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Wednesday, March 31, 2004

wow wow havent checked the blog for quite long
must reiterate tt really it was so much so much fun...

but it seems so far away already. not even a week yet... i want to relive it, but i also know tt it's quite hard for tt to happen again, to happen in the way tt it did. lets just hope tt somehow it will some years down the road. yeah haha i'm not imagining it to happen again this year.

oh thanks again weili for the dinner really i din intend to eat at ur hse haha was afraid tt i'll nver get full (haha no lar just joking) nice and simple food. quite a large variety hm. and in case u were wondering why i din buy the $6-fried rice there, 1. it's ex, 2. i had this illusion tt we were going to pass by some food court / hawker centre b4 reaching ur hse. as in like ard ur hse. sorta forgot tt u live in a pretty shopless/restaurantless area.

meanwhile i've been bz with chorale matters. concert's on 7th may. pls pls come support!! i know it's a bit ex ($12 stall $15 circle) but other choir concerts cost as much if not more. as a comparison hc's choir charged $20 apparently. so $12 and $15 are reasonable. b4 i'm accused of stacking the deck, it's true tt we charged $6 last year but tt was LT1, rent = free of charge. so i think it's worth it, it's vch after all. also, it's gonna be a charity concert we'll be donating to ________ (blank yet to be filled in)

how's everyone? it's been 3 days into school this week it hasnt been fantastic for me. just keeping myself bz to continue the holiday mood (i.e. touch as little hw as possible lol). but pretty productive actually

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Saturday, March 27, 2004

heloooo:) eh paiseh. sorry i was so late.. so paiseh.. first eric had to zao before we even reached ros' house.. then we got stuck in the rain.. definitely my fault.. one zillion apologies. haha actually i had lotsa energy after pigging out on b&js.. that coupled with the desire to burn calories.. hehe.. so of cos i wasn't complaining yah? but seriously, hk thanks lots for the bike exchange. would definitely have died after prolonged exertion. and rosie ah. thanks for the bike! it's really dirty now. haha. but tell your brother we pumped air for him. heehee :) it's worse to have a flat tyred bike than a dirty bouncy one rite? oh and yeah. it was darn fun!! :)

posted by evelyn @ 5:03 PM


hiyee... its been so so long since i last blogged but i constantly check ok... yay!!!the last day of ct was so much fun... initially thought i would just as and go home by rcc and sleep but it turned to be great !!!

chris: u were a very zai lotr player but sorry i thrashed u at the other games...hiak! oi remember the cd hor...my sis wants it! scared?
beef & hk & weili: sorry for the bike haha... and i yakked at the security guard when i was going out earlier... cant help it... security too good already... * cough cough * i got the hint after u guys left...get that coin from me on monday haha... and weili! * cough cough* go figure wat was tt for

okie... im gonna enjoy this weekend as much as possible and hope everyone has fun too!!!

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Friday, March 26, 2004

hey eric did u manage to get back home? was'nt really specific in giving u directions from where we were, partly cause i did'nt exactly know which buses were there. anyway hope u didnt end up in the middle of some lorong in geylang. :)

was one of the most relaxing and enjoyable bike ride along east coast i had ( considering the many times i've gone up and down that stretch in my whole life. ) despite the initial flat tires from ros's bro's bike which eve somehow beared with for qutie a long stretch b4 hk took over and finally some got air in. the cloudy weather and short rain was really a blessing in disguise, clearing the park and dropping the temp by a couple of degrees. (hk's "this is'nt singapore") 3-4 hours of total clear headedness.

hk: hope that simple dinner was enough. pales in comparison to a sizzlers salad bar.

eve: was talking to hk, abt how amazed at how you managed to cycle the whole length of the park till safra without lagging/ complaining. we being the male chauvinists.

ros: i can now proudly say: i've been to ros's house!

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evelyn! we are waiting for U!
just reporting on wat's happening now....
weili bought some screen protector for his palm online and just got it....
he put it on..... and realise that heis palm cannot detect!!!!! hahahar

hongking is looking thru weili's bro's medicine book...... *Yawn* that's for me...
it is abt 2 times to 1.5 times thicker than campbell lar...!
hongking looks intensely on immunology.... blah blah blah

hey and evelyn just called and i think she is somewhere near here..... and yes! we are still waiting for you... RUN if you see this...! apparently she forgot how to come here....

weili's dog is barking..... yes... (as you can see i am getting a bit desperate here)
weili's dog is barking to other dogs around this area and they sound like they are acting xiang4 sheng2 or sth..... and it just stop....

me..? wat am i doing..?
i am typing this entry and having the earphone to my radio stuck in my right ear....
radio station playing boring songs......

and evelyn is here!!!!! bye!!

posted by Eric @ 12:35 AM


Wednesday, March 24, 2004

heyhey :) feeling really high now. lol. too much energy to be wasted on physics. hehe :) all the best for the last paper yah?

posted by evelyn @ 6:22 AM


Monday, March 22, 2004

hm i think 2 down 3 more to go sounds really too fantastic... haha
anyway yar of cos enjoyed myself.
erm i really ought to be mugging bio but i'm letting the countercurrent multiplier bother me. oh well.

posted by hk @ 12:57 AM


Sunday, March 21, 2004

i enjoyed it. hk enjoyed it. and i'm sure weili enjoyed laughing at the pseudo-lion dance horse and the "demonic" teapot who was perpetually looking at the ceiling and mickey & his fellow gatecrashers at the ball. haha. anw weili needs to revise his disney cartoons! how could u forget tt gaston fell off a cliff and died, and tt the "big black thing" was baloo the bear from the jungle book??

it's great to be a kid!! :)

esp when u don't have to think twice abt buying $8 candy floss.. and there's no such thing as common tests :s

quote of the day: "they should just cut out the mcq section cos i never get the chance to look at it anw" -- sang. hoho.

oh well.. 2 down only 3 to go! jiayou guys :))

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Saturday, March 20, 2004

hey! the pp back from disney on ice would like to say that we enjoyed it very much! haha... more like im saying it on behalf of the others... well... im sure they feel d same way too!

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Friday, March 19, 2004

welcome BACK! (sounds like somebody at some Amazing Race pit stop)

bandits: look forward to the chocs.... (thanks, so po4 fei4....)

bean: just wanna tell you.... you are not alone! and.... how come i can't view the "whole class & alfie" picture???

ok... going to end here.. have to go for lunch...
just posting to say hi anw....

posted by Eric @ 9:50 PM


Hello! We are back! Bought chocs for all of you... hee hee. Happy mugging to all! I'm going to start soon.. like tmr, and end on sunday, and start failing... haha..

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Wednesday, March 17, 2004

hey guys i'm bored of mugging n the sentosa bbq photo so i changed it :))

looks slightly distorted but hey, at least it's more representative of our class than the last photo rite? [and if u really can't stand it, squint lah!] btw. we have yet to take a complete class photo..

just a thought.. maybe using more class outing photos for the blog could be an incentive to make ppl turn up.. *grumbles*

well, back to mugging. hope everyone's being more productive than i am..

blog guys, blog!

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Saturday, March 13, 2004

haha it's ok lar it doesnt matter the aunty and i wunt move the safe out of the shop till next term so yar we don't exactly mind tt it still doesnt have the maximum amount inside.
am i really bcuming tt as? i dunno. perhaps u know. all the stress from waking up early 6 days a week (ok fine everyone does tt), and getting home when/after sun sets 5 days a week (fine many ppl do tt too). we shud really have study grps like on sundays to push ourselves (i'm talking to those who dun do their work here... not those who do. we'll probably drag u down or sth haha)

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Friday, March 12, 2004

it has been a long time since i came online to blog

hk: sorry, should haf paid today for those stuff but din. thanks for being nice :)
(wanted to continue the list but jus could not come up with it... gosh...m mor and mor AS...)

toking abt AS.....
3 AS bandits: good luck for your competition at Ireland... and yes, i wish that i can take over your places... cos m darn sick of Singapore.... RRRRAAAA!!!
and of cos darn sick of the incoming CTs, prelims, A levels and the list continues... (this list i can come up with easily... but due to time constraints... shall not dwell to much on it)

that's all folks from eric who is feeling a bit lost in life.....

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Tuesday, March 09, 2004

hey i check too just tt ppl dun post haha
it's gp tml, and i'm just going to read as much as i can. i know it wunt help for tml, but at least it'll help me somehow in the future.. there's always common test 2 and prelims and a levels...
haha i apologize for erm distracting u guys while u all were trying to do ur work. i ought to sit by myself (or perhaps sit next to bing rui) and u all can come over when u feel too bored... lol.
i'm pretty happy actually somehow. oh i think i shall sleep soon...

posted by hk @ 5:33 AM


Monday, March 08, 2004

:) still check da blog occassionally, just that i havent actually gotten down to blogging. so here goes :) anyway, altho i wasn't contributing much to the gp "discussion", just mainly eavesdropping here and there. haha. i thought it was real nice and interesting how qiqiong (especially), hk and eesang kept such a lively conversation going. nee way, darn the stupid bio essay!! while u guys were at east coast i was prob. embarking on my introductory paragraphs. bleagh~ anywaes, glad to hear that everyone had so much fun. sigh, i request one more class outing! wif the junior class can? but tt is if time permits of course. :)

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