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Monday, June 30, 2003

hm the blog feels deserted

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Sunday, June 29, 2003

haha weili u din haf to go to nus to return me my physics file. din use it...

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eric: tt's bcos u're not using IE6. and u're wrong. i'm reading... :)

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Saturday, June 28, 2003

this total new (refreshing?) posting area is quite....
maybe bcoz i din blog for a very long time that's why.... feels weird anyway...
(or m i blogging at the wrong place) cant even see ur blogs....!
ok.................. ( m thinking of wat to write)

ok nothing (shd i end here?) nobody goin to read my entry anyway....

bye bye

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pls wish hk gd luck in his mugging.

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Friday, June 27, 2003

wow new blogger interface. haha cheap trill. anyway i see everyone is quietly mugging away. common test... 2 more days... quite envy the ppl who got on the overseas science attachment thingy. away for 6 wks missing all this crap. yes you can see im quite cranky from starting at white paper.

hon: see that small graph icon on the top left? click on it and it has stats on ppl who visit this site.

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Wednesday, June 25, 2003

heyaz heyaz... oh no... im gonna die la... i think i better switch to mugging mode RIGHT NOW!!! haha... think im d slowest... urgh! merher... now im starting to get worried... oops! think it's a bit too late yah? haha...

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Tuesday, June 24, 2003

think everyone's hit by bio fever now.. shall not complain abt mugging lah.. think i'm a lot free-er than u guys:) but i still can't finish! ok nvm.. bena glad u finished carbos.. the worst is over.. :) ok.. i dont noe wat all these smiley faces are for so i shall just stop here.. can't wait for CTs to be over so i can read harry potter:) lol.. think i'm on a smiley face spree..

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Monday, June 23, 2003

everybody seems pretty active in their mugging hey... i shall feel the peer pressure. anyway. i cant eat any more chocolates... or at least shall reduce my consumption... cos they are causing pimples. harry potter wasted my whole of last night away, sort of regretting it now, but it's too late to regret isnt it (it's oways late to regret isnt it).

everybody sounds really bz. i shall go make myself bzier by mugging.

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huh weili: what abt foreign pple reading our blog?

ahh! started bio yesterday. brain freeze! cant get all the amylopectin, cellulose, collagen things organised. haha got trng later. is there chem?

:s so many pple have said i look rounder! my extended family said tt when i saw them for a cousin's wedding. [actually my mom said so too. EVEN my mom. and my bro says im getting flatfooted{cos of lousy shoes i bet} cos my arch is getting crushed under my weight] guess hk shld eat all my choc fm now on:s and guess what! [anyone here knows zonghan? bingrui wld..] anw, this rj guy is the cousin of my cousin in law.

oh and another cousin isnt allowed to read harry potter cos its 'anti christian'?

so much for trivia

feeling sleepy though i just got up. might be the huge breakfast. but off to get 15 min worth of bio into my head. i seriously cant finish studying!

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heyy everyone.. haven't checked the blog in ages cos my room aircon conked out -- it's leaking buckets.. n for all those who don't already know: yes, i can't live without aircon.. temporarily migrated to my sister's room (tt's what the double decker beds are for:p) n thus haf no bumiputra privileges to the comp :S

anyway.. i hope everyone's mugging's going better than mine.. gym 4 times a wk plus full day training for sailing plus pw aren't exactly the ideal circumstances under which to study.. and i just wasted my entire weekend reading harry potter.. haha.. had to finish reading asap so my sister wouldn't accuse me of hogging it (to all those who've already read: i'm so sad tt he died!! sob~)..

then today went to interview 3 ppl for pw.. actually only supposed to interview 2 but turns out tt the one we hadn't meant to interview was the most useful.. even though we didn't even come up with the questions b4hand.. haha.. [evelyn: i hope u had sth more filling than sweet potato soup for dinner:)]

okok.. shall go back to mugging bio.. [evelyn & shu-lin: i finished carbos!! finally!!!:p]

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yeeeeees i tink ur fisiks wrap mite warnt too haf hees fisiks foul bek es sun es poreseebow. soh dat hi ken stut stardeeing.

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Saturday, June 21, 2003

my once-in-a-blue-moon post again. realise that this blog is being maintained by a small group of ppl, wonder whats up with the rest of the class, espy with ppl from france and united states reading this blog. wonder how they got here in the first place.

sunny! hope you are enjoying yourself in germany ogling at tourguides :p strange, the first thing that comes to mind when i think of europe is jet lag. however you seem to be coping quite well. wish i could go overseas this hols, but theres always a next time i guess.

thanks hk for you fiziks file, your excellent filing motivated me to do some filing of my own. havent photocopied the notes though, so ill probably return it to u on tues.

argh fencing day camp tmr and tues. that only means blisters and more pain. qianli if your reading this, theres nationals today and we're supposed to go down and watch. and what do u do when u get blisters? plasters seem to be the only solution now, but its rather troublesome. if only someone invented hand socks. but gloves dont seem to help much.

anyways hope everyone has enjoyed/ are enjoying your hols now, and my inner conscience is prodding me back to my table to study for common test.

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i wanted to post but dunno what to write, cos everything's written in my blog. hm. but just to let u noe tt i'm reading... i'm sure u want to know tt there are ppl reading wat u r posting from miles away.

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hey everyone! i'm in germany! sitting in hotel lobby now..there's a computer with msn and icq (yeah!) and a funny keyboard. xiz's upstairs in her room. we got split up, not bunking with each other. i'm in a room with a canadian girl =S.
been a long way, from singapore to dubai and then from dubai to dusseldorf, where we then took a train to cologne and then finally here, bonn. everythings quite ex, a piece of pizza for 2 euros (1euro= S$2 approx). its 6 hours later here. so going for dinner soon although my watch still says 12.30am. (i counted, i will be having a 30h 21st july)
quite cool.
hon: you should see our tourguide, then you wont continue with dietmar=P. he looks like....prince william?
i'm bored, and anti.

all the best everyone! hope to see some of you on msn! and yep don't worry i'll have lots of fun and buy presents

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Friday, June 20, 2003

ooh... juz came back from ssc chalet... can read all bt it on my blog. 3 days 2 nights man... played like crazy... still in d high mood now... haha. miss ya guys.

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hon: oh tt wuld be mr calvin lau. yar really tall eh. yeah sunny and xizhen haf fuN!!!!! (so envious...)

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woo. explored nel today. [bena: haha!] hapsening!

will put tmr afternoon to 'gd' use [as in physics].. got cousin's wedding to take up lotsa time

sunny: have a great trip w xiz!! woah. dietmardietmar! - dun care, will still go on abt him:p



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Thursday, June 19, 2003

part of rmp.. to get the vertebra.. to test. for tensile strength and all the foreign stuff.
been poisoned
food poisoning.. feeling terrible :s
heh. i suspect the indian food in engin canteen!

well. gd to have seen sunny and avinash today!! woah was totally zonked, sleeping everytime i got to chair.. guess it just isnt my day:p hk: met this real tall guy, he said he knows ure doing rmp too.. he's onto srp..

hmm. onto a better tmr aft a gd nights sleep


evelyn: cheer up!

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Wednesday, June 18, 2003

feeling extremely guilty and angry with myself.. just bought sth darn expensive when i could have settled for sth cheaper.. argh!! howhowhow?? i should have really thought it through.. shucks.. anyway hon.. did u go to the esplanade lib on tue? tell me when u're there, k? bingrui i hope u read this.. there's PW tomorrow.. (sorry i'm too lazy to call.. and at the unearthly hr some more.. )

posted by evelyn @ 8:29 AM


hon. y r u dissectg pigs..

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Tuesday, June 17, 2003

haha. the day started off bad.. cldnt get out of bed at 7.. then it poured like crazy, and i spent my whole morn trying to keep myself warm in the biomat office and praying for lunchtime to come quick.
but afternoon was great!

I CUT PIG. haha. blood splatterd onto shoes and 'apron'.. real fun when i got to slice thru the skin, fat, muscles..
the pig was 85kg! and only 6 mths old. so much for my dream pet eh :p .. it was all still warm when we were cutting it.. the flesh was 'tenacious'! (haha) the pong was pretty bad aft a while, but hey, ribs at cafe cartel, ill go for u again

hmm it was a fantastic experience, though it seriously didnt look like anyth exciting nor gruesome [at least to me]

onto another dissection on thurs:)


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Monday, June 16, 2003

hey bbq was fun... yea it totally was... despite being zombiefied ydae i actually happened to be semi-conscious enuff to realize tt! haha... too bad i cudn stay overnight. coz i had to go home to sleep... didn't sleep the whole of sat night coz of canoe polo 3 on 3. which was kinda crazy too... reached there at 530pm... played games at 10pm, 2am and 4am.... watched d other teams play in between. supported the guys team coz they had 10 matches when we onli had 4. cheered like mad coz they were quite zai. for a newbie like us... and w nothing more than 3 mths worth of experience... the guys were realli gd... and improving exponentially too! so proud of em. walked frm big splash to 7-eleven in d middle of d night to get some junk food fer d ssc ppl. tried to sleep for a while but it was all in vain. then went for a 2nd trip to 7-11 ard 530am to buy em biscuits n get myself milk. n went to watch daybreak later n spent 1-2hrs at d beach.

by 2am d air was chilly but d pool water was still warm so i cud dip in it. but by 4am d air was chilly n so was d water after it lost heat to d air... so everyone was freezing n d nus girls were requesting for no capsizing coz of d temp. dey gave way to us coz we both wanted to play friendly... like duh, no point playing so hard when we will still lose out to em anyway. but over 4 games we did learn some stuff. so over 10 games i bet d guys learnt much more.

im such a pig... i slept frm 11pm last night till 10am this morn... woke up, ate breakfast, watched nba finals, n took a nap... den woke up, had lunch, n took a nap yet again... till abt 6pm when i got myself dinner... and... well, the cycle repeats. tmr im flying my 2nd flight and after tt im going to downtown east for ssc chalet. oh man, can't wait... gotta get my precious sleep first! see ya guys soon!

love, sang.

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had lotsa fun!.. we shld have more chill sessions like last night. jsut sit ard and bum, not talk a lot, but still..

tired.. having slept only 2 hrs last night.. and a long day today.. with floorball [im damn lousy!] and hockey bbq [food was great! so sad i missed last night's :p]

off to bed in a while

nus again tmr.
pigs here i come


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Saturday, June 14, 2003

cant believe this. mom insisted on a fathers' day dinner. fathers' day has never been such a big deal but today! when ive told them tt ive got IMPT class bbq!! hmm.. ok, maybe its cos i havent been home much for dinner lately.. but still. will fight to stay at night, so pls do stay over too!!

yeah. so see u guys later. at NIGHT. so much for looking forward to the sand and sea and SUN.
have lotsalotsalotsa fun yeah. will look at beteljuice and etc with u guys late-r.
wait for me to take pics!! :p missing class bad!

cheers :s

posted by hon @ 7:37 PM


erm.. bena ah.. i really hope u are reading this coz i'm going to be super late tomorrow (will be there at ard 4 plus).. have some church stuff to do after church.. issit ok if i just give u a call and ask for directions? oh and anyway.. guess wat? i bumped into 8 rj ppl when i was walking to and from the library and while i was at the library itself.. and that's like not counting the ppl i didn't recognise and others hiding at some corner of the library.. really amazing..

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Friday, June 13, 2003

qianli!! must scold u! remind me on sunday. how's ur mom's fridge btw?:p haha and how was the food today?

bleah. sleepy. didnt go camp today [its how terrible] but i was -sick-. yes. sick and tired. more so than how bena had trng and qianli had problems with his teeth.

my pw grp: if u guys even read the blog.. ive collected the form. WE HAVE BEEN APPROVED. woo. so start work soon?

hmm. more camp tmr. ive gotta tutor though.. [and i am still sick and tired] so see how it goes lar. see ya bean. qianli: lock urself in the fridge.

oh. i messed up the chicken bone specimens for my expts with the biomat lab.. so ive gotta work on PIG vertebra now. i feel so terrible, messing up, and causing the results to be screwed and everyone just has to work more now. oops. sunny: how's urs coming along?

eesang: i saw HIM on tv! for the sing song competition i think. haha.

cant think.will talk more come sunday
off to bed!
off to find nemo tmr. bena: haha! [but seriously.. :s. must check myself eh.]


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Thursday, June 12, 2003

haiz... wanted to like juz read the blog and zao4 after that, but den......
ok... i have nothing to contribute.. but only to complain (was trying to think of a better word... but somehow wasnt a evelyn)
abt how crap hols are... and the stupid fact that i cud not probably launch into my muggin. oh no.. u noe i think i m moz likely the moz no-commitments-during-hols person.... but den MATHS REVISION EXERCISE TOOK ME 2 DAYS OF MY MUGGIN...!
@#$%^&*.... u noe... *we are supposed to do our gp rite.... mr khoo i will try.

well thats abt all u have from me... and i really look forward to chalet... poor lester he is goin to carry his ps2 + controllers + soccer ball + basketball.... i m sorry lester.. but i have none of those! bye.. hope to see u soon elina...!

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heyhey! sorry i haven't posted for so long... now slacking... well i've been slacking since d holz started... and i dun think i can do much today la. might as well not do anything since im desperately trying to recover from flying this morn... urrghz. sick sick... well, not motion sickness... juz tt i felt dizzy coz we were kinda going ard in circles. blame it on s'pore's limited airspace. we covered half of s'pore in less than 20 mins. and we weren't even using super fast aircrafts... juz the piper warrior 2... which is the small, ez to manouveure(this spelling is wrong rite?) type... it's like, on my left is peirce reservoir and on my right is bt timah hill?!?! and everything on the ground looks d same from up there... so it makes my task of trying to recognise my boundary markers super hard. so one day if u find out ee sang juz crashed into a jet plane, got shot down above the rifle range, hit some tall building... u noe why... she unknowingly ventured into an unpermitted flying zone. not surprising if that happens.

so looking forward to class chalet! sorry i'll b very late! juz in time for d bbq la... coz i've got canoe polo challenge... 3 vs 3. sorry sorry! haha... oh, and did i tell u guys tt flying club has 3 cute guys??? ok... 4... pluz qian li... haha! yupz! i get to see 3 cute guys outside of sch every week... now nice. :) i wonder y im such a loser worried bt other things when i've got 3 cute guys to see every wk... i think im a screw up at this pt in time. nvm. yay im gonna meet my ex-classmate tmr~ whee~ oh... i think im supposed to meet yh, wl, and qq tmr for PW... dunno if we're ready to meet up tmr or not lahz... aiya, confirm later.

yea i miss elina too! she's coming on sun??!! yay~ yippie... haven't seen her for so long...

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Wednesday, June 11, 2003

in the library now.. ccal camp is how sian.. all those coming for the next 2 camps might want to start coming up with excuses to pon.. sighz.. would just walk out now if not for the freakin $75 we paid..:S

anyway i'll be staying @ the bungalow frm today so the blog will be missing my contributions until like.. monday.. [not tt i contribute anything significant anyway:P] so anything just sms me k.. cya on sunday.. :)

posted by =bena= @ 10:23 PM


hey all those who submitted their pw proposals, can collect them from ms lee's table from tmr.

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Tuesday, June 10, 2003

hmmmm.. a song from a friend's (nadia yeo) blog.. inspirational:) ok.. think i'm being incoherent..
in the morning i feel the breeze.. the sun watches over me.. the sound of water.. the crashing sea.. is it only me that feels alive..it's all ahead of me coz it feels so right.. just open your eyes and see.. that life is beautiful~~

posted by evelyn @ 8:57 AM


just read hk's blog n realised how much i miss elina *sob*.. elina if u're reading this: we miss u!! can't wait to see u on sun.. :)

oh hon.. lend me ur phys answers on thurs k so i can return to u by sun or mon.. too lazy to go down to sch.. :p

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Monday, June 09, 2003

sunny i saw dietmar yesterday!!
whizzing past on a bike in an orange shirt. how cool!
woo slacking at the comp in the 'office' place now.
joined them in time for lunch today, and am spozed to do sm reading up on my own. hahaha

still feeling v zonked fm physics
but otherwise, my day will zoom past again without much gain :s


posted by hon @ 10:51 PM


eh eric how blur are u (*baorong lingo* haha).. my dad booked the bungalow from thurs the 12th not from 12pm lah.. so u all can come earlier if u want. or if u can rather, since ppl haf to go to church.

anyway in case anyone's not meeting the class to come (ie. ee sang), tell me n i'll send u the map. then take the blue line bus from the visitor arrival centre n when u get to the bus stop call me n i'll go down n get u or send the caretaker to drive u up in his van (would do tt for the class too except that 20 ppl wouldn't fit into one van:p) ..

oh yah.. ppl who haven't confirmed whether they're staying over confirm soon k.. preferably before thurs..

posted by =bena= @ 9:48 PM


hon: oh no i didn't get it! and there i was, sulking away, feeling heart-broken. but nah i had a funner afternoon, thanks anyway. drop by at the chemo lab anytime. i think avinash is next door too=) (maybe i'll get to see ... dietmar. hopefully he's close to 188, fair and blonde, with fast reflexes and an aggressive appearance. scotland-germany 1-1 btw. ach.)
what are you doing actually?
what's hk doing?

posted by sunny @ 7:55 AM


so many entries!!! ah my research. help me. anyway thanks wei li for using my bday to publish the blog. (go read my blog for anything u want to noe)

posted by hk @ 7:36 AM


thanks eric for the settling the time... andy kept asking me during trainings and i couldnt answer him all the time :( anyway, hope all of u ppl have an enjoyable holiday. training is quite killing me, all i do after i get home is to sleep for like 1 hour. how slack. but at least we got our sabres so we can spend our time whacking each other on the head. how fun. :)

another day gone tmr. physics then some weird fencing outing. argh to do physics... hope to see u guys soon :)

posted by wei li @ 7:26 AM


had lotsa fun.
sunny! u didnt reply to my 'join me!'
if luck will have it, ill get to see a puig autopsy on thurs.
pple all very very very nice to me, am very touched by their patience! and how they tried to make things exciting for me... got to wear the huge face masks to enter a "TOXIC FUMES" room, got to cut pig's vertebra with diamond cutter, etc.

see u guys sunday!
terribly tired


posted by hon @ 7:02 AM


was juz wondering .... how come nobody asked me abt wat to meet for CLASS CHALET?
well also my fault ... wanted to tell u guys like aft chem pract... sorta forget..(ok, really forgot abt it.)
ok... yah can u guys go down to tiong bahru mrt to meet? there shd have bus....
11.30 we shall meet ok...? (u c bena booked the chalet from 12....)
ok.ok? anyway.. repeat again Tiong bahru mrt 11.30
any objections voice thru blog or sth.....

ok... bye bye see at tiong bahru..
good day good night..

posted by Eric @ 6:31 AM


cabbage patch kids.. so cute:).. my sis is having some class bbq downstairs.. creating such a ruckus!! and i still have to rush dynamics *agony*
oh and everyone enjoy ur hols and all the activities tt come along with it (researching, mugging, slacking wateva)
hon ah.. did u use someone else's fone on fri? i had alot of weird missed calls and din noe hu they were frm.. nee way.. we can go on friday (after common test!!)..

posted by evelyn @ 4:09 AM


hon: i heard otherwise. poor avinash was rejected by him, i heard.
and btw, "my" husband? *lift an eyebrow*

today was quite fun, it started out really boring, which was why i had to appeal to hon to shou1 liu2 me. but in the afternoon i got led around central library, 2 other fac canteens, by this post grad from nj. she's really nice, and apparently they're quite short of manpower in their fabrication of.....whatever they're fabricating. and they want to make us stay in the lab and help out, i.e. wash the apparatus (some small bottles). since waikit left earlier, the err....(what do you call them? researchers? postgrads/undergrads...but there's a doctor around...and ALL of them are female) the pple. were chuckling away, "make the boy do it!"
but well, good that there's gonna be something for us to do.

posted by sunny @ 3:47 AM


Sunday, June 08, 2003

:) yups obviously in a better mood today. [bena: haha!]

even the idea of having to go for rmp soon isnt dampening my spirits. shall enter nus engin fac with an open mind:) sure hope my prof isnt gonna be as xiong as hk's.. sunny: heard tt dietmar's nice!

oh went to an indo cousin's house yesterday [they just migrated here] am terribly impressed by my husband.. he came fm a poor indo chinese family, but smhow got a scholarship and studied in nz, then came to spore to work in dbs.. and began climbing the corporate ladder real fast: worked in other big shot accting firms like pickmawee [how to spell?], ernst and young and now is senior director of seasco [also dunno how to spell, but im sure uve heard of them!] and owns his own comapny.and he's what, 35 yrs old? woah. with a lovely lovely accent. haha. out of pt, but he speaks perfect eng, chi and indo and who knows what else. his lil girl is damn cute. looks like cabbage patch kid. cabbage patch kids are cute.

yes hk: and sunny: breakfast one day :) sorry abt today!

off to shower

posted by hon @ 5:07 PM


Saturday, June 07, 2003

hmm second day of hols and i am v zonked. wondering how the rest of the hols wld be like.. a mad rush for rmp, like the six other poor pple [-sunny, wangning, tianjiao, lester, baoluo, hk] in class? woo. keep going u guys. anw, i'll be meeting my prof at 10 tmr morn. so whoever's going then, give me a call! lets meet for breakfast or smth :p

guess there seriously isnt much to look forward to this hols for me.. other than the bungalow? exciting boardsailing? floorball trng if i even get to go? even the only camp this time seems dreary. theres so much to do but so little tt can be done tt will really hype me up. but am really happy for sunny:) -dietmar! oliver! watch out for her! haha.

so.. does anyone know the tennis girls' results?

yeah movie critism: DUN WATCH PHONE BOOTH. damn waste of time and money, with only ONE scene of ferrel in the phone booth. i left abt half and hr into the show. show hope nemo'll be as gd as we expected. i like Bloat. haha. so round!

eric: im impressed! :) best co rep ever!
weili: so found ur -going "home"- friends? heh. bought my shoes! didnt need the $10 aft all. but thx!
evelyn: if u are wondering, yes i called u on fri. to ask if u were game for waffle:p

well. guess i dun sound very enthusiastic today. haha. will be nxt time i come on, i hope:p


smsed ms lee yesterday btw. [alfred chan reminded me. he's so funny!:p] to give her best wishes 'with lotsa love fm 1so3f' and she says she loves us too.

posted by hon @ 8:42 PM


haha... tis is eric
haha.. todae marks the resusrection (is that how u spell it? m not bothered to check with dic) of my computer!!!!
after such a long long time..... haiz it was like so agonizing ang agonizing and agonizing. 1st all ALL the proj work stuff i can do properly.... cannot do research at home, lib has became my home too.... under the scrutinising of baoluo's "maria"... sob* hope baoluo does not mind. haha.
oh... juz read sunny's entry. i thought that "that was real .... desperate" girl was pro rj? she seems to like know the girl who was like cheering on the wee kiang (or whoever, 4got name). i guess it was juz a tease lah.... sunny u too sensitive lah...
haha but i guess the girls enjoyed the match berry much... u all get to see some "colour" plus, of course, both teams' superb skills.
maybe the class girls din really notice it but the tennis girls was like teasing an ac tennis player for his "colour".
all the ac players were like wearing white shorts and this tennis player who was playing doubles with ahmad and company had his shorts drenched by his sweat. and the bluish material showed well beneath. haha it wud be dam malu if he realise how distinct it was lah.... anyway it was darn funny to haer the tennis girls cheering (or rather teasing him) by saying," go underwear!"
ok, really shall not duel on it further. it sounds sick,in fact... but real funny.
this shall be the end of my sick entry. hope to see an outstanding turnout and outstanding sleepover during class chalet, though i m not able to stay overnight.... haha

good day and good night (whatever time u are reading this entry)

posted by Eric @ 3:53 AM


Thursday, June 05, 2003

just watched how 2 lose a guy in 10 days.. think i laughed like mad for a good part of the show..but the ending was just a tad bit abrupt.. argh~! shud have gone for tennis.. sure sounds like a pretty high level of tennis being played.. and i could have rushed back coz i caught the 5.15 show instead!! in desperate need of match supports here.. 1 day left to end of school.. SUPER excited

hongking.. i can make it for the hike.. and if u wanna upload images.. u need to upload it onto webspace.. try www.boomspeed.com.. allows u to host ur images..:)
hon.. yesyes.. i wanna watch bowling for columbine too.. and i think it's really going to end soon.. btw do u noe tt mr khoo is subsidising his form class $6.50 each to go watch tt movie.. terribly jealous..

posted by evelyn @ 6:23 AM


hey everyone. update about games!
and today was....tennis! at east coast.
at first they wouldn't admit more than 40 pple and suddenly we (eric, shulin, ros and i (and hannah and grace)) found ourselves stranded outside, but it made no diff since we were so enraptured, watching one girls' doubles (with an astro senior inside. she`s so fun, but so serious on court) and at a further dist, eric's ogmate/my german classmate (who is really pro! national player!).
then it started to rain, so everyone ran for cover. and sonya (eric's ogmate/....) told us, she was one point away from the 6th game of the first set. -___-. according to shu, if they postpone the game, they have to start it all over again. and guess what, they did postpone the game, to tomorrow, around 2pm. i wanna go=(

but they resumed with the guys' matches, against ac. ac won, deservingly i think (4-1). i think we only won one doubles game..lost two singles, and the last, decisive single's match, was lost (sadly, 2 sets to nil. he was exhausted and psychologically beaten.) the other game, the remaining doubles consisting of someone-whom-i-don't-know-the-name-of, and hon's friend, ahmad (he had a few superb shots, and he serves well) lost the second set (which is the one we managed to catch) 6 games to 5. hai.

during the game there was quite a funny incident, somehow the ac pple and the rj councillors got into a "fight", a cheer fight. we could hear, "A-C!" "RAFFLES!" "A-C!" "RAFFLES"..... alternately for about 40s. quite funny.

i think i'm a hazard to match supports. i either holler/curse myself hoarse and others deaf, or threaten to disembowel some woman having a bad attitude. hey c'mon do you know what she did? one of the tennis girls was, ok, rather -desperately- shouting away, "c'mon xxx!! don't give up!! you know you can do it!!" etc etc. and once she shouted "c'mon xxx! we love you!!", to which, this pro-ac woman behind me remarked caustically, "that was quite... desperate". of course to which i couldn't help but turn around, glare and reply "we have the SPIRIT". that's where the "i really wanna give her something. a finger" came in. terribly uncouth, i must confess, but. HECK. grrrrrrrrrr.

but it was very sad to see the ac girls with the black bands around their arms.

rjc wasn't short of its supply of irritating pple. a bunch of them went over to the other side and hollered "raffles!" every time the ac pair served.

but yeah the guys' matches were quite exciting. it's quite cool how when you go for match support of xxx-finals, you get to see the game at its best.

posted by sunny @ 6:04 AM


as usual i try to post my entry b4 somebody else does it :P sunni
yeah had my first cip session at salvation army. regarding the hike pls tell me exactly who wuld be able to make it. ok?
i want to rest.

posted by hk @ 5:52 AM


Sunday, June 01, 2003

boo guys.

hello! haha how have ur weekends been?

mine's been ultra exciting, then ultra bummer.
guys hockey WON! haha. so touching when mr tan cried:p felt real gd seeing the boys come back from 2-0 in the beginning of the first half. was rugby terribly exciting too?

pe tmr. no more napfa. hand ball girls? woo:)
will start on my work tonight. shall be terribly motivated! do keep me in check yeah, pple like bean, eve and hk.

and turnleftturnright is a MUST read MUST watch.. not just for the romantic fools..:p
heard tt bowling for columbine's gd too. sounds intellectual:p


posted by hon @ 4:00 AM


hey evelyn... teach me how to upload images... or rather link to images. i cant seem to do it even after countless attempts

posted by hk @ 3:32 AM


bena.. think u shud try the turnleftturnright site at off-peak hrs..but anyway.. yah.. seems like a really sappy love story lol..
hk.. if there's like enuff vacancy could i go for the hike?

posted by evelyn @ 3:10 AM



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