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Monday, November 28, 2005

and hong king joins in the miss-the-class call.

in a way, i actually have it better. cos singaporeans here do tend to gather together a bit, and there's an automatic friendship. kinda still have a core bunch of ppl - ah. but how true tt friendship is, how the friendships would have developed had we not been singaporeans in a faraway land, it's hard to say. and tt's what's missing here i think. a catalyzed friendship under non-standard conditions doesn't have all the qualities of one tt has had the time to mature.

but then again, i'm not here to meet singaporeans, and i think i've done a reasonable bit to interact with others here. but more effort needed. i wish i had gone somewhere where there were no singaporeans. mm but as time goes by maybe the friends here will be good tooo.

i hope u guys will be able to organize a class outing, and do take lots of photos. incidentally, if u have not been doing so, check my photo-blog http://hongking.blogspot.com i'm quite proud of my photos. hahaha. even though i wunt b back for christmas, keep me informed abt the outing, cos i'll send my voice over. haha. considering tt calling back is cheaper than calling a local line ;)

we're all growing older, developing ourselves for career (can't say so for myself though haha), and that sounds really exciting to me...

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hey! just to follow up on hon's post...I miss you all!

i dreamt of xiaohui driving a car and fengzi sitting in the passenger's seat. haha!

and i dreamt of hk surviving an airplane crash. oops. not very auspicious. but bottom line is...you survived!

too many things to say and i can't coherently put them into words because it's 1.25am now and i am in a state of post-exams disorientation.

hope it won't be too long till we see each other again. and my faith lies in that it CAN BE DONE.

till the next time i'm more in control of my mind to write something truly inspiring or poignant...

take care loads and sincere regards to you all!


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Sunday, November 27, 2005

hello guys..


couldnt sleep last night (caffeine highh) and thought back to so3f days. while i (and a coupla others) are still in spore, and in nus/medschool where there are tons of rafflesians, the atmosphere in uni is just so different. there's isnt group of pple to see you through every single lesson, to see you through highs (P.E.!!) and lows (physics lectures? haha.) throughout the day, to get to know you a lot better as the days drag on.

i miss the positive energy, the Work Hard, Play Hard attitude we had.. my heart wrung as i went through the pile of photos we took.. (bean, i regret not printing Every photo!) i personally havent been keeping in much contact with most of us, and that is quitequite b/sad..

and. i miss GP lessons! haha. i guess it was therapeutic to have paul khoo ramble on and on about philosophy, religion etc. the puzzled looks all of us gave when some ideas threw us out of our comfort zone! like that cow theory he shot us during the first philo lesson. i cant quite remember, but essentially, the question was: Does The Cow Exist?? right? haha!

how is everyone doing?? i've heard/read snippets of news from people here and there.. adventures overseas, in the army, and even in nus of course.. but tt's not enough! so! let's try to catch up this xmas season! if the monsoon season lets up a little, let's head to sentosa, or some place more k'teristic of 3F: ubin or reservoirs! more likely than not that we will get caught in a storm, but hey, that was where the fun lay eh? ;).

who is coming back fm overseas over this break??

ok, kinda out of point, but! this is Our Song after all. and i think of u guys everytime i hear it. really..
come on, come on
jump a little higher!
come on, come on
if you feel a little lighter
come on, come on
we were once
upon a time in love

love u guys.

and hello! someone tell me how to access the really old posts like those since j1 days?

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