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Thursday, April 29, 2004

heya!! two short posts so i guess i shall make this a lil longer. spposed to be doing some biotech research. but hmmm.. i'll make a contribution to the class in another way *^_^* (go check the ideas file!) just love this smiley face. hehe. nothing much to say here.. ehh.. just that i'm still adjusting to and suffering frm the major displacement programme. hehe. and err. looking forward to ORA day! it's going to be our last one! plus the extra holiday. sth to look forward to yah? :)

eric: LOL "drowning amongst the girls"!!!!! hmmm, yah, but true, i realise i dunno the guys in our class at all.

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Sunday, April 25, 2004

hello! .... that's all.

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Thursday, April 22, 2004

haha... its bio now...

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Tuesday, April 20, 2004

yah.... our blog is dead... but at least it did survive until the end of the year. other classes' blogs died like somewhere in April last year and our junior class's blog died in the womb (translate to chinese pls)

btw, our class spirit is qt dead oso lah... realise that we are back to the orientation-period way of seating... girls on one side and guys on another... i think it was gp lesson... i was telling sunny that our class (tho mostly non-religious) has unknowingly assumed the taoist "ba gua" formation (and yes... i am not refering to the bbq pork that we eat). do you remember what tianjiao said abt the "ba gua"? black separated from white and somemore have "impurities" in both regions. The guys were siting (as usual) on the left and the girls on the right. And baorong sat on the front left corners with the guys (or rather with yingheng) and i on the back right corner, drowning amongst the girls.

You may laugh.. but it is very sad.

The class i used to have in sec 4 was nothing like this. in fact, we were told not to change our seating arrangements, but we defiantly (or unknowing) changed our seating arrangements. As in, it is more interesting to open up to more people, right and i think we enjoyed doing that. And i think til now that my sec 3-4 class was indeed the most memorable.. tho now we are increasingly daoing each other.. but i do make an effort every now and then to flip the year book to our class page... read our quotes and laugh at them...

I hope this would also be the same attitute towards our class after two years.

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Tuesday, April 13, 2004

ok i think our class blog is almost dying... so sorry... i guess i'm to blame too. :(
yay! let's blog! haha...mb we shud get qiong to blog...

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Saturday, April 10, 2004

haha eric crows flying past rite. well u can take comfort in the fact tt every phys s session i go in n marvel at my stupidity.

wah haven't blogged in ages. anw. at my house now waiting for my biotech grp. apparently when i said 11 everyone thought it was 1130/12 whatever. tianjiao just smsed to say tt he missed 156 while smsing me. haha. qianli's doing math s on the floor cos my table's cluttered with granola bars n worksheets. oh well.

anw girls.. i posted the gd fri photos online already. not on yahoogrps cos it's running out of space liao.. [http://img38.photobucket.com/albums/v116/bena86/Girls%20Day%20Out/] password for viewing is my name.

christelle post ur photos too!

posted by =bena= @ 8:01 PM


Thursday, April 08, 2004


physics 's' is in 15 mins..... but i have not completed it!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAaaaarrrrrH!
gosh it is getting more and more difficult.... wah lau i c the questions can faint ah!
once i finish reading only can see a crow flying past me.... U tell ME how to START!!!!!! *(EW)#$%^&

is like i dun know how to do about 70 or 80% of the questions can DIE ah!
hopefully i ("and we", if u need this encouragement) can make it before A levels.... If not......

wat do u seee in this picture?
}{ haha

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