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Friday, October 27, 2006

what a pleasant surprise =)

anyway, hope everyone overseas is doing alright and enjoying themselves. we must meet up every hols, k? as for those in sg, it's always nice to bump into you guys once in a while around school/town. haha.

yupyup, i miss 3f. it's always warm and cosy to have such a nice bunch of people around you all the time in school. i miss it =(

ps: shifeng, your place is really, really pretty.
pps: andy (if u ever read this), i just chanced upon your blog and i think the entries are really good. glad to see you're enjoying yourself v much =)

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Monday, October 23, 2006

I would blog but I don't have time. Having a super busy week. Here's a picture though. Figured you peeps can use a picture of a beautiful sunset over the Pacific. I don't know who those 2 are, but they are sitting at a good location.

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Saturday, October 14, 2006

yoyoyoyoyoyoyo! hello everybody!!
missed me? i disappeared again... i feel like i'm leading double lives.
i'm into my 8th week here in corn country. nothing interesting lor. hwhwhwhwhwhwhwhwhwtesttesttesttesthwhwtesttesthwhwhwhw. you get the idea. BUT. i am going to wisconsin this coming weekend for MidWestGames for the midwest schools' singaporeans=) but hw x 3 + test x 1 before that.
winter is coming... the coldest in the day time so far has been about 5C...there's worse to come. but i think i can't wear slippers anymore, that's very sad.
i moved into my new aptment... it's unnecessarily big in the living room and crampily small in my room=( but it's clean and cosy.
hmm...i might not be back next summer.. stay and do some research maybe?
it was very nice to meet up with many of you over the holidays, though it was over several meetings and with a few pple at a time, and it was difficult in general to get time to meet everyone. but it was great nonetheless. i hope we'll all have more opportunities during the future holidays!
ok enough random stuff. i'm alive and i check the blog also=))))


p.s. eric i can't believe you're missing ns. harhar i'm trying hard but i can't help it: i-told-you-so!.

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Hey hey!!!! it works!!!!

anyway, hon, saw your entry like a couple years ago (...exaggerates) but din manage to post this up... haha, finally...

just to let you know that you are not the only one checking this place...

Bottomline is: no more excuses for no more entries here!!!!!
Guys! update this place!

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Hi! hope this works, cos the other time i tried to blog on this, i drafted an entry for half an hour but i could not publish it.... i was like "WTH!"!?!?!

anyway, just reporting on my current status, ord-ing in slightly less than 2 months (let's take that as 2 months), dejected when i see my peers starting to clear leave for their ord in Nov (which is 1 full month earlier than my ord, cos i din pass my nafra in JC).

But surprisingly, i feel dejected for more than 1 reason, i starting miss camp... if it were a year half ago, i must be thinking that this mentality is the last thing to flash thru my mind... but looking back, this journey is loaded with utter anguish and disappointment, yet mixed with rich memories of accomplishment and hysteria. I've went thru a lot thru ns, and i do hope that things could have been different at a certain phase of ns.... but oh well, as long as i learn sth from ns, since all is about to be over, time to move on....

guys, pls update on how you ppl are! i know some of you have personnal blogs but, pls do fork out a bit of time on this which belongs to all of us... if i am not wrong, 6A's blog is still alive and kicking! esp ppl like me, who have not attended class outing during the summer hols to meet up with you ppl.

so med ppl, pls help resuscitate this blog... hahahaha (ok, not funny....watever)

3f's blog!

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