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Thursday, July 31, 2003

wah i haf my dialogues!!!!!!! help!!!!!!!!

posted by hk @ 6:03 AM


hohoho it's moi~ whee! yay im here... :) *beams* as usual today, thurs... everyone zaoed home before i cud even ask 'where is...??' haha... then i was such a lightbulb *dinggg!* above d hall w yh n br. i was waiting fer my mum n decided 2 go up there to finish up my undone tutorials... haiyo... *shakes head**face in her hands*... young ppl nowadays... tsk tsk.

but actualli not realli my fault la! not tt i wanna b BRIGHT but coz d canteen became realli crowded n noisy... i needed somewhere quiet... erm, not like both of em were v quiet. they were whacking each other for no reason... tsk tsk... sigh okok, im a lightbulb... well that's an understatement. more like a lamp post... or a spotlight la~ BENA~~~ i wanna complain to u liao la~ dey made me feel so bright! :(

okok, v tired now but i still wanna go watch my holland V... it's such a cute show, i muz admit tho im no fan of local drama serialz! yay~ see ya guys tmr! ciaoz!

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Tuesday, July 29, 2003

hi its me...

hk: mature as in our mental state. "matured minds". dun u find that when we are in sec sch, life was like so unstressful.. ppl are juz fooling ard.. like want many ppl agree: the guys will talk abt guys stuff and the girls will talk about their own stuff.. but we start to haf this subtle awareness of the real world. (that responsibility matters and diff sexes does matter: but we tend to hack care abt it.) when we enter a jc, (yes where the real world is mor or less reflected), all these are pushed right into our faces. (and we are forced to 'mature')

was looking at my 4d photo juz now.. haha.. always never fails to make me amused. The fun photo is always what i would look for.. not the 'whole group of convicts' one. probably bcoz i love and sorta miss the 'innocentness' of how we look in it-- like a whole bunch of idiots.

:) first there was guitar..! den my modem which i tot needed repair yesterday, fu4 huo1 le4!! (u really dun noe how i hate it when my comp has problems... erh touchwood!!) so if i m happy today.. so muz u all.. think of the sweet memories u had in the past.. and they will definitely make ur life mor meaningful

good night... (tmr there is guitar again!!!!) bye bye

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Sunday, July 27, 2003

in the comp lab now. above our gp lesson. supposedly doing pw. well blogging obviously. see u guys later...

posted by hk @ 6:55 PM


boo. hmm. was in gd mood actually.. having bummed my sunday away. nothing fruitful.. but havent felt so so laid back in a while. just swam real slowly in the morn, came home for a nap. ate, slept. watched tv, slept. ate...

but now am online talking to this guy who is SO depressed i dunno what to do! feeling damn bad, trying to tell him to lighten up.. look forward in life: [just to share what i feel if any of u guys are not feeling particulaly optimistic too. -choy!-]

"theres a lot more to come in life. we;ve got to look at the happy things, consider the bad things tt have happened but learn to put those behind and look forward to more happy things. we are capable of living a rich life! so why not try to?"

"i dun look for a meaning in life.. cos i did tt before, and the answer.. or rather the lack of one q scared me. live life the fullest as much as i can. sure i feel like shit sm days.. tts when pple like u brighten it up for me. then i know why im here.. because of u guys. otherwise i just try to have fun.. bring fun to others."

arrgh. whatever.

feeling so shit. arrgh. and so sorry i was lousy friend..


posted by hon @ 6:35 AM


i've just added links to other classes' blogs though most are dead. except 6e's bcos olivia left for hk and there's some activity there for the moment

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Saturday, July 26, 2003

yarh i think ppl in our class generally wunt take tt way out. doesnt seem to make sense to us. i hope at least...

i'd assume, from ppl's responses in this blog, tt u all read my blog anyway, so i'm not going to repeat wat i say in mine here.

u noe wat i really haf lots of homework to catch up on...

bena: i'm glad u're ok. perhaps sometimes u can tell me stuff too... though i shud believe u'd prefer to tell ee sang wuldnt u... haha

evelyn: u looked really affected tt day, and it shud seem tt u havent really recovered either. take care ok?

weili: if u guys still recall, my worst depression was probably when i knew i screwed up my moe scholarship interview. everything was going fine just b4 tt, i was totally happy, and then it just all broke down. and luckily i managed it well... haha i recall ppl like bena and evelyn telling me to cheer up on this blog. but i guess it was really minor, i dun ever think suicidal thoughts will ever come to my mind... but considering tt tt was already my worst depression, u can see how happy i've been thruout my life. no. actually not. not happy. just not depressed. yup.
weili: erm. i think it shud b covered up. no point making it known either. not so much abt reputation i think. i really believe in what mr hodge does. in my words, he is a "gd man". and the reason why i actually use such simple terms, apart from the fact tt my vocabulary is really limited, is because these two words are enough to describe what he really is. he is a gd man. i wonder if anyone can agree with me on this...

eric: what do u mean by "sec sch life where life was at a slightly mature stage"? a bit lost...

everyone: nobody is responding to my "lonely" post.... respond!!

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Friday, July 25, 2003

everyone pls promise tt u'll never take that way out. wouldn't be able to cope with it. just wouldn't.

posted by evelyn @ 11:31 PM


supposed to be at sailing now but unfortunately, i forgot to wake up this morn. n since sailing's at east coast training will prob be over by the time i get down there. yeah. so shall pon today n catch up with hw n blogging.

hk: dun worry. i'm fine. really. had a long talk with my mum last nite. abt depression n all. feeling a lot better now :)

sang: hope u're feeling better. if u need someone to talk to, sms or call me k?

btw.. no remote-controlled car for the next 5 days. driver left for laos this morn..

posted by =bena= @ 6:32 PM


oh yes! haha i walked past mr shah after tt..
hmm hk: guess there isnt much to 'accept' or not. thing is, my consciousness will prob just choose to believe tt im not seeing her ard simply cos she isnt ard in sch, or ard me.. same thing as missing my grandad [passed away years back].. like ive said many times: i will most certainly believe tt its really happening shld my granddad just pop by one weekend like he used to. there is smth abt death tt i cant put my finger on.. cant figure out what happens to the person when he dies. ok: decomposition, etc. afterlife, etc.. but i need smth more tangible! seems to me tt if i die, i will feel immense emptiness.. tt is if i feel anyth at all[what actually happens when u die!?] then again i guess immense emptiness is what makes living seem unworthwhile.

terribly impressed by what hk, eric and weili said.. made sense, and i share most of ur sentiments.

was touched by smses last night.. friends who were once close, but now sadly not so, just dropped a msg to say hi because hey realised how fragile life cld be.. and yes, like all those soppy forwarded emails remind us: we have gotta let pple know u care for them, cos otherwise when will u ever tell them?

3f: my life's centred v much ard 3f.. u guys are just great!

"Everything was beautiful
Every hour spent together
Lives within my heart"

.. excerpt fm 'when she loved me' the toy story song.. got this bit stuck in my head.. tho a lil irrelevant, if taken out of context, it does apply!


see u guys ard if uve got recall later..
meanwhile, back to join the rat race which does seems to require much more stamina than i can muster -- onto 3 d trigo

posted by hon @ 5:41 PM


feeling much better now after staying at home and taking enough medication to have me constipated for 1 week. ( according to my bro ) whatever. it seems that what happened in schl has caused alot of us to reflect and stuff. its only natural.

hk: read your blog. about not investing too much in something. quite recently something didnt turn out the way i wanted it to and i was really severely disappointed. my dad kinda put things into place by saying how we must learn to deal with such things in life. after all this have happened, i think its important for us to learn, as we have such good lives that we often take success for granted and think that everything will go our way. there are things that cannot be controlled and such a kind of adversity is something we are not used to facing. yet without actually experiencing such things, how can we learn b4 its too late? my 2 cents worth.

one thing that got me was why they dont want the public to know such things. not like it hasnt happened before, in other schools and in other jcs. covering things up will only lead to more rumours and in my opinion wont do any good to the situation. afraid of damaging reputation? so what. is ones reputation more important than a persons life, if not the lives of others that follow? i find it absolutely stupid and selfish.

posted by wei li @ 7:46 AM


hi... itz me... said tt i will blog during the weekend.. m blogging earlier today..
erh was actually online to check some guitar stuff but somehow got 'swept' here.. (by the way, PLS COME FOR GUITAR CONCERT)

actually must say that jc life is really a different atmosphere. as in its true, it forces us to think abt why u are doing wat u are doing now.. (thanks to the stupid stress factor) which was why i was telling hon and hk that i really missed sec sch life where life was at a slightly mature stage and everything was so blissful and wonderful..(dun need to think too much)

for the ri guys remember when we came back from sec 3 orientation? janki was like telling us abt the sec 2 guy? honestly, my mood was not really affected den. not that i was cold blooded.. was unable to put myself in his shoes.. but den when the same incident happen today, i was truely feeling depressed.

hk: hey btw, i m the ONLY CHILD TOO. may all only children unite. i read this article abt only children and how they are supposed to be disadvantaged (as in mor introvert and such) honestly, i agree wif u loh. abt the pavement thingy.
as in i feel real pai csay to squeeze wif the 2 ppl. but den when i walk alone behind, i feel real left out..

m leaving liao... hope that tmr's college day will not be affected. and hopefully there will be food left after all the guests haf taken theirs.....! :)
yes bena, DUN ERPZ ME!

posted by Eric @ 7:38 AM


neh i still do blog... go read my blog on my thoughts on this whole thing...

abt friends. sometimes i really realise. do i haf any best-best friends. not really.

i'm bringing myself to be rather involved in chorale, but i guess i must be careful not to overinvest in it, so tt in case sth does happen i wunt break down...

sometimes. i just feel tt i'm very lonely. my relatives are all not here, it's omost as though they're non-existent, meet them only like once in two years (or even less)... i'm the only child. maybe i'm really lonely. and i'd probably haf told some of u esp bena, tt if there are 3 ppl walking together and the pavement can only fit 2, i'm either walking alone, or i will be walking on the grass. y?

hon: THAT WAS MR MICHAEL!!! haha. well mr shah seldom makes the effort to walk out of the specs gal area... yeah hope the band girls had fun. but none of them check anyway.
hon: haf u accepted the fact yet?

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haha seems like i only come to blog these days when im in a pretty foul mood. well back home early cos jap's cancelled, and not gonna watch motivational/inspirational guys floorball. guess the atmosphere today put me down lots.

dunno, just thinking of what paul khoo and eric said.. how everyth really is centred ard sch. yet i'm not tt involved in sch.. as in no -best-best- friend in sch sort of, not tt as involved in hockey nor faction as i wld like myself and others to be.. walked home alone aft sch today and realised tt i do tt lots.. u see everyone else going back w smone else. but i just prefer to walk alone smtimes, esp aft a long trng day or smth.. hmm lotsa thots.. maybe a lil disjointed, but no particular problem.. just cant put things down on paper and 'circle' them as suggested by mr khoo [again] but i guess this mellow feeling will wear off.

to whoever's feeling mellow as well..: come on, life's like tt. mr shah told hk, eric and i [wangning too?]: we cant turn back the hands of time, so we live for the present, do what we have gotta do... or smth like tt. u guys get the pt anw.

hope the band girls have fun at fortcanning. it better stop raining for their sake! and qq and weili and ms lee get well soon.

so, cheers

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Thursday, July 24, 2003

eric... basically ur hair's so short it doesn't make a diff even if u become botak. and yes... less ppl r blogging here. but common test is over. figure out why?

hon: bad mood? well tt's better than me having mood swings. at least u can decide wat mood ur in. as fer mi... i've been thinking a lot these days. n of coz im thinking abt chem O too... not juz what u think it is.

bean: muz haf mgs soon la huh? sigh... but nex mon i can't make it. meeting up w my cousin... hmm.

hk: how was chorale? sorry. i lag quite a lot when it comes to comp resultz n stuff... basically im quite stuck in my own world. not so RJC-ey n raffles-ey. mb it'z coz im frm st nicks? or mb it's juz me...? ah wellz, won't bother myself w such stuff.

[my room smells like a flower garden... :)]

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Wednesday, July 23, 2003

hmm up early, in a bad mood. blasting blink doesnt seem to the the trick.. dun even really know why im so pissed. but no worries, will find fun in today..

floorball yesterday was fun. how soccer and the rest? well done guys! heard team B got first! woo. med thrashed the other facs for floorball.. [and i actually scored too:)] was real tired out last night.. slept at abt 10 again..aft getting home at 945:s

gotta go tuts. must learn to sleep later.
hmm. sarah mclachlan seems drearily befitting to my mood. haha whatever lar
see u guys real soon


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Tuesday, July 22, 2003

hello... was like wondering a few days ago how come so little ppl are blogging, when suddenly over the weekends.... u c lah make me spent so much time today reading ur blogs..

replys are a bit late but...

hon lyn: yes, haf received ur deadly glare.. (will haf an excuse for the nex 30 mins stoning) but advise u to glare at wei li more,.... or he will get jealous :)
bena: oh no.....! m real sorry! u noe i m tt always-that-blur kind during lessons..
head must haf been frozen tt day.. (ok, no excuse lah) congrats for ur competition lah...

juz registered for NS today... arrhhhh... cant imagine myself botah.. (or cud i?)

bye bye ... dun miss me will blog a few days later... haha

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Saturday, July 19, 2003

okok eesang i'm really touched tt u felt so lost without me.. so you're forgiven for not sms-ing me.. haha:)

yeah rush back to sch aft ur dental! then can gossip!! haha:P (can just imagine weili n yh complaining abt us again, haha) get pink n purple braces! dun worry girls can't look gay.. :)

sunny (if u're reading this b4 mon): must remem to tell me ur scary story..

posted by =bena= @ 11:21 AM


sorry bean... u noe what? i was constantly thinking of smsing you to wish ya gd luck. but i kept forgetting to DO it. realli. also dunno why i was so stoned on fri. i realli was. i kept remembering from time to time tt it was my ex-sch best fren's bday on fri... then i just kept forgetting to wish her. till *dingdingding* somehow on d way to mrt stn i recalled n smsed her. im realli sorry i cudn *dingdingding* to recall smsing u~ sorry bean. *slaps her face left n right 50x each* anyway, not as if my wish would haf been that impt anywayz. n u noe y i was stoned on fri??? coz u weren't here la! u can go ask br, ql n christine how i was asking... where's bena where's bena???

so u jolly well better show up on monday coz once my braces are done n u guys r still in sch i will hunt u down for my lost talktime!!! n better still if there's mgs... lol. we haven't had tt in a loongg time! :) *hinthint*

ok, it's 0158 n im getting sleepy. still talking to you la bean... wad more do u want from me??? haha... well everyone else, take care, see ya all on mon (prob) n def on tues. u guys can get mentally prepared for seeing me in braces! :)

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oh i remembered there was once when i was an usher for oh yes the chamber concert... and then somebody who wanted to ask me where the toilet was went "i feel like i need to speak in proper english when i meeet a rafflesian". weird.

posted by hk @ 5:13 AM


rocks!! haha so happy i can finally post. tsk tsk weili: just admit tt u are slack lar. haha. oh no.. this reminds me of smth tt really got me irked yesterday.. i left sch early for this racial harmony event [in the news today] which needed jc students fm all the colleges to be facilitators. i was the only raffles girl in my grp.. and this guy who honestly ought to be shot just tekan-ed me simply because of the r-a-f-f-l-e-s on my shirt.. making snide comments abt lil things till he finally shut up when i threw him my deadliest glare.

eric: u get a deadly glare too..

hmm ive been in a pretty bleah mood these 2 days.. expected i guess.. with rushing fm ac to rj for trng at 7 last night, and leaving sch at almost 9, then waking up at 5 to be in ac at 630 this morn when it was thundering and flashing lightning. rushed back to sch for trng at 1 plus, but trng was over.. [i cant play floorball for nuts.. and the comp is in two three weeks time? i wanna play!]

so just went for a run to vent my frust accumulated fm the inefficiency of the organising of tt event today. then stoned in the almost empty canteen for a few hours.. was therapeutic just sitting there, talking a lil to the hockers [not the girls.. they went off for icecream but i just didnt feel like going. smth was q wrong there right:s :p] and company.. no loud [do u pple think its crude?] laughter and stuff.. just sm talking, and lil jokes, felt really gd smhow.

though the day was :s overall.. it had its perks i must say.. when my grp won the competition overall! woo. all the minahs fm this sec sch were v on! and im really really glad to say ive forged stronger friendships with other faction pple.

oh on tt.. i must tell u guys how hard all the cheerleading and banner pple have worked!! they were all still practising hard at 9 plus on friday night, [yh was tehre too!] and today, cps arts and engine were in sch again! bet they are still there dancing, practising flips and whatnot at this moment. terribly touched by their committment. this is truly fac spirit man! most impressed with cps.. just saw the most of them both days, and the fac pple in cps are just so so on!

.. ok long long post today:p still feeling mellow, probably just tired.. planning to sleep after showering in 10 min time. u guys have a gd nights rest too. see u guys monday! woo onto more netball pls!


posted by hon @ 5:07 AM


Channel NewsAsia: "Asked for his response to the secret taping incident, Rear Admiral Teo made it clear he was behind the RJC's principal, and he is leaving it to principals to decide on the recording devices allowed in schools.

Admiral Teo said: 'Situations like these between teachers and students are not uncommon, and we should let the principal decide what to do, and I have full confidence he will be able to make the right decisions.

'There is no need for me to make a policy on this. It is not a big issue. I will leave it to the principal to decide what is best, in terms of what devices the children can bring to school, whether they distract from the educational process taking place, or they contribute.'"

posted by hk @ 5:04 AM


boo just testing. dun wanna waste effort if this still messes up

posted by hon @ 4:47 AM


nothing much to blog abt.. unless u wanna noe how i slacked the entire saturday away.. and i finally watched far frm heaven.. went to my friend's house and watched it on vcd.. errr.. movie quality wasn't fantastic, to say the least.. totally gave up on trying to catch the movie in the cinema.. with all those 9+ movie times at all the ulu cinemas.. bleah.. think i'm coming down with a nasty sore throat.. ate too many packets of ruffles.. *sigh* this is really bad.. i need to get down to doing the tutorials.. oh and who set up tt poll in the egrps? *laffs*

hk.. lol tt's so.. err scientific..
bena.. congrats!
eric.. shall just respect ur viewpt then :)

posted by evelyn @ 3:48 AM


Friday, July 18, 2003

bena congrats! and wei li... u noe chem lecture on thursday. i was like constantly falling asleep in front of dr chan lar. and the "lecturers can only see ppl at the back, not those who are right in front" theory doesnt work. Let A be his eyes, and B be his transparency slides. well. my head when lying on the table is C which is also AB produced. and the thing is C divides AB externally in the ratio 2:1... so the image in his retina was highly sharp, (not magnified), inverted. but i guess only his rods were in use cos his visual purple (otherwise known as rhodopsin) in his cones was probably bleached by the OHP's light into visual yellow and eventually visual white.

note: change the "lecturers can only see ppl at the back, not those who are right in front" theory to: "Very Seldom Ectually-see Pupils Right-in-front (VSEPR)" theory. more apt.

posted by hk @ 6:05 PM


weili: got first.. out of two competitors.. haha:). not tt i'm very happy with myself though.. didn't really fang4 kai1 my moves n everything cos i was nervous n also cos my ball was wet with sweat (cos of some screw up during warm ups.. tell u all the details on mon) so i was afraid of dropping it :s.. ah well, can't expect too much for 2 mths of proper training..

yeah thanks everyone who called/sms-ed to wish me luck *checks phone*: baorong, sunny, christelle, hon, evelyn, qianli, wangning, lester.. and of course yingheng n bingrui, even though i'm sure u were only too glad to skip sch, haha..

eesang!!!: so disappointed with u.. nv wish me luck:(.. haha nvm just lend me ur lecture notes n tutorials to make up for it:)

posted by =bena= @ 8:37 AM


hmm ppl are having problems posting, thought id try it out for myself. great excuse for not posting for such a long time anyway :p hmm it was just like half a wk ago when ppl were talking abt the twins and stuff, now i think half of singapore has forgotten abt them.

anyway today was a very sleepy day for me, though that wasnt really unexpected. was absolutely falling asleep during gp, if not for the fact that i was sitting right in front of him. bad bad mistake on my part.

bena: how was your competition? with the support of all the ppl in the class and some other special mentions :p

still cannot get the chem prac out of my head, other than that special cameo appearance of mr chan in his outfit, the teacher seemed so eager to just get the lesson over and done with. dunno whether other ppl felt that...

anyway enough of my ramblings :p i really need sleep...

posted by wei li @ 8:11 AM


haha ok well she culdnt sign in... but i culdnt post in my own blog. weird.
blogger sux....

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Wednesday, July 16, 2003

hey honlyn...
how come u signed in as HONG KING???????

makes ppl wonder haha

posted by Eric @ 7:59 AM


Tuesday, July 15, 2003

boo! this is the umpteenth time ive tried to post. it better publish NOW [hmm i sound psycho.. typing to noone.. but arrgh]

tired. so zonked in sch today. the beginning of bio prac took the cake. dunno how i managed to sleep during the slides on tv thing. but it got pretty fun aft tt i must say.

haha and of course i was awake smtimes during the day.. photo taking and the accidents during break. im really sorry weili! the hairband was seriously overboard, but i really2 didnt mean it!! but hahaha uve got to admit tt it was q funny

tryign to settle all my online stuff at one shot.. pw and faction and rmp and whatnot.. hey guys: do the survey pls! thx lots! not many pple online.. rest lots yeah! tmrs short day! woo track finals. cant wait. i miss track. will jsut let the euphoria wash over me tmr.. smtimes wish i was still running. but nvm. no regrets.

bean: u seem to need this smhow: -hug!-


posted by hk @ 7:34 AM


Monday, July 14, 2003

actually i really din want to voice this. didnt really want to think abt the failed operation anymor... but den, evelyn ur fault lah, i really do have to say sth..

sorry, i knoe u may have read this opinion in the papers lor. but i think it is really a valid pt.. so pls ponder over it..
i mean instead of thinking of this as a chance for our singapore team of doctors to do us proud.. why not think it this way..? an operation that failed in fulfilling their dreams... i mean this operation is not entirely abt US but more abt them..

COME ON singapore is not a sore competitor.. like we really want to be 1st in everything.. we are a passionate country towards our own ppl and any other foreigners that are willing to come. if someone who needs u to help her fulfil her NEAR IMPOSSIBLE dream, we will try to fulfil her dream as best as we can.. this is really not abt using other ppl plight to gain the no. 1 position in SIngapore..

i mean we know this operation is high risking one. WHO in his right mind in pursuit of excelling in his career would agree to risk his years of hard work to such momentary glory...? At least i would not if i m a glory seeker...

Yes, we are a competitive country but not one that will manipulate another person's plight to climb on to the tops.. so i really hope u all dun equate this pursuit for glory to this operation that i think was truely for the benefit of the twins..

Sorry if i was a bit too harsh.. but that is really my viewpoint ... cya guys in sch tmr... bye bye

happy bdae to u, bena!!!!!

posted by Eric @ 8:20 AM


bena~! a happy belated bdae to ya.. dont worry abt gym, just relax and go for it!! (ok wat kindda advice is this?? sorry)
i'm doing all i can to delay doing gp hw.. hai.. it's qte monotonous..
hey u noe i dont mean to sound pro govt or anything.. but i dont see wat's wrong with vying to be 1st in everything.. i mean it's a competitive world out there.. u'll only be left behind if u have the mentality of "it's ok if i'm not first, being second is completely fine with me"... hmmm.. but i guess it's a diff thing altogether if we compromise our values, lose our cultural identity or do sth unethical in the process.. but oh well, tt's just my opinion..
oh and b4 i forget.. do drop by my blog at http://semiicharmedlife.blogspot.com (double i)... haha.. had quite a blast doing it..
for all those who haven't finished gp.. i wish, for ur sake, tt ur reading speed will accelerate to 10pg/s.. ok i'm really going nuts.. !(@*#(!@J#I@J#I

posted by evelyn @ 2:56 AM


Saturday, July 12, 2003

heyy everyone~..

yep, haven't posted in ages.. hasn't exactly been a stress-free wk for me either.. have been ignoring all tutorials cos of gym n lousy gp holiday hw [which i'm not even halfway thru.. :s]

will be missing lots of sch next wk cos of gym.. so someone [sunny/one of the tan sisters: tt means u!] can be nice n lend me ur lecture notes:).. so TAKE LEGIBLE & COMPREHENSIVE NOTES!!

ok shall go think abt my gym routine [had THREE nightmares last nite tt i screwed it up n got like 2 pts:S] now.. cya tmr:)

ps. guess who's birthday it is? :p

posted by =bena= @ 8:53 PM


Friday, July 11, 2003

hk: doesn't s'pore get sick of being vying to b first for everything? c'mon... i can get sick of mugging one la. so aren't they just sick of trying too hard? but if s'pore isn't how it's like... trying to b no. 1... then it'll b realli different. living standards, econ status... blah blah blah... all gonna b gone. sigh i dunno.

eric: realli? aiya. sigh. thank gdness there was a fren who came up to talk to me later. :) yea next time u wanna stone ard can find me la~

3f must jia you~

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Thursday, July 10, 2003

hai!!!! i m back from stoning in front of the radio.. was like reading the newspaper den starting to haf the mood to fill up the questionaire that we received today.. (basically bcoz i was not in the mood to do gp.. haha) den decided to BLOG..

i cud still remember few months ago i was like the blog-least-frequently/nil blogger and suddenly.. okay nvm....
ee sang: WAS looking for somebody to stone with aft chem lec lah...!
anyway i ended up going to the staff room wif a few others and enquire abt our chem results..

YES... tianjiao got an A for his chem (unexpected, u bet..) and another mysterious guy who she refuse to disclose.. haha.. sounds like some govt bodies.. (ok, out of pt) 92% of us passed, m really hoping that i will not fail, but if i do.. it will be really sad lah.. imagine being like one of the two 'exiled' looking at the happy smiles on the other ppl faces.. our class is like that lah..

oh yes.. this is going to make ppl happy... we haf the highest % passes, the nex is 70+% (YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYAhh) okay enough of this..

bye bye..

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not too stress free a wk for me... anyway yar ee sang perhaps they're overdoing it... but one of the reasons y it's done in singapore is for the reputation of the surgery team. they want singapore to be the first blah blah blah (i'm really so sick and tired of hearing such stuff. like we're the first to have a fully automated undergrd train system. as though it matters to the passenger whether it's a manned train or not. it's just all for the reputation. first this first tt. at this rate we're going to be the first country to fall bcos of complacency) and now tt they have unfortunately failed, they'd haf to end it properly. if u bcum very hush hush abt it suddenly i guess ppl will start to suspect whether the surgeons made blunders.

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hey guys. why did d whole class leave immediately after chem lec? off to catch terminator 3??? haha. tt's lame. onli saw wang ning n andy in d canteen after sch. well, everyone's talking bt d iranian twins... well sure, it's realli tragic tt they died. u can saw i haf no sympathy but i think life still has to go on. if we think abt it, dey r but just 2 of d many many precious lives tt exist in this world. every human life is as valuable. u can't compare or measure it. so suppose every day someone would pass away. and you don't know tt person personally... n same goes for d iranian twins. then do we haf to feel sad n sorry for em?

things like these gives me mixed feelings. sometimes i think tt compassion still exists in this world, amidst all d ugly facts of life... tt ppl do still care for ppl whom they aren't acquainted with. these people aren't selfish. yet sometimes the way the media over-sensationalises it makes it so... fake.

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look at the time!! i'm like home now.. going to read harry potter and satisfy myself.. then will go do tutorial 10b.. can't remember a thing about general solutions so tt means i've got to spend qte a lot of time on it.. hmmm.. yah.. was just talking to rosros and weili about the fate of the iranian twins.. life's really fragile, isn't it?
ps. why isn't anyone posting?? this week's like quite stress-free what!!

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Tuesday, July 08, 2003

hi this is eric..... i hope i will not make it sound like my blog or sth but really wanna blog today aft i heard abt the bad news i heard from the tv when i came back today

today has really become a depressing day for me.... honestly, before i started my day today i really didn't think much abt the operation that the twins had been undergoing for the past days, but when i heard of the really bad news, it really felt terrible for me... especially when the news featured their lives when they were schooling and how they managed to overcome their physical shortcomings to cope wif their daily lives... suddenly i missed their amiable smiles that we used to see on the (truly speaking) boring features on the news on them..

it really made me feel that we should like cherish what we see at present, what we have at present cos all u may knoe (touchwood) these things (treasures even) may disappear suddenly before u could even start to regret..

sorry to make ur day depressing as well, if u haf not gotten the bad news... but what i m trying to put across is really to sit back in ur chair, think of who or what u really cherish and would like to haf beside u.. then try to think of ways in which u could convey ur concern to them (and not lie back, thinking of ur upcoming gp homeworks and common tests!!)

i have decided on mine... wat abt urs?

and pls do forgive me for my english... thanx

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y nobody blog??? hmm... nvm, i'll blog then. dunno what i wanna say either... erms, ok, everyone sleep early...? yupz, tt's all! bye! haha...

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Saturday, July 05, 2003

actually the ppl who went for the last trip will prob be hoping tt it rains rosalynns n weilis cos tt was the best part of the last time.. haha:p

oh yah we tried to cycle to chek jawa tt time too but the rosalynns n weilis came pouring down just when we got to the bottom of the hill so we nv got there..


evelyn: happy birthday!!!

sang: yay so next time can trash more polys:)

hk: good luck!~

eric: cool meh? dunno lah only heard it once but it din make much of an impression on me.. gu dan ba lei still nicer.. [for now at least.. haha:p]

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har... organise class outing..? i supposed i m supposed to respond to bena rite..? okay lor but are u all serious abt it...? but i think if we are going to pulau ubin, lets haf it like now.... if not end of yr its goin to rain rain rain and rain.. (raining rosalynns and wei lis) haha

if u all are intending to go pulau ubin..... monday meet at somewhere near that place where did u all meet the other time...? m goin to go down this time round ok..... i think we should haf lunch before we go ubin...(objections?) that means that activities should be in the afternoon.....

actually do u wanna go chek jawa..? heard from the SHEN that if we are goin to chek jawa.... we better be there in the morn u know cos there gonna be a lot of confusion if we are walking/cycling there....

anyway, pulau ubin trip..... is everybody agreeable? will call ppl and myself to call other classmates and get mor details abt the trip to pulau ubin the other time....... (okay haf done my job)

bye have a good day...
btw bena and anybody else that listens to chinese pop in our class
xu3 hui4 xin1's new song shi1 lian4 bu4 bai4 rox and sounds real cool

bye bye (again)

posted by Eric @ 8:44 AM


yeah im here~ had yfc today n went for ssc trng later. ssc training today was quite xiong coz we trained properly. we played seriously n used tactics and strategies instead of shooting blindly. :) i think we've improved too! yippee~ hurray~

so are we gonna do anything on monday? it sure feels good to haf a class outing after common test! going out yday was fun but i wished there were more ppl! hmmz... n i thot d 'johnny english' claz outing was great! *tho d movie wasn* yeppz, i miss big class outings! remember east coast? dat was awesome~ :)

tmr im meeting up w my ex-classmates at sentosa after lunch. a pity i can't join d 'amazing race' ppl coz i haf some family matters to attend to in d morn... but i suppose mb i'll see ya guys ard there! *grinz*

oh yea, im getting my paddle on monday! dat'll also b d day when im gonna fix my braces... no, more accurately... extract 2 premolars n fix braces... ouch... pain. ok, i'll look 4ward to fixing my paddle. daojia says it's gonna take half an hr to fix d left blade n 2 hrs to fix d right one. i wonder why...

well if ya guys gonna go out lemme noe ya? then after braces n paddle i can join ya'll~ enjoy d weekend! n happy youth day! *in case i dun get to see u ppl till tues* Bye!

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sorry... i cant plan for anything for monday. chorale. haha. and then piano lesson. yar my exam on friday. *wishes hk luck* haha wish benas and evelyns happy birthdays. and actually andys (now doesnt tt include me) and bingruis.

hey nobody interested in courses issit.

just went to jurong point. very tired. but was totally carefree. din even wear a watch, din haf to look at it and say die. 9 o clock oreadi. blah test tml. and i have only 3 hrs to mug. die. very gd day. relaxing

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Friday, July 04, 2003

haha eric how did u expect anyone to post when we were all out celebrating? :p

anw.. din go for ballet yesterday in the end cos i couldn't get home on time so i'll be going for today's class instead.. taxi queue at wisma too long.. then i was planning to go down to spe to support tramp comp but the traffic was so heavy tt just when i got there yh called to say it was over.. oh well..

so i went home n wasted the rest of the night away.. had one hr icq-chat-cum-gossip-session wif someone over sms [eesang: haha].. then watched amazing race TWICE (8pm on axn by myself n 10pm on ch 5 wif my sis).. such a waste of time rite but aiyah wateva lah.. common test over anw.. haha:)

oh hk/co rep: are we doing anything exciting on mon? like pulau ubin or city hike or sth?

and ppl going for amazing race: where n when are we meeting? n what to wear?

ok shall go embark on my 101 things to do (significantly less than evelyn:p) aft common test now..

ps. evelyn: in case i dun blog tmr.. happy bday in advance! but i'll wish u again at sentosa..:)

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i've another brilliant idea: tt is to start courses... for our own class (or other ppl if they want). we can teach a bit of everything, if anybody is eager to learn. as far as i am concerned, i can teach
japanese - with colleagues bao luo, hon lyn, christelle
cantonese - with colleage xiaohui
piano - with colleaguessssssssss rosalynn, christine, bing rui, sunni, (bena? electone right), weili, evelyn, yingheng, andy, shifeng (wow so many colleagues, can form a union already)
yup. and i wuld love ppl to teach me new stuff. perhaps french or wateva else. german, yes.

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heyaaa~ yayayayayay common tests finally over... i have like 1983294387483 things to do... just came back and legs really ache now after walking for like almost the whole day.. super excited.. need to watch all my recorded shows (darn i'm really turning into a couch potato), read harry potter (very very impt.. can't wait)... oh yah and pay off tt horrible sleep debt tt has accumulated.. my goodness.. almost couldn't open my eyes today lah.. struggling to keep them open even tho charlie's angels was qte nice.. very very tired..

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yar.... was telling hong king that i like his idea.... (gd for slackers like me who dun bother to make their own notes wat.....)
yehhhh m darn happy that common test is over...... (juz that the results will return to haunt..... that's all......)
m really surprised that nobody is blogging esp when com test is over.... even hk has nothing to say haha.... (probably sleeping at home now... was like incredibly tired aft the gai gai down orchard road rite?)

me slept until like 2+ hrs... ZZZzZz
todae is such a rainy day..! in a way it is good lah, (that is when i m sleeping wifout air con) but it really pushed my mood down to the dumps..... (and it still stinks rite now) though i vry much like rainy days todae's was definitely not a day which i hoped was a rainy one....

anyway hope ur day todae is a very good one...... btw sunny, when are u coming back? if u are reading this....
bye guys =(

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Thursday, July 03, 2003

hey i think i've got a brilliant idea, yeah i really think so.
my idea is to pool notes. our self-prepared ones of cos. i'm sure we'll be able to find sth tt someone else has realised but u haf yet to. somebody who has seen the light and u borrow his/her candle to light your own flame. gd idea? gd idea. perhaps we can then put it into one big file "1so3f 2003"....

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Wednesday, July 02, 2003

haha.... bena at least u cud get thru sec A and B..... i punched a lot of holes in the paper...... (sighz)
(and yes i haf nothing to write again, shd i end off here?)
oh btw i may be going for the amazing race if nobody is willing to fill the gap.....
so hon are u going? there is only 1 vacancy left.....

and heh! good luck for ur jap for the jappies and physics for the physees (........) for tmr's paper...... for the physees, dun come at 7.40 tmr!

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Tuesday, July 01, 2003

aargh chem was terrible!.. wouldn't haf made much diff if they didn't give me section c since i only did like c1 n abt half of c3.. n i'm sure half my answers were crap.. bleah~

ok nvm.. must stop brooding over it n focus on physics.. halfway thru common test!! can't wait for it to be over so i can.. well.. concentrate on gym comp.. sighz.. oh well at least i'm assured of at least silver since there are only 2 ppl in my event. haha:)

hon: yeah i did go home.. so sad rite?:p.. had to start mugging cos i was going for some montfort sec concert tt evening to watch my cousin sing.. haha.. only got thru like 2 chapters of physics though.. then wasted what was left of the night away eating satay at lau pa sat.. sighz.. so much for being focussed..

okok really must start mugging now.. gd luck to the jap ppl.. :)

oh btw who's going for the sentosa thing?

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yay! finally some posts up yah? haha. sometimes i see nobody bloggin, tt's y i dun blog too. hmmz. vicious cycle?

ok... i'll remember d declaration form.

can't go for sentosa thingy. i may have to fly on sunday... and even if i don't, well i got something else on... *and no, it's not scandalous in any way*

jia you everybody~

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boo guys! yeah guess its inevitable tt blog's quieter now. i didnt even see more than half the class on monday..:(

yes. those of u: declaration form..
[bean: u went home? hmm:p]

so is the amazing thing this sun still on? pls let it be on!! woo.

gotta study chem tmr morn :s fell asleep in the lib just now.
well we're one-fourth/ one-fifth down on commons.. keep going :)


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