 slices..(i have a big stomach).. then drank milk.. ate yoghurt.. i think i have a lot of dairy product..they say it is good.. calcium in dairy product helps in the fat burning process.. hopefully its true.. or else.. i will strangle the magazine..haha.. veh sian ven sian.. the weather's warm n humid.. veh sian veh sian.. its so hot i m gettin a headache.. oh.. there's a crystal jade here in jurong point.. the ramen veh nice.. my dad loves it la.. so father's day veh ez.. wake up early and dabao can liaoz.. oh yeah mother's day coming.. any suggestions wad to make for our mumz not.. carn think of any.. too much food in my brain.. hahaha.. oh hong king tt link veh funny la.. hk.. we are 71% similiar and 91% compatible! *grinz*

posted by chen @ 8:24 PM


yar lar sembawang park might be boring but hey we might haf a park to ourselves type of thing. more privacy lar hor...
hey everyone take care ok. dun fall sick otherwise i'll be the only person at amk at 8.15. nope tt isnt a gd idea is tt.

hon: haha crystal jade. i've been eating the one at toa payoh. yar really quite nice... and my mother's oways happy when eating there cos not only are the bowls big, there is plenty of liao and noodles as well... and u shud learn how to cook the way your mother cooks so that you can teach us...

posted by hk @ 7:17 PM


yeah was kind of sick yesterday too. took panadol and slept at 930 and am feeling right as rain now:)

hk: but semb park IS pretty boring i must admit. then again,with exciting pple like us, it'll be fun even if we get thrown into an LT. woah. cant wait to get back in there though. i miss sch!:P

thx so much guys, for postponing the peirce trip:) leaving the house in a while for qingming in spore. taking this hols to get in touch with 'tradition'.

(well on to food again..) went to look at cars with bro and dad yesterday. talk abt boredom. realise i hate typically guy stuff like repairing creaky chairs and talking abt cars and engines. so i am quite a normal female right;P b4 and after the car bit, went for nice lunch and dinner. still feel tt mom's cooking's the best[and one day i will cook gd food too], but if u guys like noodles, they have ramen in taka [-6th flr, crystal jade la mian xiao long bao]; huge bowls for $7 $8 and its actually quite nice. esp sichuan.

shall stop rambling
till tmr!:)!


posted by hon @ 6:16 PM


haha i just met this english teen on msn. and he/she doesnt even noe where singapore is and wonders why i can speak english well. well well.... haha quite expected lar, the other time another english teen oso din noe where singapore is. though canadians somehow noe better, cos we are used as a case study in geog or sth... haha lol haha happy

click here

posted by hk @ 6:23 AM


guess wat hon lyn i just went to sembawang park... i tell u hor must go there for next class outing. meaning this. if we ever find the time i suggest sungei buloh then sembawang park. but actually hor if ppl dun want to go outdoors so often then can go someone's hse first lar i guess...
anyway it was so nice there. just b4 it started raining. so it was like strong wind, strong current. damn nice.
haha bao rong take care... =) my mother's making me take medicine as well...

posted by hk @ 4:54 AM


Saturday, April 05, 2003

hey hk.. dun feel sad.. cheer up.. nothing is as bad as it seems ya? if u noe wads wrong den work harder on it..
hmm.. yay.. its good tt everyone frm yesterday is feeling great! i felt a bit down.. so i gulped down fever, flu, cough medicine.. so i m still a healthy baorong now! haha! :P i was so happy when my dad said we only need to go back to sch on 16th! then i realized tt ttz for PRIMARY sch kids.. if only i cld turn back time.. laalaalaa.. (i bet no one shares the same sentiments as me..but well.. this is betta than nothing!!) i m so so so looking fwd to pierce trip!! burn more calories! yay! GREAT! haha!! this time hope more ppl can come out!! bena.. the most we just go along like a choo choo train.. everyone hold on to the shoulders of the person in front! wun get lost liao! *grinz* and hopefully it wun rain.. and the sun wun shine so brightly too!(sunny.. need ur favour!) cos my bag just got washed.. smell so nice now.. carn afford to get wet again.. or else i m dead.. :) muahaha.. ok.. shan't bore u liaoz.. zai jian! wan an!! :) have a nice SUNday! :P

posted by chen @ 6:31 AM


i'm feeling really depressed and sad now. unfortunately. and nobody ard to listen to me either. hai. sadness. feel lost and totally erm no-adjective-can-describe. yes

posted by hk @ 6:16 AM


latest news: 8.15 on tuesday instead amk
and actually i was thinking. shit. it'll rain. wat if it rains like halfway when we're inside... :S
outlook for 1-14 april:
During the period, short-duration moderate to heavy showers with thunder can be expected on 5 to 6 days, mainly in the late morning and afternoon. In addition, widespread showers with gusty winds due to 'Sumatra' squall are also likely in the predawn hours and early morning on 1 to 2 days.
average rainfall days in april: 15!
ok i give up. let's see how
anyway, wat do u get from a hk who's bored at home. a boy using a badminton racket to hit a ping pong ball against the balcony door. in an attempt to make a squash court at home...

posted by hk @ 1:56 AM


well im back fm msia. haha no jam at all! didnt do anyth exciting: started abusing my bro bad when i got so bored- all the adults taking a snooze aft a hot morning where the urns are placed. felt gd whacking smth/one.

hmm had a moment or so of more intellectual thots though... looking at all the pple offering incense, burning paper money and such, do they know why they do tt? or has tradition made them just run on auto mode? i think all this tradition will just come to a stop after our parents generation. and tt wld be quite sad right.. cny, lantern fest, dumpling fest, who's going to make the goodies?:P no but seriously, i promise i'll go help my grandma this yr or latest, nxt yr, learn how to wrap rice dumplings, learn more than just the old story abt this guy who dived into the river.

cant wait for nxt 'expedition'
till then


the rain photos are so pretty

posted by hon @ 12:12 AM


Friday, April 04, 2003


hope everyone's feeling good today!!! no getting ill or anything yah??? if so...then drink plenty of water and REST!

hahahaha...me went for music lesson this morning...and guess what??? I BIKED THERE AGAIN!!!=)

well...one thing good out of ubin...i learnt to appreciate s'pore roads a lot more...i mean...so much more smoother and nicer=P no mud....no stones strewn about in your path=) but hey...i mean...as i was peddaling i was missing the "bumpy" feeling that ubin "roads" gave=P *zhen1 de shi4 shen1 zai4 fu2 zhong1 bu4 zhi1 fu2!*

hahahaha...good that school's starting later=P gives me a tad bit more time to do my tutorials=P yupyup....me still on a high from yesterday=)

posted by Yingheng @ 8:36 PM


LATEST NEWS: school to restart on 9TH APRIL 2003. YAY. perfect for me. get to go for peirce hike yet can go back to school as well... :)
8.15am at ang mo kio mrt. monday / 7th april
take 132. approx. 10 - 15 minutes
we are in the trail at 8.40am
we enter the trail at 8.50+am
we thrash our way through
we come out at 12+ / 1pm??
calling ppl right now...

posted by hk @ 8:07 PM


hey everyone.
hope u all had a gd nite's sleep... and woke up without a headache or a nose of any sort (running or blocked) (haha andy ur right nose)... otherwise. we'll appear as fever kids who will not be allowed in school? oops then that'll be no school again.. no thanx. oh yes andy oso must post his pics somewhere... no wonder when i was looking at the fotos i culdnt find my foto of going downslope... haha anyway... finish up these 2 days properly lar hor. make full use of them. may everyone be able to do so. =)

posted by hk @ 5:27 PM


nvm br must always look on the bright side.. if more ppl went we'll be spending half our time looking for lost sheep.. haha..

yeah can't believe how much fun we had fun today.. esp during the rain.. haha.. prob the after effects of being cooped up over the last wk..

posted today's photos on yahoogrps.. all those who dint go today must go n see n be jealous:)

posted by =bena= @ 7:06 AM


halo halo ppl!! guess hu is this!? it is ME!!! hahaha!!! finally in!! oh yeah! we had so so so so so much fun today! i carn believe it! wish i cld like write everything down! but too bad i carn! there's too much! i m so thrilled!! adrenalin pumping!! i carn believe it! WOOHOO!! :P its really a pity that only 9 of us went! if there were more ppl, i'm sure it'd have been more fun! but.. i m already contented! wish more ppl can make it for the next class outing!! its definitely gonna be as fun(yes yh..) or funNER!!! yay!!!! and i agree hk.. this must continue!! i dun care lo! i have a feelign we are gonna be the best class that has ever been in rj!! yay!!! :)

posted by chen @ 6:41 AM


heyheyhey ppl!!!

hahahaha...i din expect so haf SOOOOOOOOOOO much *FUN* today!!! BUT WE DID!!! (okay...that's like understatement of the year or something=P)

yupyup=) unforgettable...really=P i must get all the photos that are taken today!!! each of them tells a story=)

dun worry hon...me got home pretty quickly...took a hot shower...and...yah...sat down and ate a warm dinner=) had curry...i distinctly remember thinking bout those poor souls still on the mrt somewhere in the west...prob freezing away=P hahahahaha...*im so evil* and me...with the comfort of home...hot bath....hot curry=) what else can i ask for??? okay okay enuf=P *smacks himself on the head for being such a evil boy=P*

yah...me jus so looking forward to the next outing=) hope it'll be jus as fun...or even better=) (let's not be greedy...jus as fun will do)

posted by Yingheng @ 6:23 AM


haha let's hope it doesnt rain...
and we found sth to do indeed...
actually a bit wasted lar hor, din manage to go to chek jawa in the end... so near oreadi, we just missed by tt bit.
anyway thanx everyone today for making it a fun day... =) when i feel tt sth is fun it has to be...
oh sorry for eating my lunch so slowly, actually i was really not feeling well in the morning and early afternoon... but the rain surprisingly caused me to feel better.
haha cant wait to c the fotos. shud the quarantine period be extended... (hopefully or hopefully not?) i am ready to go for lower peirce hike. promise it'll be fun. hon lyn can proceed with all planning for food i.e. casuarina roti prata or sth... well plans are as follows: 8.15am at ang mo kio mrt. monday. (haha actually cos i haf piano lesson at 4pm) unfortunately the ppt going will probably be the same few of us plus those who din turn up last minute, like christine and xiaohui. i think so. as in those grounded are likely to remain grounded right... so set har... we'll den take 132. a short trip it'd be... for u ppl's info...
only mrt time: 44min for ying heng, 39 for andy, 31 for evelyn, 27 for weili, 45min for bao rong, 33+15min for hong king, 19 min for hon lyn. erm sth like 13 min for bena (car?). if elina wants to join us, tt wuld be 41min. not too bad lar, in the end i'm still the one with the longest ride... :( and anyway it's all much shorter than the 66 which i took today. it'd mean tt u can leave ur hse at like 7.15 and beyond. not bad lar, later than school. ok. done. 8.15am at ang mo kio mrt. i repeat.
erm bena do clear ur camera so tt we haf a brand new card.
and y am i looking so far when we dunt even noe whether it'd be extended.
by the way an important announcement. though i had a kit kat (thanx br =)) cycling burned off some 2 pounds of my weight.!!! cant believe it. or am i simply dehydrated despite hafing drunk from 3 500ml bottles and my strawberry milk bottle.

hk (excited at the thought of another interesting outing)

posted by hk @ 4:48 AM


wow. had tons of fun. so much to say. so much happened but yes: had tons of fun. love u guys:P

hope u're all showered, dry, warm, full and comfy by now.


posted by hon @ 4:34 AM


Thursday, April 03, 2003

hmmmmm...let's jus hope that it doesn't rain=P

dun worry!=) even if it does we can find something to do!

posted by Yingheng @ 4:06 PM


i cannot stand it. it's just so sao xing.
it's gonna rain for sure. look at metsin. 3 hrs outlook changi showers with thunder.

posted by hk @ 3:37 PM


=( so sad=(....wanna go.=(. miss the water and the trees and the stray dogs. have fun tomorrow......wouldn't it be ironic if she were to let me go to the polyclinic tomorrow for a further health screening?

anyway well done with the photo evelyn=) just look at the clarity..and high resolution of it, the immense array of colours, and of course, what a well-taken picture that's worth a thousand words! don't mind, eesang=) actually i'm a blog illiterate too.

hmm. a little rain's alright, makes the trek all muddy and squishy and even more thrilling=) go to the beaches. very therapeautic. and apparently you have to switch to...err...the malaysian network if you don't wanna lose reception.
maybe you guys'll be lucky enough to run into mr. peh as well=) then you might get a free lunch=) (of....wild boar meat. hmm.)
be careful, val skid around the corner last time and fell and scraped herself. and please, BRAKE BOTH WHEELS so as to prevent unpleasant cases of pple flying off their bikes when going downhill.

hk: ........ nice numbers. 25% of the class. hmmmmmmmmmmmm.

posted by sunny @ 7:26 AM


erm hi auntie (bena's mum) if u're reading this the info below is confidential...

as of now the ppl below are not going:
1,2,3,4,7,8,9,10,16,18,19,21,25,26 = 25% of the class
those tentatively going:
5,6,11,12,13,14,15,17,20,22,23,24 = 75% of the class
breakdown of above string of numbers (those going)
5 north-westerners 7 easterners
4 boys 8 girls

posted by hk @ 6:08 AM


yay well done evelyn:) now must find some way to haf a separate page for photos cos having them between posts takes up too much space.. hmm.. any outsiders reading our blog will prob be laughing at our blog-illiteracy but nvm..

oh anyway hon we were counting just now n so far 9 ppl not going: qiqiong, qianli, yanjie, baoluo, bingrui, tianjiao, shu-lin, eric, shifeng.. and sunny smsed to say she's grounded so tt makes it 10 (i hope someone knows his/her way ard ubin since we wun haf a guide anymore).. hmm.. all the suns not going.. hope tt's not an omen tt it'll rain tmr.. haha..

oh yeah if u're buying the pit make sure there's food to bbq.. :)

still dunno if i'm going..sighz..

ps hon: of course it's the bop-it two (i think tt name's gonna stick).. :)

posted by =bena= @ 3:35 AM


i cant see the 'scandalous' photos evelyn posted. the bop-it two or who? [a nice ring to this phrase eh?]

watched taxi3 today. anyone in for laughs and exciting cars with unthinkable gadgets go watch! sure beats the other foreign [horrible korean] film xhui, weili and i caught. im still sore abt tt:s must say tt french is gentler on the ear. and now i like french raps:P
hmm haha and i guess u pple wont believe me, but i spent the rest of the afternoon... cross stitching cute pooh. yes get off the floor, back onto ur chair. used to do q a bit of tt but its really been a while since i picked up a needle to do smth more colourful than altering my blue-black, and latest, green uniforms.

hk: i have one plaster and panadol with me most of the time. doubt tts enough. but pls, lets take care of ourselves/each other. no repeats of what happened to eesang. haha no the choc's for u to u make me feel better:P the food thing looks fun, but wldnt the deliveries be done at night? when my parents think there are potential murderers plotting against me on my way home:s

many many pple going tmr i hope! bena: u ARE going right?:P maybe ill go get the pit. u cook! haha


posted by hon @ 2:48 AM


okok... i'm realli sorry for vandalising this whole blog.. u have to delete everything hk.. but i just need to try one last time..
oh yay.. can even edit it..

posted by evelyn @ 2:43 AM


ask ppl wif blogs.. how come everyone else seems to be able to..

oh, and click "enter safe mode" to edit..

btw, why, of all pictures, did u haf to choose such a scandalous one? haha.. ok.. shall not elaborate or a certain someone will be after my neck..

posted by =bena= @ 1:44 AM


Wednesday, April 02, 2003

okok fine.. make it: sars victims are isolated so they won't SARbo anyone..

wouldn't mind doing the bread thing.. actually my mum's been meaning to volunteer for tt since it was in the papers last yr.. but she hasn't gotten down to signing up yet haha..

oh yah anyone knows how many ppl going tmr?

posted by =bena= @ 9:30 PM


erm the north-westerners:
both seem not bad...
interested? join with me...

and this one is delivery of bread

haha i suddenly saw my ora walk a jogathon card. looks pretty nice to me, no ugly handwriting to spoil it... lol
anyway i realised i haf one set of microscopy practical with me. whoever doesnt haf it claim it from me (most likely not to be in this blog though...)

( F ) ront brakes only + downhil ( L ) + bic ( Y ) cle = FLY
haha hehe hoho

posted by hk @ 9:10 PM


cant believe it for the past few days the blog had low responses... then for once i stop and den whoa so many entries... gd gd. :) erm i am starting to do my long-overdue tutorials today. wish me luck. by the way if u haf sars u CAN SARbo ppl wat...

yes my guitar ticket... remember? mine was totally soaked from the kayaking and my capsizing... :S the chop's gone... hopefully they will refund.
hon: u din cheat me lar... y keep insisting on buying me one... project cells. hehe. a 61-slide ppt. u shud just stock less chocolates at home lar... hm portable bbq tray??! hm. u culd bring a magnifying glass and try to melt it i guess... which suddenly reminds me of sth VERY VERY important. which i learnt from odac. haha. expedition planning... many many things... wet weather plan? what if it rains?? then we stay in the shelter and stay in the shelter and stay in the shelter? must come up wif sth to do as well. then since we're cycling right, wat if we fall down, who's bringing first aid kit, where's the nearest hospital, what's the number we shud call if we get into serious trouble, like falling into a quarry or sth. we need to get the police's number. (i sound a bit too paranoid but i think we shud still be prepared...) and we need to prepare food. cos we are at tanah merah at 9.30, we reach changi 10++ ubin 11+. we need to pack our own lunch. tonnes of water. we must bear in mind tt the ferries last serve at 6+ or 7pm

posted by hk @ 7:18 PM


yh: no i dun think there's training today.. dun think students r allowed to step into sch so we wun be able to get to the ri gym.. terrible.. haven't trained for ages.. must go stretch today.. u shd too or u'll feel exceptionally zi4 bei1 when we train wif lijia and sya.. haha.. oh yeah there was gym on tv yesterday so i taped it.. there was pommels n rings so if u haf a vcr at home i'll lend u the tape:)

everyone who bought guitar tix: i think it's off lah.. at least accordining to the rj website it's cancelled..

and to yh/hon/sunny/hk (actually hk can skip this part cos i already told u): my mum says we can go down anytime we want cos she sort of works there.. it's at theatreworks, which is on fort canning, near the battlebox.. and we're supposed to help them clear up the costumes room -- labelling n sorting out n everything.. so must find someday we're all free n go down together..

hm.. yesterday was an ok day i guess.. finished the last j2 tutorial.. read tt special issue of time (and was revising history at the same time cos they were talking abt the bolsheviks n hitler n world war 2 n the cold war n everything:p).. cooked dinner again! curry this time.. turned out a bit too watery but otherwise it tasted fine:)

anyway my mum's still half-hearted abt letting me go to ubin.. cos now she's convinced that sars originated from the nipah virus n ubin is like full of farms.. she was even gonna call up moh to find out if ubin's safe.. haha.. so it's 9.30 at tanah merah issit? someone (ie sunny) give me an idea of what to wear/bring..

sunny n hk: can take a lift frm me to tanah merah if u want (and if i go).. wait at the bus stop outside my house i guess... will sms u the time once/if my mum decides tt i can go.. according to hk it'll take 52 min to tanah merah if u take a lift from me n 66 min if u go on ur own.. haha..

oh yingheng: guess what i'm actually going for 5566 concert! my mum decided to buy tix for my cousin for her bday.. so my sis n i can go provided i help clean the toilet n my sis finishes all her e-learning hw.. haha.. how come i get the worse deal.. anyway, our seats are 14th row from the front.. not bad.. very gd in fact.. shall take pictures n show u:)..

oh yah, last thing: my sister says if u haf sars u cannot SARbo anyone.. haha..

posted by =bena= @ 6:50 PM



bena: I'm interested to do the CIP! count me in!=) and is there training today?

those who bought tickets for guitar: is the concert still on tomolo?

oooh....ubin=) interesting...been a while since i've been there...but it might be a bit of a hassle to get there...hmmmm...i think u gotta catch a ferry at changi jetty...shud be changi jetty lah...yupyup...im fine with it i guess...but does everyone know how to get to changi jetty???

hahahha...actually anything is fine with me...as in....im not too bothered about the place we go...jus as long as the class can jus get together after such a long long time=)

hmmmm...there are rumours that the "hols" are gonna be extended for a week....my gosh...if tt's true i am jus so gonna die...(and it's not someone's idea of a april fool's joke, some of my teachers said that there is a high possibility) imagine!!! another week of bumming! hahahaha...i wud rather spend time in school with u guys....bumming too much is bad for health=P

hahaha...okay ppl...me haf come up with some SARS joke of my own...okay...if u ppl tink it's insensitive or something...then pls dun read on...=P but it's not that bad...really...nothing malicious=P

what should a sars patient wear?

Ans: a SARi or a SARong!

what does a sars patient drink?

Ans: SARsi!

what kind of fish should a sars patient eat?

Ans: SARdine

what do you call the ruler of a country that has tons of ppl with sars???

Ans: SARdam Hussien!

What do you call Mr. Tay if he gets sars?

Ans: SARtay!!! hahahahaha

hope u ppl had a good laff...=P hahahaha...if u dun find it funny...pls dun kill me...u know my kinda jokes...it's pitched at that level=P erm....i haf to thank br for providing the words so that i cud come up with the jokes=) hahaha...if u find more "sar-words" pls tell me...so that i can think of something=P

kays....i tink it's a good time for me to go eat breakfast=P been eating so late recently...*sigh*

posted by Yingheng @ 5:51 PM


sembawang park was small but had fun getting there i guess. ili, this other malay girl fm my sec 4 class met my ogmate [they go back a pretty long way ok:P] and i, then we just did light pedalling ard sembawang. nothing exhausting or kitkat burning unfortunately. hk: ill buy u kitkat nxt time. elaborate on proj cells pls. [bet its a ppt presentation. right?]

on the subject of choc. remember i said i need a counsellor? well i think i really need a shrink now, the chocs and cookies are just screaming 'eat me!' all the time. even when im in my room and they're trapped in the fridge/cupboard. and i am easily swayed by sweet talkers:P

yay! ubin here i come. think we cld get a portable bbq tray? just so i can bbq bananas and marshmellows? they tasted damn gd, according to my og and buddy og. is tt right eric? bena tried it too right? .. was master chef of gooey dessert during tt unfortunate time we had mass bbq when i lost my sense of smell and taste. during tt period of time, it was a real qn i had to ponder abt: eat to live or live to eat. judging fm my misery then, no prizes for guessing what my philosophy is.

ubin will be pretty much the same as east coast i suspect. but oh well, it is a change of srdings, and we can say we went overseas as a class.

well till friday,

posted by hon @ 6:16 AM


sigh i'm bored again. what's project cells? 14 hours. whoa.
looking forward to friday. though i haven't asked. sigh so bored.HELP.

posted by sunny @ 5:27 AM


wah... wo2 hao2 gan3 dong4 o4.... finally finished project cells... my jing1 xin1 jie2 zuo4... sense of achievement. wat else can i say. i feel free. i can go and do wateva i like now. i finished a project. yay! haha too happy liao. i invested lots in it. time. effort. brains. electricity. internet time. freedom.

hk :D

posted by hk @ 5:09 AM


aiyoh i die liao. i'm addicted to the comp. not 24/7. but apart from 8 hrs sleep and 2 hrs or so for meals... 14 hrs every day!!! my computer is under torture...

posted by hk @ 3:47 AM


Tuesday, April 01, 2003

bena: i'm interested=)

posted by sunny @ 11:20 PM


thanks for not doing any hw. but it's not really any gd cos u're not motivating me...
n i've not sent any emails out

hey i think seriously all my weight is being lost to u girls... i cant seem to put on any weight while u all complain abt feeling fat...

hm if ubin is the place to go i've to contact elina... no last minute decisions pls... as in cos i still cant contact her to tell her it's bishan. but i guess if it's ubin, i'd haf to call her soon

oh according to the auntie u're not supposed to bleach ur uniform cos it might turn white. i was asking her abt wearing my ri uniform. then she kept repeating, "you go and ask mr leong lar, see if u kenna caught. kenna caught then haf to come back and buy again" haha.

ok i had my second kitkat white of the week. ay unfair u keep going on makan tours to little india... hm and isnt sembawang park pretty small?!?

posted by hk @ 8:32 PM


hon: u'll prob get a better response if u use yahoogrps cos there are only 11 ppl in the blog so far.. of which about half NEVER post *grr..* wouldn't mind anything lah.. as long as can see everyone again:).. ask eric.. he's the CO rep :P

anyway.. din do any hw again yesterday.. hk will be v happy yes? haha..

oh i finally put my f&n skills to use last night by helping my mum cook dinner:).. was only supposed to help shell the prawns but somehow i ended up doing everything from de-veining the prawns to preparing batter to deep-frying the prawns (so unhealthy..) to cooking cuttlefish.. haha..

then i was feeling terribly fat after dinner so i decided to do my sailing pt.. esp since tues is pt day.. did 2 sets of 100 crunches, 40 push-ups, 3 min phantom chair n several other name-less exercises.. felt considerably lighter after tt but was proven wrong when i went to weigh myself.. haha nvm..

oh yeah my mum says we can go do cip anytime.. anyone else interested besides hon & hk?

posted by =bena= @ 7:13 PM


hmm whats this i hear about an outing to pulau ubin? i fully support it, cause its more interesting than going to bishan :p what can we do there? can bike, can trek, can eat... dunno the usual stuff. hon, chek jawa sounds fun, but need to get the times when ppl are allowed to visit the place. and hopefully its not closed due to sars..

argh i realise that buying new uniforms can be a very unpleasant experience. after trying on the uniform, the super whitening bleach must have gotten on my skin and now weird patches of rash are appearing. irritating :[. anyway hopefully it'll go off soon. i feel like a big red plum or something.

posted by wei li @ 7:13 PM


hey guys so is ubin on? ill call them up if u want. respond pls! in any case, a class outing IS ON this friday ok:P
hk: forget abt the joseph thing. show u the light smtime.

well just back fm a jog. i dun feel lighter. but i guess its really just to make me feel a bit better abt the terrible kitkat and my upcoming makan tour in little india/chinatown in three hrs time. going to cycle later!! haha anyone here knows raihan? this malay guy in rj too. he stays real near, he managed to get a bike for me too so we'll try go sembawang park. xiaohui!: wakeupwakeup! join us!

well nothing exciting to share.

posted by hon @ 6:06 PM


hey i was awake until 1am last night...
but i woke up at 8!!! am i crazy? no i am not i haf a piano lesson at 9.30
am i crazy? 9.30 piano lesson, 9.02 still on the comp? perhaps.

posted by hk @ 5:02 PM


ar? i'm bored. no one's on...so sad...

jokes (courtesy of kumar, hon should know)
Saddam calls Bush on 11th sept:

Saddam: Mr President, I would like to express my
condolences to you. It is a real tragedy. So many
people, such great buildings... I would like to ensure
that we had nothing in connection with that...It was
not us...

Bush: What buildings? What people??

Saddam: Oh, and what time it is in America now?

Bush: It's eight in the morning.

Saddam: Oops...Will call back in an hour! Bye bye.

* * * * * *

The Prime Minister of China called President Bush to
console him:

I'm sorry to hear about the attack. It is a very big

But in case you are missing any documents from the
Pentagon, we have copies of everything."

-_- tsk tsk.

i'm sad. i don't know why. feel like singing a blue song=)...that wasn't very appropriate.
lithuania drew germany 1-1 how sad is that. sniff. the difference between glory and shame is but within a blink of an eye. one moment you're the hero, exhibiting all the grace and style...then the next you're groping the floor, helpless, overpowered. =S just a thought=) (i think it has something to do with "2am in the morning") poem anyone?

posted by sunny @ 9:46 AM


love the batch song....

posted by hk @ 6:58 AM


hon: yep. and if you wanna go to chek jawa call them up first (65424108) and hope they're not fully booked.
you mean you wanna go twice this week? you're going with jennie and mag no?
when we went last year in dec we didn't have much luck, but they said they're entertaining visitors around this time of the year. it was quite fun, make sure you bike the dusty little trails around the little fish ponds and scream at each other to keep going and not think about falling into the water, that'll be quite thrilling, or you could try trails around obs land which we had no time for.

posted by sunny @ 3:12 AM



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