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Wednesday, December 31, 2003

hm is everyone starting to hibernate or sth. well i had a great time counting down. erm ok not exactly counting down. at my friend's hse. starting to chiong all my hw in abt 2 hours time. haha why am i still waiting...

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Tuesday, December 30, 2003

see everyone on friday!!

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Monday, December 29, 2003

oopsie. kinda late here. :)
but sang & bena: thanks so, so much for the presents!
hon: liked the cookies. thanks!
everyone else who brought food: thank you :)
weili: thanks for hosting. oh and could u bring my bible on friday pls?
oh and sorry i didn't contribute anything to the spread and was so late and made u guys walk one big fat round.

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Sunday, December 28, 2003

hi! are u guys online?
haha. weili's keyboard is like his hp keypad. explains his retarded replies.

tell me what presents the rest got!

had fun just now. thx lots guys.
get rest too eh. wanna be there w u!


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this is sang n bena n hk.. n weili n evelyn n bao n telle n eric n ning ning n baoluo n andy at weili's house:)))

playing xbox now.

but basically it's just d 3 of us blogging... aww.... baby eve just left. :(

n sunny n hon left earlier

where's lester, qq, qianli, yanjie, christine, xiaohui, shifeng, xu xu, tianjiao, shu-lin, yingheng, baorong, bingrui???

yupyup! naughty naughty pp nv come... *frowns* too bad... no presents fer em! hmmph~

how much did we spend???

about a $150... oooh... quite a lot... *nodz nodz* no wonder bean n i are soooo broke... *hint hint* *dunno to who tho* bena is braiding her hair again... n weili's keyboard is so irritating... "not good to use"[hk]

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Friday, December 26, 2003

bena: my sentiments exactly! just tt i think i need about 3 more weeks :)

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erm.. i'm doubt if 10 shelford rd even exists.. haha.. nvm we'll see if it gets to me.. i'll tell u in 2 wks maybe cos tt's abt how often we open our letter box n the last time was, erm.. sun?

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oh i realise i muddled the blogs posts. but nvm yeah.
anw. it was nice to see/hear fm so many 3f pple today. the councillors plus eric. haha. all of us coincidentally fall into the 'half of the class tt has yet been called and informed' eh.

so the party's on! woo.

looking forward to sunday then. cheers

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Thursday, December 25, 2003

haha hon 10 is probably a terrace hse or sth. or a bungalow. or a semi-D. so they'll realise there isnt any 04-52, and anyway as long as the postal code is correct nothing shud go wrong.

i dun want to go back to school! i want the hols for another week at least. to do all my hw and stuff. sigh

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wah. heavy headed. grouchy. sleepy. fat. pukey.
realised tt there is a problem: didnt reply to practically all xmas greetings via sms. there are just too many, and i lost a lot of no.s when my phone was soaked so everyone is just a no to me. didnt realy have the patience to ask who each msg was fm before deleting the forwards. oh dear.

but blink182 is playing!! the new cd is how cool!

ive gotta be prepared to live with the floating feeling for the whole night; tonight will be a long night again. xmas dinner with everyone coming over. well fun tho it does also mean a bit of washing up :p

i needa start trng again!

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Wednesday, December 24, 2003

wow. i had a wonderful last night. spent my whole night/morning out with two friends. went to church service for the first time. hit town aft midnight. watched lotr again. then roamed chinatown for dimsum. i'm on a high!

so hey confirm details for class outing!
bean: i sent u an xmas card! but i think i wrote 10 shelford instead! u know ur neighbours?


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ok bena congrats u're on time haha
oh yes weili i've the same qn too. u made it urself?
so much effort??? wow.

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im back!
thailand had gd food. and good weather. was freezing q a bit. shopping was kinda disappting.. pple who are going bkk nxt time, go on a thurs/fri. i will have u follow my wonderful shopping plan according to the weekend mkt and night bazaar schedule.

anw. woo! yes class party!! 28th! can can!

bean: thx lots! haha no didnt get to meet tt goon. he's such a goon! but phone bill rang up to $50 talking to him on the phone there.

weili: did u make the card urself?! damn cute! hahaha

more later. needa shower bad. air in spore is gd.

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Tuesday, December 23, 2003

oh no why's everyone feeling left out/lousy/tired/bored/...? cheer up, it's christmas!! :))

speaking of which, have the ppl i sent xmas cards to received them? it's my policy this yr to send only to those who send me first, so if u received a card from me but didn't send me one, u ought to be feeling very guilty n should start preparing a cny card, haha:).. to the rest: yes i know, my policy sucks, but hey, i'm both broke n lazy [that's better than being plain lazy, eve:p] so here's an extra big MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of u :)

who's going for christmas party? [weili: still on 28th? 28th is gd OKAY. it's the average of xmas n new yr] everyone go!! sang n i have presents for everyone!! :D [time to start feeling guilty again.. esp those who're gonna receive bloody expensive presents..]

anw weili.. u prob would have noticed tt ur xmas card's from me n, erm, my sister.. haha:).. and haha too abt the ch 8 thing.. [sunny: sort of reminds me of the ch u thing with jennie.. haha.. except that we all could speak proper chinese.. plus the fact tt we got free seoul garden vouchers out of it. haha:)]

sang [ok this is qt out of point with xmas n all but i've got no one else to complain to:p]: i think i'm getting too dark for my own gd.. this hols 2 ppl persistently spoke to me in malay already [some indonesian guy who thought i was malay so stopped me to ask for directions, n some chinese (!) guy who was trying to sell me stuff].. n in vietnam, so many ppl thought i was local tt i had to take to carrying ard s'pore paraphernalia.. plus the guy from my og who thought i was indonesian.. sigh.. think i'll have to start wearing a "speak to me in english or chinese" sign ard my neck soon..

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Monday, December 22, 2003

boo!! hmm, yar i understand the part of not wanting to see ur classmates, coz they remind you of school. but at least we have each other for support next year, yah? :) anyway, merry xmas everyone! :) (lazy to send any christmas cards) hohoho!

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today is christmas fun
basically it was qt dull lar....

the mikes were of inferior quality (and we could not be heard)
somemore we play the guitar (which is soft)
den the open plaza is bare with customers
(or rather full with rj ppl)

aih yah....
i understand that its easy to comment but difficult to implement
but i think i should just say what i feel lar

anyway.... this is common for guitar ppl
same for anything else that needs us to perform with other (musical) groups
same for any performance that is open to noises and interuptions
we being soft and music

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Saturday, December 20, 2003

actually frankly i feel a bit left out too. as in yar i really do. just feels like the class has changed. (though it's more like the class was more suppressed during the school term). anyway. well i'm still pretty enthu abt bell ringing. if u've seen me u'd know. i mean really it's the way u do it.

hon: wasnt really any confusion. since u were there u might as well take over to let us eat.

well for christmas party i shall go with whatever is decided on by the crowd. too tired to bother. but i'll look forward to it =)

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everybody's wondering by now why our class is so fond of bell ringing. found it rather unentertaining (even less interactive than selling flags) but all hours are cip hours huh. btw, dun tell ms chee: both of us went for our lunch break at the same time :p
hon: attracting crowds? i was just providing sweets to little kids.

haha anyway was walking out of ps today and saw this crowd just at the entrance. so went to check it out. turn out to be this channel 8 thing with some unknown celebrity doing some celebrity quiz on unsuspecting passerbys. just when me and my friend satisfied our curiosity two enthusiatic channel 8 crew grabbed us and we were asked to join in. wonder how they got to us in the crowd, but anyway i was quite shocked for 1) i would'nt speak chinese in front of a tv camera even if i was paid to and 2) they were already pulling us toward the camera. thankfully we managed to politely shy away from the tv crew and ran for our lives. i will never look at such programmes the same way again.

weird, the first thing they asked me was whether i was singaporean. and that was the second time i was asked that question in a day.

xmas party/ bena: yar my house is free. but when? i recommend the 26, cause (selfish reason) there a fencing comp on the 27. and by 28 it wont be much of christmas. more of new year.

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well saw hk and eve ringing at the traffic light today. haha. hk i still dun get the lunch confusion. anw i bought my flask fm paragon:) hope u met interesting pple!

till later

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Friday, December 19, 2003

Today is terrible.

it just feels like shit......
it did not feel so bad at first
but when i came home i kept thinking abt it
and i felt worse...

all that enthusiasm... i feel left out...
actually, honestly speaking, i dun really feel like seeing u all.
because i knoe once i see all of u, it means "school"
and "school" means "st*dy"
(probably, that's why u got such a dao1 look from me on that day, hon, sorry)

but school is really too terrible

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hon: i changed my phone cos it went conky after its latrine adventure.. one wk old only sure got warranty rite? just go back to the shop or sth n cheat ur way into getting a new one.. tt's what my dad did..

where's weili? when's ur house free?

anw, sat scores out already.. check the website..

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hk: i met wning when i got onto the train somerset-bound. then sang walked by at somerset later in the day. saw weili ringing so enthusiatically today. well he managed to attract a lil crowd no?:p

bao! welcome back! haha. bish. yes i will take a bus to ur house. then can see sea/sunrise/sunset fm ur balcony? [can or not?]

well shopped a lot today. blew $200. so im so poor. heh. but thing abt holiday overseas is tt i get $ fm my dad. which makes me feel bad of course. but then i will not reduced to 50c once i stop keeping track of the amt i spend. got a hat! haha. $36. oh dear. but happy with it:)

hmm meeting my jap [local] hosts tmr! woo. then its off to thailand. so cheers for the xmas. have a gd one!:)


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Thursday, December 18, 2003

wow! just came back early in the morn ( caught the sunrise on the plane....fascinating stuff... ) am currently suffering from this horrible sleeping disorder... but feeling guilty abt slowly reverting to 'as' mode so here i am crapping again! hols has definitely been absolutely fantastic ( watched a total of 8 movies...i think that's about $65 saved ) but now comes my boring job attachment... and how come every1's doing cip??? was reading past entries on the blog... hon!ecp's great! ( weili nods head violently)

i think tt's enuff crap but one last question... u know the days that j1s are having orientation? are we studying or slacking?

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impressive blog contributions.
eve: nope. haha. tt's a bit too major for poor little hk to handle. erm operating hours for this saturday should be 12 - 8.
i think yar somehow everyone has a chance to go overseas huh
poor phones...
hope hon lyn it was fun knowing a new friend. i'd be happy to know someone's friend.
i'm too tired to go for a christmas party actually i think, though i look forward to meeting our class.
haha how come sang and wang ning are there also. they werent ringing were they

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well. bell ringing wasnt v meaningful. but i am v glad i got to meet a pri sch teacher. bingrui: jo chang! talked to her for q a while. interesting.

saw wning, sang and weili today. nice surprises! weili: ur shoes are funky! gd luck for tmr's bell ringing eh.

so tired.

xmas party. actually, considering the expected turnout.. :s it is also possible to have a nice long dinner outside if tts more convenient. weili: can respond? and anyone else who can open house lar. thx lots. anw pls have it aft 25. but not on 27. heh.
dunno lar. not in the state of mind to org now. erm update me thru blog pls. my phone might not get repaired. bean: was urs ok?


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haha hon.. tt's what happened to my phone too.. in the esplanade toilet while i was watching montfort band concert i think.. bah.. oh, it's orcs btw :p

everyone [read: girls] go watch di xia tie.. it's like 20 times better than turn left turn right! n it has tony leung! haha.. but dun expect anything ji-mi-ish cos like less than 10 min of it is frm the book..

anw.. christmas party how ah?

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Wednesday, December 17, 2003

and i am announcing for company TODAY at somerset. COME pls. or i will -die-of boredom though i would be making a new friend. [hk's] my bloody phone fell into the toilet bowl. and my phone is barely one week old!! ahh dammit. my flat little 6100. i got gan cheong when my respected hockey capt msged when i was in the toilet yest. and i almost dropped it on the flr but i was agile and scooped it just before it landed. and then it flew into the.. latrine. ARRGH.

well watched lotr last night. i didnt go loo at all for the 3.5 long hrs! maybe i was afraid to lose smth else to tt hole. erm it was nicer than two towers definitely. but still a lil draggy sm parts. and the oaks [how to spell] were gruesome. yuk.

hmm good to see pple in sch. been seeing eric everytime i go to sch. but we dun talk do we. hey cont having fun at guitar prac if u havent breaked for xmas.

lugged this damn heavy 3-in-one waffle!/sandwichmaker/grill machine fm town to sch yest. hoho. xmas present for my mom. actually we have all three machines at home already. but the novelty of having all three in one! travel friendly too. so i can have waffles nxt time i go genting.

well. will be off to thailand this weekend. so any orders pls erm post here lar. arrgh.

and i hope to see familiar faces duing my 8 hr shift today!

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hi i m bored
somebody save me.....


wah lau....
i have not blogged for a long time
dam sad

thinking abt school which will open in a few days will kill me

WILL LOOK FORWARD TO LUNAR NEW YEAR (hears erpzes everywhere)
(why nobody is bothering me...?)

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hey hk, are u responsible for all the rj ppl i see ringing bells all over spore? :) anyway, i'm interested in going on saturday but i need to know the "operating hrs" :)

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Tuesday, December 16, 2003

i'm announcing for ppl to go help me and christelle on saturday for salvation army. the more the merrier. i think one or two more ppl might be able to get hours haha if u're looking for tt. cos. the more the merrier. the more the richer =)

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Monday, December 15, 2003

sigh i've been quiet. nothing much to say here. feels weird. aha i know. cos i've no holiday. anyway just announcing my presence.

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okay, so i'll be the 3rd person blogging bout my holiday. anywayz, just came back from KL! thanks bean for the cap n collar pin n clappers!!! woo~ so exciting... the clappers! ya la ya la... not gonna diao me la... okay lorz~

argh. weili u got to go japan... merher... i miss tokyo~ the people there are damn polite! yes and the girls have the skirts real high up... yah like were you peering up their knees??? Lolz. hee... (dun gimme dat *rolls eyes, "watever"* look...) btw i bot a box of merci choc for tay ai choo frm TTSH... shall get it over to her somehow b4 xmas.

well actually it doesn't take tokyo's shopping district to put s'pore's orchard road to shame. just take a 4 hour drive to KL will do. i think the shopping there beats shopping in town here. the newly open berjaya times square is sooo big! i think it's almost as big if not bigger than the Tokyo Shinjuku Times Square. oh yah, i took the roller coaster at berjaya times sq. it wasn't worth the wait man... oh fine, prob the only exciting thing on the ride was the loop the loop part. on which i cudn feel anything really... maybe just the centripetal force part... it threw me against the floor of the rollercoaster car so hard i thot i was gonna drill through to the bottom of it. in conclusion... seeing people scream on the ride is scarier than going on the ride itself...

oh btw, anyone noes what will happen if you eat a mouldy piece of cake? like... will your alimentary canal get mouldy too? okay tt sounds dumb... so sorry... you're listening to a paranoid freak here... =P i din even noe the kueh lapis was mouldy till i ate one whole pc n was about to swallow another one. ok, laugh at my stupidity if you will.

everyone enjoy your hols still! hopefully we'll see each other on xmas party after xmas!

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Sunday, December 14, 2003

haha what a coincidence. damn spaced out after long train rides followed by long plane rides but... japan was fantastic :) crawled around almost the whole of tokyo plus stayed at the mountains for a couple of days ( sadly the snow just started to fall so no skiing :(. got a glimpse of the hip and happening areas of harajuku and shibuya, which just puts orchard road to shame ( not to mention the high socks and even higher skirts )

the ppl were extremely friendly in their japanese ways ( 1 jap old lady commended me on my chopstick-using ability while another greeted us in chinese on hearing we were singaporeans (?) ) but they really go out of their way for foreigners, which came in rather helpful since none of us could utter comprehensible japanese sentences ( christelle: thanks for the help ( yes im grateful ) )

the weather was another thing altogether. beginning of winter, which meant freezing showers and waking up to a refrigerated atmosphere (dun think ill be bothered by lt tempertures anymore)

as u can see, everything is quite a blur now. need to get some sleep. haha managed to catch 3 movies on the plane to and fro ( finally got to watch pirates, yar yar its a gd show )

xmas party? wow.

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Saturday, December 13, 2003

hey everyone i'm back from vietnam!! well, didn't really get to do all the tourist-y stuff, spent most of my time there watching sea games [swimming, fin swimming, artistic gym, rhythmic gym, table tennis].. i think i sang majulah singapura there like more times than in the whole of this yr cos everyone knows tt no one actually sings the anthem during flag-raising.. the only other time i sang this yr was like during ndp..

very impressed with the patriotism of the vietnamese.. u shd haf seen them celebrating on the roads aft they won m'sia 4-3 in men's soccer semis [damn exciting match, i think there were 3 goals scored in 10 min], and when they won the gold in women's soccer.. it was so infectious i actually bought a vietnamese flag to wave along with them:).. then when i was at table tennis finals n vietnam won men's singles, the whole hall almost collapsed with their cheering, even the policemen joined in the celebrations..

got to talk to a few vietnamese at the games too.. nice to mix ard with the locals, they're all such friendly n polite ppl.. there was this 2 or 3 yr old kid at table tennis who actually said "thank u" in english when i gave him/her my singapore flag!! he/she's so cute tt i'm gonna put the photo i took of it [*gives up trying to determine the kid's gender*] into my organiser:))

anw sang.. yah i guess u could whack ppl cos tt's what one of the swimmers was doing to his coach.. the poor coach got whacked so many times i half-expected his head to fall off, haha.. oh got team singapore collar pin n cap for u too.. [in fact i have abt 2 or 3 more sets off team singapore stuff so anyone who's feeling patriotic can haf them too:))] when u get back from kl we must get together to sort out our, erm, shopping k?

gonna watch love actually later too!! [and no, sang, i so WAS NOT gonna diao u lor.. :p]

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Friday, December 12, 2003

boo! kettled with shifeng today! earnings were miserable... :( but well, a couple of $10 notes n other smaller denominations... guess there's at least $100 in there...

everybody go watch Love Actually... cause it actually IS very nice! it's a romantic comedy... and just nice, sweet, funny and heartwarming... :) watch it with your loved one, or parents, or siblings, friends... anyone whom you're close to!!! you'll feel like the luckiest person alive! bena dun diao me kay... i can sense it coming alreadi... i really mean to encourage everyone to watch cause it really IS a good show... haha. =P

anywayz, welcome home bean! thanks for the balloon clappers~ i'll make good use of it at the xmas party... can use it to whack pp anot??? oh yah, can u call lynette?? coz i still can't reach her la... thanks a million... mb fix it on 21st... 17,18 n 19 are untouchables... booked those 3 days. thanks!

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Thursday, December 11, 2003

well. yay. everyone seems so enthusiastic abt xmas party.

only two weeks more to xmas. three weeks to new yr. woah. damn fast!

watched the love.. french show just now. nice! so catch it! now onto love actually. heh. cant wait to hear hugh grant speak


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Wednesday, December 10, 2003

yayy~ sounds like fun, like the gift exchange part. hopefully i can make it. christmas is the nicest time of the yr :) :) hope everyone's having fun with their hols yarhs? been kindda busy but it's been a fantastic hols!! everyone take care and see you guys, say, christmas party/when school reopens? :) need to leave soon, besides, i've no creative ideas to blog about. ciaos :)

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well. yes. can other pple come on to say hi too?

xmas party: at weili's place. but he isnt ard so details to be settled later..
but i guess it'll be potluck-cum-bbq. [smbody bring bananas and choc sauce/marshmellows for me to make my specialty!:p]
maybe a movie marathon whilst pigging out.. or majong, etc, u usu works lar. oh! indian poker! and board games pls.

wanna have a xmas small-gift exchange? ie: everyone preps one present then we just leave them in a pile then take one. [then we exchange until everyone's happy w what he/she's got:p]

yeah. i am not creative. so pple with exciting ideas: blog!

anw. i need smone to do salvation army [i-am-a-bellringer] with me on the 18th. pls respond! i needa tell hk-kun soon. i hope i dun hafta resort to offering a LOTR ticket for the 17th to get company! but seriously, any avid fans? ive got one extra tix fm my bro.. but best if u stay ard me or have no problems getting home late cos its a night show i think.


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hey, blog's stoning again..

went Sentosa for CIP yesterday, although there wasn't much sun, my face is burnt. So if you want to see a roasted fengzi, can come find me these few days.. haha, no more roasted bao. Anyway, I can't believe how difficult it is to get primary sch students' attention and make them do what we say. We brought these kids from some family service centre to Sentosa... we had an approximately 1 : 1 ratio, 1 J1 to 1 kid.. so it should be easy to keep track of where each kid is and everything right? wrong. You'll see J1s running after kids, screaming at them or worse, J1s too tired to look after the kids any more and starts stoning.. while the kids run everywhere. Can't understand where all their energy comes from... any kids out there wanna answer that? But it was a fun CIP, haha, partly because I'm in the CIP com.. haha

Blog is getting too quiet.. is there still going to be a christmas party or something any time? any where?
I can hear the sound of silence...

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Monday, December 08, 2003

haha. met sang and wning doing salvation army today. i was spozed to be the one doing tt. smhow q glad tt mine is postponed. the ringing of the bell got on my nerves even aft only abt half hr. keep going guys! i am amazed at how sm pple walk up to us to donate. i told sang: maybe they did smth bad this morn. but i hope the generosity of pple maintains/increases. esp this festive season:)

im still v tired. i cant help but keep whining. stuffed myself with high-in-glycemic-content foods but experienced zero sugar rush:( skipped x trng today. oh dear. heh. off to east coast tmr to find out which spot is the best to carry out 'palawan'. yes 'palawan', now let us call it 'sports carn', will be eat ecp nxt yr:s sorry. but there just isnt enough sand at ecp to call any area of land the 'beach'.

grr. hon.

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Sunday, December 07, 2003

GREAT... getting scolded by bena... hmm. anyways i was wondering who "tsk tsk" was mah! cause usually i see the other names more often! sorry sunny! how could i ever forget you... oh btw you're supposed to be a messenger next year... along with me... will tell you why sometime later~ haha! even bena doesn't know this! =P (hah! bean... tt's for scolding me... *pouts*)

eh bena... i dunno if i lost the damn form leh... how ah? will try looking for it still! and i'm not THAT preoccupied with "3d trigo" kay! i told you there's not much diff liao. still like that la. okay la... maybe a bit diff. more open now la. umm... we can afford to be open but we're still not! haha!!! enjoy ur trip! cya soon!

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Saturday, December 06, 2003

eh sang.. u think too lowly of me.. our mo qi is not THAT bad rite.. haha.. oh, u forgot to mention the bio parts! galapagos finches n all.. n how both of us can't do medicine cos we were cringing and/or covering our eyes at all the surgery parts, haha..

hon n sunny [i remembered u, unlike sang:p]: tell us more about obs during christmas [eric: *hint hint*:)]! steph had plenty of (gross) stories to share the last time i saw her..

going vietnam tmr.. dun think my absence from this blog as noticeable as hon's huh.. haha.. anw if anyone needs to contact me n doesn't feel like wasting money, go to the singtel site.. free internet sms!! :p

ps. sang: u're excused from missing me if u're preoccupied with OTHER matters like paper cranes..

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yeah! watched "Master and Commander" today... it was a so-so show... hmm... okay la it was watchable. the show appealed to me more with its patriotism "for England, for home and for the Prize" stuffs than its action sequences. i think the action sequences in "Pirates" rocks 10 times more than this. Russell Crowe should learn from Orlando Bloom or something... and the doctor in the show can learn to be more "savvy" like Johnny Depp. Speaking of Orlando Bloom... LORD OF THE RINGS IS COMING SOON! argh~ i can't wait!

hey hon, obs was fun huh? anyways, missed ya when you weren't around. much less ranting on the blog and... no one to diao. nvm la. you got diaoed when you weren't around anyway! haha... :) *winks*

bena... buy more "general" stuff unless you can find real applicable and suitable stuff la. cause if not quite hard to allocate~ haha... i bet the rest doesn't have a clue what i'm talking about! eh, don't disappoint me again okay. i hope you get my frequency right this time! :)

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hey i'm back too! and i share honlyn's sentiments. was unhappy in the beginning, being separated from christine (we decided that we were gonna cling on to each other), that there were 8 other pj pple in my watch, having to spend a full day along in the jungle. but all that has passed and i miss it as well. and i'm quite proud of myself, for taking up the challenges that i've always been reluctant to even think about, especially the height activities. and there were horrible times when i felt like cursing everything (and alot of pple) but i miss it now too. but i'm awfully glad i was more prepared more mentally this time, so that the post-obs depression isn't as bad as last time. but there is still the feeling of loss and having to return to mundanity. now thinking back, i'm glad it was 9 days, i'm glad my watch had pj pple. and i'm glad my instructor wasn't there when we left (the resident doc took over) because he would've made me and alot of other pple cry.

well i really don't wanna "get back to normalcy" but like hon says, all things must come to an end (the better the thing the faster it ends-_-)

enjoy the rest of the hols pple!
and hope to hear from chris soon too

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Friday, December 05, 2003

hey im back.
im mentally stronger now i think. pushed myself a lot these 9 days.
tried to do everyth. and tried to do everyth to the best of my abilities.
kayaked 13 hrs one day. and ran 9 km yesterday.
these physical things i can list. but the emotional and mental stilmulation, i cant express. i love my watch. the pjc and rjc pple who went for my course. it was mobile. slept in tents everynight. got bitten like hell. but all of us scratched together and powered together and shared all the insent repellent and then the suffering when repellent ran out/wasnt effective.
it just rocked.

yeah will slowly get back to normalcy. will read ur posts. am glad to be back but i miss obs quite quite badly. but all this must end eh:(

till later

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Thursday, December 04, 2003

(esp to RJ058)
probably nobody is interested but i just found out:
Queensland and Northern Territories Airline Service = QANTAS! (as far as i'm concerned my dad wuld be interested haha :P)

oh yes just tokked to an ex CAAS officer. and she says no not financially viable (in a much nicer way of cos)

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hey i'm not tt incoherent ok......... haha...
first part meant for christelle
then i ended up tokking abt my chorale practice

next part was for bena.

simple as tt. :)

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seems like i haven't blogged here for a long time... well... i haven't blogged in mine very regularly till recently. what the hell do i do everytime i come online??? oh yah... pretty stoked on friendster. refused to believe in the system till my friends keep bugging me to do this and that on friendster... well well... now i'm on it and... doesn't seem like i've turned into some social animal. guess it's just my reluctance to make extensive use of friendster... MSN rules!!! right, bena???

argh. weili gets to go Japan... pouts.

when you don't understand what hk is saying means that he's most prob sleepy... cause that's when he gets incoherent... haha...

supposed to be doing cip with wangning and shifeng next week... how am i going to endure standing at the mrt station n ringing the bell all day???

bena, the person hasn't responded to my sms... will call her again i suppose...

all those sitting for SAT this coming sat, all the best! see ya guys soon~

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wondering if its just me or its hk... dun understand a word he says... zzz...
super sleepy now... its just the time i guess haha...
hk im not going tmr... i need a break too... sigh.. jlpt and sats are driving mi nuts
i need time!!!!
-____- what excuse did u give? sick can or not? need an mc ya? how how?

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hey cool there's activity
actually i meant to sent u a sms early in the morning but somehow it din get through so i din try after tt... bz singing haha. today's prac wasnt quite as gd as i expected, cos perhaps i really wanted a break from being cooped up in tt place. but oh well perhaps it's quite ok lar... haha sorry yar

i was just thinking. haha which floor is he at? i'm at 39th floor leh...

mm saturday i have my concert...... din i tell anyone? so basically my whole sat is gone. (saturday not SAT. what an imprecation). i'll be singing with a tambourine haha...

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Wednesday, December 03, 2003

hk!! u never told mi! haha.. just complained at my blog bout u not replying my mails.. u can just take leave like that? then i should have! got jap dance practice k! tell me how ta do it .. i need to mug for jap.. my supervisor took leave to mug for jlpt?? i cant believe it ! wat am i doing here?
k.. coast is clear only for now... bye guys=)

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i'm back too:))

erm.. actually i dunno what i've been busy with lately leh.. but it seems i've neither had time to mug sat nor go online.. i think i've been too busy playing lah.. watched rugrats with my cousins on tues -- qt cute if u all can lower urselves to tt level cos my mum n i enjoyed it, haha:p. then, due to watch le papillon today n master n commander on sat [hk can join us if u're free n haven't watched it yet:)] n maybe brother bear on sun. well, there goes my mth's pocket money so u all shdn't expect christmas presents from me..

hk, u doing internship at psa building? seen my dad ard? haha..

oh, weili.. got sth damn funny to tell u tt u wouldn't appreciate me posting for the whole world to read so remind me to tell u during christmas.. [sang: i'll tell u on sat]

anw.. uploaded most of my photos to yahoogrps already, now left a few vids only.. n guess what, i found a first-3-mths video of *gasp* xh n eric! haha..

n yeah, someone else plan the christmas party cos i'll be away next wk too.. someone like eric:)) [come on, i'm sure u can resume ur duties aft sat rite?:p]

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hey i wanna go on a helicopter haha. nvm did i mention tt i've begun tokking to most ppl on my side of the 39th floor so it's gonna be better. took leave today to go to choir (shhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... not supposed to haha) but hey i needed the rest. need to mug for sat....... alright...

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hey. have'nt been visiting the blog due to my short internship. but anyway hk, as you know by now, my internship was not really one, more like a guided tour of mindef. the first days were involved in some policy making on east timor and peace keeping stuff, plus some scenarios which were fun as we could play it out. then there were lunches with different generals, chief of army, defence force and joint ops. the highlight i guess were the visit to the camps. got a helicopter ride :) felt like sitting on a flying bus. anyway got to fly over sentosa and see ppl sitting on the merlion's head. then went on some navy ship. overall it was very cool n enjoyable, got lots of interaction with the scholars working at the place (alot of rj, hc, vj ppl). kinda gave me a good perspective of career chosing. thought provoking.

anyway for all the other ppl working at the various ministry's, enjoy yourself :) (yeah, try to.)

leaving for japan on fri morning, will be back ard the 14-15? not very sure myself. anyway do all you ppl know of a planned class outing-or-whatever-you-call-it after christmas? prolly 27-28. most likely a bbq + stayover if possible at someone's place. (i know...) hopefully more stuff can be done in planning it if ppl are interested, since i wont be ard these few days.

bah. enjoying myself while i can. good luck for the SATs.

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Tuesday, December 02, 2003

boring right... sigh one honlyn makes such a big difference! and where's evelyn? bao? tan sistas at least did make their appearance together 4 days back. oh did i leave out anyone? nope i think everyone's accounted for with the above statements :]

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this is getting booorring... What happened to the blog? No more bloggers around... typing rubbish, bye bye. Good luck for SATs for all those taking this Sat. Happy mugging.

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hi, i m still alive
but barely

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Monday, December 01, 2003

i'm suspecting tt the blog is dead. been 4 days since tan sisters blogged and 6 days since others did... hello everyone? feeling so lonely here haha.

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